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     “The Unfinished 500”, “Marquette Goes To The Races” and “The Big Race” are three vintage films about the 1950 Indianapolis 500, and all three films are included in beautiful COLOR on a new 50-minute DVD! “The Unfinished 500” is a generic film that has the best overall race coverage. “Marquette Goes To The Races” gives a more behind-the-scenes look at preparations for the race, and work on the different cars prior to the 500. “The Big Race” presented by Ford Motor Company, shows even more different shots of the speedway and the race on Memorial Day!

     The DVD begins with “The Unfinished 500” by Dynamic Films, produced for Mobil Oil. During preparation and qualifying you’ll see nice shots of several racing personalities of the day, such as official starter Seth Klein, Lou Moore, owner of the four beautiful Blue Crown cars, and drivers Bill Holland, Chet Miller and Jack McGrath. Shown also are the Novi’s of Miller and Duke Nalon, Leo Dobry’s Esmeralda, the #26 Ray Brady Special with George Fonder at the wheel and the #44 Bowes car of Bill Cantrell. Action from the first and fourth days of qualifications is shown, with Jack McGrath being the first to qualify! Successful attempts are also shown of Johnnie Parsons, Jerry Hoyt, and finally Walt Faulkner in J.C. Agajanian’s #98 Grant Piston Ring Special, which sets a new record of 134.343 just before track closing for the day! After a Mobil Oil commercial, action from the final day of qualifying is shown. A fascinating shot of the track from out of the windows of the old pagoda, as well as some words from Joe Quinn precede scenes of the annual drivers meeting. At the start of the race, Faulkner dives into turn one first, but is passed by Mauri Rose by the end of the first lap. You’ll see shots of Lou Moore’s pits and soon what was a beautiful sunny morning begins to become overcast. The cameras catch the spinout of Bill Schindler in the #67 orange and black Auto Shippers Special. Mauri Rose’s #31 Keck Offy catches fire during a pit stop, but the crew extinguishes it and Mauri returns to the race and eventually finishes third! After 275 miles it’s last year’s winner Holland in the #3 Blue Crown leading, with Parsons in second and Rose third. It’s really beginning to get dark at the south end of the track and looks like rain! You’ll see Holland come in for tires and get away in 67 seconds! At the 338-mile mark the downpour arrives, and the yellow comes out for three laps, before Seth Klein red flags the race at 345 miles. Johnnie Parsons wins, with Holland finishing second! Parsons’ car is shown being pushed by the crew toward victory lane!

     The promotional film by Marquette manufacturing Company (makers of Marquette welders and battery chargers) shows the role Marquette played in 1950 getting the cars ready for the race on Memorial Day. During this segment you’ll see several of the cars close up as a specific welding job is done on each car in preparation for the “500”. Shock absorber arms are welded on Lee Wallard’s #8 Blue Crown Special and Ralph Pratt’s red #19 Lutes Special. Frame welding is shown on Milt Frankhouser’s #41 Karl Hall Special. Walt Brown’s #4 Tuffy’s Offy, Andy Linden’s #9 Broome Special and Bob Sweikert’s green #64 Carter Special are also shown. Note that some of these entries did not even make the race and color shots of these cars are very rare! (In fact, films used to make this DVD are the only copies known to exist!) You’ll be able to identify other cars entered, such as Walt Ader’s white #27 Sampson Special, Tony Bettenhausen’s #14 Blue Crown car and Jimmy Davies’ #22 Pat Clancy Special. Shown in greater detail are the following cars: Danny Kladis and the brown #39 Federal Engineering Special, Cliff Griffith’s white #66 Sarafoff Special (first alternate) and Jackie Holmes’ white #77 Norm Olsen Special. Shown qualifying is Jimmy Jackson in the green #61 Cummins Diesel, the first diesel powered car ever to make the field!

     “The Big Race” (presented by Ford Motor Company) includes fabulous color shots of the old speedway entrance, grandstands and the old pagoda. You’ll see closeups of the yellow Mercury pace car with driver Benson Ford, starter Seth Kline and Wilbur Shaw at the drivers meeting presenting a new wrist watch to rookie Walt Faulkner, who was fastest qualifier! Before the race, you’ll see Chet Miller’s #43 Novi, Jim Rathmann’s red #76 Pioneer Auto Special and Joie Chitwood’s red #17 Wolfe Special. Shown stopping for service are George Connor in Blue Crown Special #5 and Myron Fohr in the white #2 Bardahl car. Duke Dinsmore in the Brown #69 is the first car out of the race. Henry Banks in the white #12 I.R.C. Special climbs out of the car to rest during a “quick” 2-minute routine pit stop! Watch Bill Holland come in with Lou Moore’s #3 and get service! Race winner Johnnie Parsons’ car is shown before and during the race – also of course, after the race in Victory Lane!

     Now you can get this new DVD of the historic 1950 race for only $29.95 + $4.00 for shipping. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 sales tax.)

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