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     "The 51st Indy 500" presented by Valvoline Oil Company and "The Quiet Revolution" presented by STP Studebaker, are two different full-color films on the 1967 Indianapolis 500, and for the first time ever, both are now available on a 55-minute nostalgic DVD by "Rare Sportsfilms!" Each film tells the story of what happened at the Speedway that year, but each from an entirely different perspective. "The 51st Indy 500" covers all the teams and that year's race in a general way, while "The Quiet Revolution" tells the story of the STP Granatelli Turbine team and the development and building of the revolutionary turbine-powered car for the '67 race.

     On this DVD, you'll see closeups of many of the great drivers of a generation ago: Mario Andretti, A.J. Foyt, Dan Gurney, Jackie Stewart, Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Gordon Johncock, Cale Yarborough, Lee Roy Yarbrough, Roger McCluskey, Al Unser Sr., Lloyd Ruby, Art Pollard, Wally Dallenbach, Jochen Rindt, Larry Dickson, and of course, Parnelli Jones, driver of the #40 STP "Pregnant Porpoise". Shown spinning out during practice are A.J. Foyt, Peter Revson, Lee Roy Yarbrough, Ralph Liguori and Graham Hill. Mario Andretti qualifies on the pole for the second year in a row but qualification coverage also includes shots of Dan Gurney, Jim Clark and Parnelli Jones in the new turbine.

     The 1967 race is not only unusual because of the turbine entry, but it is the first race since 1916 to be postponed because of rain. When the green flag waves, Parnelli (6th qualifier) is in first place before half a lap, with Gurney second and A.J. Foyt third. Parnelli leads all 18 laps before rain halts the race. The next day is sunny, and the race resumes with Jones leading most of the race. Along the way many of the favorites have problems: defending champion Graham Hill (who almost didn't make the race) is out after only five laps of the restart. His teammate Jim Clark blows his engine five laps later. Leader Jones has a scare on the 70th lap in an altercation with Lee Roy Yarbrough. Both cars spin, but are able to continue racing, however, Dan Gurney briefly takes the lead. But Gurney is forced out of the race after 160 laps. Meanwhile, Mario Andretti loses a wheel on his 59th lap. Carl Williams and Bob Veith tangle in turn three and are both eliminated. Wally Dallenbach crashes on the main straightway, and Cale Yarborough spins out during the caution! Several cars get by Cale, but George Snider and Lee Roy Yarbrough both crash into the infield ditch trying to avoid him. Arnie Knepper is out with engine failure, while Jackie Stewart loses an engine and heads back to the pits on foot. Later, Cale Yarborough (who was able to get back into the race) and Mel Kenyon crash, putting both out of the race for good. Bud Tingelstad spins out after 182 laps. With 12 laps left, Gordon Johncock spins out. At this point Parnelli Jones has the race wrapped up with almost a full lap lead over A.J. Foyt. But amazingly, with only four laps to go, a 6-dollar transmission bearing fails, once again sealing the fate of the STP Granatelli team. The heartbreaking shock and horror on the faces of Mrs. Granatelli and friends who are already waiting in victory lane is captured on film. A.J. Foyt drives into first place with only four laps to go, but the drama is still not over. A four car-crash at the north end of the straightaway forces Foyt into some savvy driving to miss the spinning cars as he takes the checkered flag for his third win at Indianapolis! Foyt's winning speed of 151.207 MPH is a new record.

     "The Quiet Revolution" covers the STP Granatelli Turbine Team during the month of May, and to a lesser degree the other two STP entries, Jim Clark and Graham Hill. Explained in detail and shown is the development and building of the turbine, with great shots of the turbine engine, car body and frame. Included are owner Andy Granatelli's and driver Parnelli Jones' comments. Also shown: testing at Phoenix, work in the garage area, pit stop practice, USAC inspection and qualifications. The race is covered, including the heartbreaking finish and cameras take you into the garage with the sad crew after the race. Within weeks after the 500, USAC changed the rules for turbine-powered cars. The film ends at the press conference called to protest the rules change. Granatelli, Parnelli and former astronaut Gordon Cooper are shown voicing their opinion on the "ruling out of progress".

     To get your own color DVD of "The 51st Indy 500" plus "The Quiet Revolution!" both on one DVD, send only $29.95 plus $4.00 shipping. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 tax).

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