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     The original B & W TV broadcast of the 1963 NHRA National Championship Drags is now available on DVD, thanks to the restoration expertise of "Rare Sportsfilms"! This 32-minute show is believed to be the first time drag racing was ever shown on television, and now you can once again re-live those days 40 years ago and watch the greatest drag racing names of the day square off in the biggest event of the year! In all, a total of 26 runs are shown, mostly semi-final and trophy runs. Also included are two interviews: George Montgomery talks about his '33 Willys with a '63 327 supercharged Chevrolet engine. "This $10,000 car can get up to 143 MPH"! Later, driver Harrison Jacobs and Ray Godman, owner of "Bo-Weevil", talk about their 650 HP car and their success in past events. Finally, Champion Don Garlits talks about his new AA dragster and points out details of the cockpit. Below is a listing of the runs shown on this DVD:

  • CM/SP Semi-finals: Sam Cunningham's '61 Corvette beats Joe Grekas of Hammond, Indiana.
  • AA/SA Finals: Bill Abraham's '62 Pontiac beats Ron Mandella's '63 Plymouth with a 13:28.
  • A/S Finals: Don Gay's '62 Pontiac beats Ralph Swain's '62 Chevrolet (Trenton OH) - 12:81.
  • CM/SP Finals: Cunningham's Corvette beats Dick Collins '56 'vette (Newcastle DE) - 12:21.
  • A/G Semi-finals: George Altizer, Arlington Va. wins.
  • A/GS Semi-Finals: George Montgomery comes out of retirement and beats Doug Cook.
  • A/G Semi-finals: Henry Putnam beats Carroll Schmidt's '41 Willys.
  • A/GS Finals George Montgomery beats Gordon Selkirk of Peoria, Illinois. (10:54, 138 MPH).
  • S/SA Semi-finals: Jim Thornton beats Al Eckstrand ('63 Dodges).
  • D/G Finals: Gene Moody's '55 Chevy beats Dave Hales' '37 Willys (12:58, 110.97 MPH).
  • S/SA Finals: Jim Thornton beats Herman Mozer of Detroit ('63 Dodges, 12:23, 116.42 MPH).
  • C/G Finals: Charlie Hill's '40 Willys beats Larry Teter (Elgin IL) '32 Ford (12:29).
  • G/G Finals: Bobby Vaughn's '34 Willys beats Jim Harris (Murfreesboro) in his '51 Henry J.
  • E/G Finals: Gerald Murphy's '55 Chevy beats Glenn Stewart's '52 Chevy (15:54).
  • D/D Finals: Pete Shadinger beats Buddy Hammer of Oxnard CA (10:85).
  • A/C Finals: James Neely beats Bill Bagwell (9:82, 143.26 MPH).
  • B/C Finals: Frank Turk beats Ronnie Bone (10:39, 134.12 MPH).
  • AA/A Semifinals: Eddie Edwards beats Eugene Gamm of Lucasville OH.
  • AA/C Harrison Jacobs in "Bo-Weevil" beats Wayne Morgan of Dayton OH (9.21, 162.45 MPH is a new record!)
  • AA/D Semi-finals: Don Garlits beats Tony Yancey.
  • B/D Semi-finals: John Yount beats Ray Simpson of Grand Prairie, TX.
  • A/D Finals: Dave Schafer beats Harry Holberts of St. Louis (9:58, 156.25 MPH).
  • B/D Finals: John Yount beats Albert Tramm of Tulsa, OK (9:78, 150.25 MPH).
  • A/A Finals: Charlie Smith beats Nollie Simpson of Chesapeake, VA on a red light (10:11). B/A Finals: Paul Horning beats Dick Stocksdale of Baltimore (spinout!) (10:92, 128.57 MPH).
  • AA/D Finals: Don Garlits beats Ron Abbott's "Hellzapoppin" (8.72, 174.08 MPH).
     You can get your own copy of this historic event now available on DVD from Rare Sportsfilms! Send only $29.95 + $4.00 shipping (Illinois residents add $2.00 tax).

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