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All titles are in COLOR unless noted (B&W)
1906-1946 "Motorsport Memories" – Some early motorcycles, hydroplanes and airplane crashes (Thompson Trophy Races), but mostly vintage auto racing: Resta, Milton, Oldfield, DePalma, Jimmy Murphy, Lockhart, Hartz, Petillo, Cummings and Nuvolari.   (B&W). :45
1930's-1965 "The Roadster Era (And Before) At Indianapolis" – Big dual-layer disc covers the years 1937-1964 at the Speedway!   $49.95   (B&W). 2:06
1935 Indianapolis 500 - A rare early Indy 500 B & W sound film on the '35 Race! Ted Horn, Wilbur Shaw, Cliff Bergere, Louis Meyer, Bob Sall, Bill Cummings and winner Kelly Petillo! :19
1939 Indianapolis 500 “Twenty Years A Champion” – Wilbur Shaw wins his second Indy! Fabulous interviews: Rickenbacker, Hartz, Shaw, Meyer, Petillo, Snyder and Stapp! Floyd Roberts killed and Louie Meyer crash is covered! (B & W). :26
1946 Indianapolis "Crucible Of Speed" (Color) plus rare news clips of 1946 (B&W) and 1946 home movies (Color) :49
1949 "The Big Wheel" Hollywood feature film starring Mickey Rooney. Dirt track racing culminates with a ride in the 1949 500. Fabulous shots of the '49 race! Bill Holland wins, but Mickey gets the Borg Warner trophy!   (B&W) 1:30
1949 Indianapolis "Behind The Checkered Flag" - Bill Holland wins in the Blue Crown Special. Lou Moore's shop and the race. :28
1950 Indianapolis “The Unfinished 500”, “Marquette Goes To The Races” and "The Big Race" – Three 1950 films, all on one DVD!  Johnnie Parsons wins rain-shortened classic! Dynamic’s first racing film! :52
1951 Indianapolis "The Fastest 500" – Lee Wallard first to win the 500 in under 4 hours! :21
1952 Indianapolis "The Fabulous 500" – Troy Ruttman becomes youngest winner in Aggie's white #98! :25
1953 Indianapolis "The Hottest 500" – Bill Vukovich wins his first Indy in 100-degree heat! :26
1954 Indianapolis "The Fabulous 500" – Vukovich wins his second Indy in a row! :30
1955 Indianapolis "The Unforgettable 500" plus "The '55 500" both on one DVD! Vukovich killed while leading. Bob Sweikert wins tragic race. :47
1956 Indianapolis 500 – Three vintage films – “500 Miles To Go”, Pat Flaherty film, and “They Drive Furiously”, all on one DVD! 1:04
1957 Indianapolis "The 500-Mile Adventure" Sam Hanks sets new record! :34
1957+1958 Monza 500's - "The Monza Challenge", "The Doubleheader 500" and "The 500 Miglia di Monza" are three different, mostly color films on the famous "Race of Two Worlds" that took place at Monza, Italy in 1957 & 1958. Jimmy Bryan and Jim Rathmann are winners! 1:08
1958 Indianapolis "The 500-Mile Challenge" plus "Man With The Lead Foot" both on one DVD! – Jimmy Bryan wins! Pat O'Connor killed in spectacular first lap chain-reaction smash-up! 1:05
1959 Indianapolis “The Final Test” plus “Race Against The Clock” (Two different versions of the race, both on one tape!) :55
1960 Indianapolis "The Indianapolis 500" – Jim Rathmann beats Rodger Ward in one of the most exciting duels in speedway history! :30
1960 "On The Pole" A 1-hour TV special (w/commercials) on driver Eddie Sachs and a behind-the-scenes look at his 1960 Indy 500.   (B&W Kinescope) :58
1961 Indianapolis "Golden Festival of Speed" plus “The Golden 500” both on one DVD! – Young A.J. Foyt wins his first Indianapolis 500! 1:05
1962 Indianapolis "500" – Three vintage films – “The Ragged Edge”, “The Indianapolis Challenge” and “33 Men”, all on one DVD! 1:31
1963 Indianapolis "The 1963 500" plus "Challenge!" both on one DVD! Parnelli Jones wins the race, plus the building of the Lotus Ford. :54
1963 Indianapolis 500“Accent On Speed” and “Gentlemen Start Your Engines” both on one DVD! More 1963 race, plus Eddie Sachs commercial and interview! Color. 1:00
1964 Indianapolis 500 –Three vintage films – “Strategy For Speed”, “The 1964 Indianapolis 500” and “Driver’s Choice”, all on one DVD! 1:29
1964 and 1965 Indianapolis 500"Way Of A Champion" (B&W) and "Diary of Courage" (Color), both on one DVD! Story of the Granatelli STP Novi cars and feature on Jim Hurtubise! :58
1965 Indianapolis 500 Three vintage films – “The Short Way Around”, “The Flying Scot” (Jim Clark Story, B & W), and “The Indianapolis 500”, all on one DVD! 1:24
1966 Indianapolis "Invasion Of Eagles" plus "The International 500", both on one video! Graham Hill wins after huge 1st lap crash! :55
1966 Indianapolis 500 - "Any Number Can Win" (color), by Sportlite Films, plus the TV coverage on "Wide World of Sports" (B & W), both on one DVD! Mario on the pole, Chuck Rodee tragedy and spectacular performances by Lloyd Ruby, Jim Clark and rookies Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill. 1:05
1967 Indianapolis "The 51st 500" plus "The Quiet Revolution" both on one DVD! Foyt wins, plus story and building of the Granatelli #40 STP Turbine! :55
1967 Indianapolis 500 - "Second To None" and "The Fastest Indy 500" - Both on one DVD! More emphasis on Foyt and the European contingent. All Color :58
1968 Indianapolis "Preview For The Future", "The 52nd 500" and "Racing Revolution" all on one DVD! – Bobby Unser wins his first 500 in the final year of the controversial turbines! 1:16
1968 Indianapolis 500 - "And Then There Were None", "Trial and Triumph" and "The Winning Spirit" - three different Indy films, all on one DVD! More turbines, tragic Mike Spence crash and behind-the-scenes filming "Winning" at Indy - all in color! 1:05
1969 Indianapolis "The Challenge of Champions" plus "Turn Left To Win", both on one video! Mario Andretti wins his only 500 at Indy. :54
1970 Indianapolis "That Other Unser" plus "Victory In May", both on one DVD! Al Sr. wins his first Indy in the blue Johnny Lightning Special! :55
1970 Indianapolis "Win, Lose or Draw" (Mario Andretti, STP) - plus "One Moment In My Time" (Bruce Walkup, Wynn's Team), both on one DVD! All Color. :53
1971 Indianapolis “Run Fast, Run All Day” and “Four Kings, Ace High” plus bonus Home Movies of the infamous Pace Car Crash Aftermath, all on one DVD! Al Unser wins for second year in a row! All color! 1:01
1972 Indianapolis “Four Years To Victory” and “Wings To Victory” – Donohue/Penske 1969-1972 at Indy, plus complete story of the ’72 race, won by Donohue! All color! :39
1973 Indianapolis 500“Fire and Rain”, “The Longest May” and “The 200 MPH Barrier”, All on one DVD! 1:13
1974 Indianapolis 500 – Three vintage films – “Twenty One Days In May”, “Speed With Safety”, and “The Glory Line”, all on one DVD! Johnny Rutherford’s first win! 1:22
1975 Indianapolis 500 “Race For Professionalsand “In the Face of Challenge” – Our new offering on the 1975 race has both vintage films on one DVD! Tom Sneva crash, Bobby Unser wins! :53
1975 Indianapolis "A. J. Foyt: The 18th Challenge" – Foyt finishes third to Bobby Unser, and emphasis is on the Foyt team throughout. :29
1976 Indianapolis 500“Wheels Keep Rolling” and “Every Racer’s Dream”, both on one DVD! Johnny Rutherford wins his second Indy 500! :55
1978 Indianapolis 500“Third Time's The Charm” - Al Unser wins his third Indy 500 in the #2 National City Traveler's Checks Special! :24
1979 Indianapolis "Everyone's A Winner" plus "Countdown To 500", both on one video! Young Rick Mears wins his first 500 at Indy. :43
1980 Indianapolis 500 - "Partners at 200" by Championship Racefilms and "May Magic" by Car & Track - Two 1980 films on one DVD! Rutherford becomes three-time winner! :55
1981 Indianapolis 500 - "The Oval Office" , plus "Return to Victory" and "An Aussie At Indy" , all three films on one DVD in Color! 1:45
1982 Indianapolis 500 - "Legends of the 500" and "Run For The Bricks", both on one DVD! Add only $10.00 for BLU-RAY! :51
1983 Indianapolis 500 - "Man In Charge" and "Million Dollar Moment", both on one DVD! Add only $10.00 for BLU-RAY! :51
1984 Indianapolis 500 - "Green Flag at 200", "The Hidden Heros" and "March Into May", all on one DVD! Add only $10.00 for BLU-RAY! 1:10
1955, 1956, 1959, 1963 & 1969 "Memories at Milwaukee" – Five different Champ/Indy car races at State Fair Park, Milwaukee. :33
1962 9th Annual Speed Weeks at Nassau “Carnival Of Speed” – Sports car road racing featuring Roger Penske, Lance Reventlow, Bandini, Phil Hill and more!   (B & W) :28
1965 L.A. Times Grand Prix at Riverside for Unlimited Sportscars. A “who’s who” of great drivers of the pre-CanAm era! :31
1970 The First Ontario 500 (Jim McElreath), plus: 1971 The First Pocono 500 (Mark Donohue) :51
1953 Pan American-Mexican Road Race – Lincolns sweep the Big Stock Class! Presented by Mobil Oil. :28
1954 Pan American-Mexican Road Race – Lincolns win the big stock class for 3rd straight year! :28
1950’s “Racing Champions” (“Speedway International” TV show) – The '51 & '52 Detroit stock races, 1952 and ’53 Southern 500’s, AAA stocks at Milwaukee Mile dirt track, 1957 Monza and more. Hudson Hornets! B & W/Color. :51
1956 "Racing Tripleheader" with Johnnie Parsons (1956 Indianapolis, 1956 Daytona Beach race and 1955 Southern 500) :28
1951 and 1960 Modified Sportsman races at Langhorne and Daytona, both on one DVD. The famous “60-second wreck” at Langhorne and the biggest wreck in NASCAR history (37 cars) at Daytona! (color/B & W). :54
1951-1959 “Pioneers Of Stock Car Racing” – Races of the 1950’s at Daytona Beach, Langhorne and Trenton Motor Speedway. Lee Petty, Buck Baker, Herb Thomas, Marshall Teague, etc.   (B & W) :41
1952 Daytona Beach Race plus 1952 Modified-Sportman Race, both on one DVD! – Marshall Teague wins in his Fabulous Hudson Hornet! Great shots of the old beach and road course! Crashes in the south turn!   (B&W) :51
1956 Daytona Beach Races (hardtop and convertible) plus 1956 Southern 500 –Four films – “Pure Performance”, “Thunder Beach”, “The Big Winner” (1956 Chevrolets, B & W) and “Southern 500 at Darlington”, all four on one DVD! (Color) 1:13
1957 Daytona Beach Race – Cotton Owens wins his biggest race! Pontiac's first NASCAR victory! :29
1957 Southern 500 at Darlington – Speedy Thompson wins the big one, but Bobby Myers is killed in a spectacular 3-car crash. :27
1958 Southern 500 at Darlington plus 1958 Daytona Beach Race both on one DVD and both in COLOR. Fireball Roberts wins his first Southern 500 in a year-old '57 Chevy! Also take a trip around the old beach course with Paul Goldsmith! :41
1959 "From Sand To Speedway" (Story of the first Daytona 500) plus "The 1959 Southern 500" at Darlington, both on one DVD! Lee Petty and young 22-year old son Richard driving his first NASCAR car, a light blue '57 Olds convertible! Jimmy Reed wins the Southern 500! :54
1960 Daytona 500 w/Richard Petty plus 1960 Southern 500 at Darlington, both on one DVD! Buck Baker wins on 3 wheels! :47
1961 Southern 500 at Darlington – Nelson Stacy beats out Fireball Roberts for a surprise win! :30
1962 Pontiac 24-Hour Endurance Runs at Indianapolis and Darlington (See stock cars running at Indianapolis over 30 years ago)! – (Color) :28
1962 Atlanta 500 – Fred Lorenzen in his #28 Holman-Moody Ford beats out pole-sitter Banjo Matthews and the '62 Pontiacs! :36
1962 Southern 500 at Darlington (Color) – 1962 Pontiacs are the cars to beat, but Larry Frank is declared the winner in controversial finish! Also included is the original TV broadcast from ABC's "Wide World Of Sports", all on one DVD! Oldest known racing TV broadcast!   (B&W Kinescope) 1:23
1963 Riverside 500 – The first 500-mile race ever run on a road course! :36
1963 Daytona 500 – "The Winning Ride" plus “Won for All” – Tiny Lund wins the biggest race of his life in storybook fashion! :35
1963 Atlanta 500 – Fred Lorenzen’s white #28 Ford wins again! :28
1963 Southern 500 at Darlington – Fireball Roberts takes his last superspeedway win! :29
1963 Nationals at Indianapolis Raceway Park – Vintage drag racing – Don Garlits, etc.   (B&W) :32
1964 Firecracker 400 at Daytona plus 1964 Southern 500 at Darlington, both on one DVD! A.J. Foyt wins his first Grand National race, plus Buck Baker wins his third Southern 500! :41
1965 Daytona 500 highlight film plus part of the original B & W TV broadcast of the race. :26
1965 Southern 500 at Darlington plus “The Quickest Quiet One’ (The Ned Jarrett story) both on one tape and both in COLOR! :51
1967 World 600 at Charlotte – The #14 Friedkin Plymouth carries Jim Paschal to one of his greatest victories! :27
1969 Southern at Darlington – LeeRoy Yarbrough drives his white Ford to victory, beating out David Pearson! :32
1969 Grand National Highlights, 1970 ARCA at Daytona (Ramo Stott) and 1970 Grand National Highlights all on one DVD! – Plymouth Superbirds, Dodge Daytonas, and Ford Talladegas! In '69 Lee Roy Yarbrough dominates, but David Pearson wins championship! Stott's victory at Daytona is the first ever Superbird win! In '70, Bobby Isaac wins NASCAR title! Winged car action at Riverside, Daytona, Michigan and Charlotte! 1:15
1970 Southern 500 at Darlington – Buddy Baker’s #6 wing beats out other Dodge Daytonas, Plymouth Superbirds and Cyclones! :28
1970 "The Hard Chargers" TV Special! Superbirds of Petty and Pete Hamilton, plus Cale Yarborough's Cyclone Spoiler and their 1970 NASCAR season! :52
1971 Winston 500 at Talladega (Donnie Allison) plus: 1971 Riverside (Ray Elder) and 1975 Ontario (Foyt). :28
1971 Southern 500 at Darlington – Bobby Allison beats Richard Petty to win his first Southern 500! :27
1972 World 600 at Charlotte plus “The Buddy Baker Story” both on one DVD! Baker wins the 600, plus his career story through 1971! :49
1972 “Thunder Highway” with Richard Petty – Story of Petty’s STP sponsorship and the first 10 races of his ’72 Winston Cup Championship season! :29
1974 Daytona 500 – Richard Petty wins his 5th Daytona 500, this time in his famous Hemi Dodge vs Donnie Allison's #88 Digard Chevrolet! :24
1975 Daytona 500 – Benny Parsons wins biggest race of his career as leader Pearson spins out just three laps from victory! :23
1975 At Talladega (Buddy Baker) – the 1975 Winston 500 and the 1975 Talladega 500 both on one DVD! :50
1975 Southern 500 at Darlington – Bobby Allison wins in Roger Penske's red, white and blue Matador! :35
1976 Daytona 500 - "Daytona Speed Week" plus "Collision Course" – Two different films on the '76 never-to-be-forgotten race with leaders Pearson and Petty crashing down the front straightaway on the way to the finish line! Both films on one DVD! Color :27
1976 Carolina 500 at Rockingham – The Junie Donlavey story with Dick Brooks and the Truxmore Ford! :29
1977 Daytona 500 plus 1977 Alabama 500 at Talladega – Yarborough and Speedweeks, '77 plus young Darryl Waltrip wins second super speedway race of his career! (both on one DVD) :43
1978 Winston 500 at Talladega (Cale Yarborough) Cale passes Buddy Baker on final lap to win! :23
1978 Southern 500 at Darlington – Cale Yarborough wins his fourth Southern 500 in battle with young Darrell Waltrip! :37
1981 Twin 125’s at Daytona – The original color TV broadcast of both Twin 125’s! Bobby Allison and Darrell Waltrip are the winners! :38
1983 "NASCAR – A Traveling Road Show" 1983 racing action video centered around the '83 Daytona 500! :28

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