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1977 DAYTONA 500
and Speedweeks '77
1977 ALABAMA 500
at Talladega

     The 1977 Daytona 500 (plus Speedweeks í77) and the 1977 Alabama 500 at Talladega are now both available on a 41-minute full-color DVD for the first time ever, thanks to the film restoration expertise of Rare Sportsfilms!

     The first part of this DVD centers around Daytona í77, with brief shots of the highlights of the ARCA 200 (Woody Fisher, Dodge #70), the Twin 125ís (Richard Petty vs David Pearson and Cale Yarborough) the Modified 200 (Harry Gantís red #77 Firebird), IROC (Yarborough vs Foyt) and Late Model 300 (Donnie Allison beats out Darrell Waltrip). Sponsored by Motorola, the original film brings the viewer an inside look at how NASCAR tower communications helps stage the running of the worldís most famous stock car race. Throughout the video, youíll close-ups of drivers Neil Bonnett, David Pearson, A.J. Foyt, and Benny Parsons, including live interviews with Richard Petty (value of testing), Darrell Waltrip (rookies and intimidation) and Donnie Allison (fastest spot on the racetrack).

     Allison, in his #1 Hawaiian Tropic Chevrolet starts on the pole, with A.J. Foyt alongside. Behind them in row two are the two 125 winners, Richard Petty and Cale Yarborough. At the end of the parade lap Richard Petty pulls into the pits because of an oil overfill. Richard gets back out before the start, but barely! Allison and Foyt are 1-2 down the backstretch chasing Petty who is almost a lap behind. At the end of lap one, Pearson has passed Cale for third spot. At the end of lap 3, Bobby Wawak brings out the first caution when a fuel line leak sets his #32 John Gwinn Chevrolet ablaze in turn 4. Itís a break for Richard who is able to catch up to the field under the yellow. Cale leads on the restart, but within a lap, hard charging A.J. Foyt is back in front. Meanwhile Petty is now charging up thru the pack to eventually lead. High winds gusting to 20-30 MPH make driving tricky, especially off turn two, and Terry Ryanís #81 Chevy becomes a casualty. Pole sitter Donnie Allison blows a tire on the trioval. On lap 114 in turn two Buddy Baker and Salt Walther tangle with David Marcus in the dayís biggest incident. During this caution, pit stops are made with action shown in the following pits: Foyt, Tighe Scott, Yarborough, Bobby Allison, Benny Parsons, David Pearson, Darrell Waltrip and Buddy Baker. With Benny Parsons leading on lap 111, Petty is out of the race with a blown engine and when Pearson also retires 21 laps later, itís obvious that there wonít be the same finish as the year before. At this point, a flashback is shown of the spectacular end of last yearís 1976 Daytona 500, with Pearson and Petty colliding and spinning thru the trioval! But this year itís Cale and Benny Parsons, both trying to win their second Daytona 500. Cale holds off Parsons in the waning laps and is interviewed in Daytonaís Victory Lane with wife Betty Jo and Miss Winston, the former Patti Huffman.

     The second film on this new DVD is the May 1, 1977 Winston 500 at Talladega. Ford driver Buddy Baker is trying to win his third Talladega race in a row. Although there are more Chevrolets in the field than any other make, a Chevy has never yet won at Talladega. Shown in nice closeups before the race are Dave Marcus, Donnie Allison, Richard Petty Sam Sommers and other drivers. The actual voices of David Pearson, Cale Yarborough, A.J. Foyt, Benny Parsons, Darrell Waltrip and Buddy Baker are heard on this video in interviews. On the pole is A.J. Foyt with Parsons alongside. Dick Brooks in the Truxmore Ford who qualified 19th, but will finish 7th, has an in-car camera which is used during the race to give an exciting perspective. The race has 63 lead changes among 11 drivers, and the action starts at the drop of the green flag! Donnie Allison leads Parsons at the end of the first lap, with Foyt back in 4th. In the early going, Buddy Baker (started 20th) and Brooks (started 19th) are already up to 14th and 13th respectively, and before long Baker passes Petty for 8th spot. By this time Waltrip, who started 11th, is leading Ė but not for long. On the backstretch Petty, with Foyt drafting behind him, passes 4 cars to take the lead, and itís Richard, Foyt, Waltrip and Baker now 4th! After only 11 laps the engine in Bobby Allisonís Matador explodes and you are in Brookís car as Dick maneuvers around the smoking #12! As this first caution comes out, everyone heads for the pits, and youíll the cars of Pearson, Parsons, Waltrip, Cale and Richard all in for service. On the restart, itís Dave Marcus leading Baker, but Buddy soon passes and is finally in the lead. Meanwhile in the garage area, Bobby Allison is interviewed about what happened to his Matador. On lap 18 Foytís engine blows and A.J. takes a wild ride in the third turn, sliding clear across the banking where he is almost hit by David Pearson! Foyt is shown scrambling out and immediately pulling the hood pins to see whatís left in the engine compartment! Dayton Ohio driver Peter Knab spins out soon after and then, just before the halfway point, Buddy Baker wheels his white #15 Ford to the garage area, out of the race. On the restart, Donnie leads, Waltrip is second and Cale third. Back in the garage Baker explains what happened to Bud Mooreís car and who he thinks has the best chance to win the race. After 143 laps another contender, David Pearson, is out of the race. Pearson says in an interview that his engine overheated. Ten laps later Richard Petty also pulls behind the wall with a blown engine. The most spectacular incident of the race is Joe Frassonís crash at the head of the backstretch. The race leaders are just behind him and all must take evasive action. David Marcus is shown sliding thru the grass along the backstretch at 150 MPH! After the accident cleanup, four contenders are left to battle it out; Waltrip, Donnie Allison, Cale Yarborough and Benny Parsons. The crew chiefs in the contending pits, Hoss Ellington, Jake Elder, Junior Johnson and David Ifft are all shown sweating out the final laps. On the last lap Darrell Waltripís surprise move down to the inside in turn two breaks the draft somewhat from the three cars behind him. Cale tries to go around him high in turn three, but bobbles and Donnie behind him has to lift slightly. This gives Waltrip the edge he needs to win, with Yarborough and Parsons banging on each other down the front stretch for second place! An in-car camera in Waltripís Chevrolet takes you into Victory Lane, where Ned Jarrett interviews the happy DiGard driver with wife Stevie. Itís D.W.ís second super speedway win and only the 5th of his young career!

     To get your own copy of this newly restored vintage NASCAR footage, now available on DVD for the first time ever, send only $29.95 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 tax).

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