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Rare Sportsfilms, Inc. is always looking to buy old, rare 16mm films on Baseball, NFL Pro Football, NBA and ABA Basketball, Pro Golf Tournament films, films on vintage NASCAR racing and especially the INDIANAPOLIS 500! - Find out more.

Welcome to the website of Rare Sportsfilms, Inc! This is your home for old-time sports on high quality DVDs! We specialize in baseball and auto racing, but are also experts in football, professional basketball and pro golf tournament films of years gone by! In baseball, we specialize in the years from 1934 to 1972, although we do have material from before and after this period. In auto racing, we differentiate between open wheel racing (the Indianapolis 500 as an event, primarily), and vintage NASCAR stock car racing in particular. Our library contains material on Indianapolis from the late 1930's through the 1970's. We specialize in stock car racing mostly from 1951 to 1978. You may contact us with questions on football, pro basketball and golf.

Until we entered the baseball video marketplace in 1985, no one had ever spent the money necessary to actually restore old sports films back to their original new condition before transferring them to videotape. The common thought was, "People will accept poor color, dirt and scratches because they know tapes are made from old films - they don't expect them to look good". Company president Doak Ewing is a sports historian himself and from the very beginning put forth the money and effort required to make it possible to at last see these classic sports films as they can and should be seen!

What makes our DVD's so different? To begin with, we master using only Digital Betacam tape which, although it is very expensive, gives a superior image on the screen. We work with highly skilled colorists at the finest and most respected post production studios in the country. We use a state-of-the-art half-million dollar machine, the da Vinci Renaissance 8:8:8 Color Corrector coupled with an Ursa Gold Telecine, a combination recognized in the industry as the ultimate in new technology for transferring archival 16mm film images to Digital videotape. We also go to the considerable expense to individually correct and restore every scene in each film! In addition, we have an amazing method of cleaning and removing scratches from old film, making our finished DVDs showing action of 25 to 60 years ago appear as though you are watching live television! Our programs are all made from the original 16mm prints (which we own), and are reproduced exactly as they appeared, with the original narration, soundtrack and titles. This of course adds to the nostalgia of the piece and makes our product unique in today's sports video marketplace, where most everything is modernized, retitled and re-narrated. It is this extra expense and care in workmanship which sets our DVD's apart and makes Rare Sportsfilms DVD's so beautiful to watch! At $29.95 each they're a bargain!

On this site is a listing of most of our sports on DVD available to date. The titles and footage we offer (except the World Series) are available only from Rare Sportsfilms. The World Series is available from one other source, but our versions of these classics generally run longer and are more complete. Many of ours offer bonus footage not available anywhere else, but most importantly, we are the only company which has completely restored each film to provide the most beautiful color quality and picture sharpness of any World Series DVD's of this vintage!

We hope you'll find something here of interest to you. Once you order, you are placed on our private mailing list to automatically receive news of all new releases. We now have the largest private 16mm sports film library in the country, with original films on baseball, NFL football, auto racing, golf and other sports! If you are looking for something specific, CALL us! Less than 10% of our total library has been made available so far. For a special fee, we can even do custom work for you!

As you can see, our company is quite unique. We offer a large selection of very high-quality DVD's. We offer more information about our titles than anyone else (an entire page of information about each DVD is available). We are also more accessible -- where else can you dial a phone number and speak to the owner of a video production company that specializes only in sports? (See phone # below...if we're not in the office, leave a message and we'll personally return your call at our expense!) We can answer many questions you never knew who to ask: What film clips may exist of my favorite player; what sort of rare footage will be available next, etc. Ever wonder why no one can purchase actual play-by-play complete game TV broadcasts (pre-1975) from anyone other than Rare Sportsfilms Inc? Feel free to contact us at any time regarding 16mm sports films, videos or DVD's. We're constantly buying up old films that no one has seen in decades! It's always good to talk to fellow sports fans and collectors!

Rare Sportsfilms, Inc. is always looking to buy old, rare 16mm films on Baseball, NFL Pro Football, NBA and ABA Basketball, Pro Golf Tournament films, films on vintage NASCAR racing and especially the INDIANAPOLIS 500! - Find out more.

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