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      The early days of motor racing are shown in this 45-minute B & W DVD from Rare Sportsfilms! Covering mostly auto racing, the video also shows vintage airplanes and airplane racing, as well as some motorcycle and hydroplane racing. This DVD is made up of two vintage films, one presented by the Thompson Products Company and released about 1937, and the other, "Champions Use Champions" presented by Champion Spark Plug Company and released in 1946. Just describing the contents of the Thompson film alone could easily fill this page!

     Narrated in part by 1925 Indianapolis winner Peter DePaolo, the Thompson film shows not only brief clips of vintage racing, but also many spectacular crashes. You'll see 1916 Indianapolis winner Dario Resta at the old Santa Monica road course. Tommy Milton wins at the Tacoma board track. Legend Barney Oldfield is shown climbing out of his famous "Golden Submarine". Early racing at Pikes Peak, plus drivers Ralph DePalma, Jimmy Murphy, clips of Indianapolis and 1926 winner Frank Lockhart at old Ascot road course. A bad crash at Brooklands Speedway in England is shown and Harry Hartz is not injured in another spectacular crash! Jimmy Murphy is shown becoming the first American to ever win the International French Gran Prix in 1921! In 1928 Frank Lockhart is killed at Daytona Beach! Peter DePaolo is shown winning at Indianapolis in 1925, and Kelly Petillo is shown in victory lane in 1935! In September of 1935, Sir Malcolm Campbell and his "Bluebird" set a new record of 301 MPH at Bonneville Salt Flats. Clips of the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup race are shown, then shots of Wild Bill Cummings' 1936 Vanderbilt car. Nice coverage of the 1936 Vanderbilt Cup race, won by Tazio Nuvolari. Mauri Rose's 7th place finish is the best for an American! Also shown are Lord Howe and Deacon Litz. After all this, film of early aviation is shown, including the first amphibious plane and the first parachute jump from a plane! Covered briefly also is Lindbergh's flight, plus many early attempts at airplane design that failed! Shown are several crashes, including the attempted trans-Atlantic flight at Floyd Bennett Field, and the wreck of "The American" tri-motor in New York. The film ends with some motorcycle hill climbing, hydroplane racing and stunt drivers showing off, plus the three-day Cleveland Air Races and the Thompson Trophy Race with Roscoe Turner and Harold Neumann.

     The second film on this DVD, "Champions Use Champions", is similar in format to the Thompson film. Running 17 minutes, this part is about 2/3 auto racing and the rest a combination of Hydroplanes, motorcycles and another Thompson Trophy Race. During this segment, you'll see: Racing at Monte Carlo, Louie Unser wins Pikes Peak hill climb with a new record 15 minutes, 28.7 seconds, Ab Jenkins and Cliff Bergere set a new world's endurance speed record at the Salt Flats in the "Marmon Meteor". Duane Carter wins midget race at Soldier Field, Chicago, "Miss Great Lakes" wins President's Cup Race on the Potomac, Flyer Tex Johnson at the Thompson Trophy Race. The film ends with many shots of racing at Indianapolis, including Joe Boyer in 1924, the six-car crash on the backstretch in 1930, Louis Meyer winning in 1936, the Floyd Roberts crash in 1939, the garage fire and Wilbur Shaw's famous crash in 1941, plus Mauri Rose and Floyd Davis in Victory Lane in 1941. The end of the film includes highlights of the 1946 Indianapolis race.

     Now you can get your own copy of both of these rare films, now on DVD for the first time ever, for only $29.95 + $4.00 shipping (Illinois residents must add $2.00 tax).

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