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"A.J. Foyt: The 18TH Challenge"

      Although the 1975 Indianapolis 500 ended in a downpour after 435 miles, it certainly didn't lack for color, excitement, drama and spectacular action! Bobby Unser won his second Indy 500, but fan favorite A.J. Foyt finished a strong third, led much of the race and won the pole. This DVD is a must for Foyt fans, as "The 18th Challenge" is a look at the race from the perspective of "Super Tex" and the Gilmore-Foyt Racing Team during the month of May at the Speedway!

      The first part of this DVD is a look behind the scenes at the Foyt team as A.J. and crew get the car ready for qualifications and the race. During this segment, you'll "evesdrop" on Foyt as he talks with not only his crew, but while helping other drivers (such as Dick Simon) diagnose problems with their own cars. The drama of "Pole Day" is captured, as Foyt, favored to win his fourth Indy 500, goes out to qualify. With a speed of 193 to 195 expected, Foyt's first lap is "only" 189.1 MPH. On his second lap, Foyt heads for the pits and wheels behind the wall, not satisfied with his speed, which was, so far, the fastest of the day! You'll see other qualification attempts, such as those of Bobby Unser, Gordon Johncock, Tom Sneva and Johnny Rutherford. By 4 PM the front row is made up of Johncock, Unser and Sneva, but coming out to qualify is A.J. Foyt! Foyt blisters the track for a pole-winning speed of 193.976! You'll hear what A.J. says about his record attempt even before he gets out of his car! It's his fourth (and last) pole at Indy, tying a record held by Rex Mays!

      Gordon Johncock beats Foyt into the first turn to start the race and leads until Foyt goes in front on lap nine. After only ten laps, Wally Dallenbach, who started 21st, is now up to 4th! Meanwhile Lloyd Ruby is already out with a burned piston. By this time, early leader Johncock is out with a broken gear. Throughout the video, you'll see pit stop action showing Mario Andretti, Foyt, Bobby Unser, Dallenbach, Johnny Rutherford and Tom Sneva. A.J. is leading on lap 46 when Mike Hiss hits the wall in turn 3, bringing out the first caution. Hard-charging Dallenbach passes Foyt on lap 59 and leads much of the race from then on. On lap 69, Mario Andretti's white Viceroy #21 hits the inside retaining wall in turn three, bringing out caution #2. However, the most spectacular wreck of the day is the horrifying Tom Sneva crash in front of the turn two suites. On lap 127, Sneva attempts to pass Eldon Rassmussen on the inside but they touch wheels. Sneva's car is pitched toward the outer fence, loses its wheels, then briefly bursts into flame and is thrown back onto the track by the catch fence. The car crashes back onto the track with such violence that the engine is literally ripped from the chassis and tumbles down the track, coming to rest a smoking pile of junk! USAC safety features and his roll cage protect Sneva, and miraculously he is able to walk to the waiting ambulance! The crash is then shown in slo-motion replay. Foyt's long 45-second pit stop on lap 128 may have cost him the race. Because A.J. has run over some debris from the Sneva wreck, his crew unexpectedly must change a RR in addition to the two lefts planned on. Meanwhile, others are shown with their own problems. Jerry Grant smokes toward pit road with a burned piston. Al Unser's Viceroy #4 has thrown a rod. Dallenbach has led laps 125-161, however he slows and is out of the race after 162 laps with piston trouble. This gives the lead to Johnny Rutherford, with Foyt now second. On lap 170, Gary Bettenhausen loses a wheel on the main straightaway, and nurses his car off into the first turn grass. With Rutherford in for a pit stop, Bobby Unser takes the lead. Then, the thunderstorm which has been building for several minutes finally arrives, and the red flag comes out after 174 laps (435 miles) of racing. Bobby Unser brings his light blue #48 Gurney Jorgensen Eagle splashing into victory lane to claim his second Indy 500 win!

     Now you can get your own COLOR DVD of this historic race, for only $29.95 + $4.00 shipping & handling (Illinois residents must add $2.00 tax).

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