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     The original color film made of the 1951 Indianapolis 500 is now available for the first time ever on DVD - only from Rare Sportsfilms! Produced by Dynamic Films and presented by Socony-Vacuum, the 21-minute film is in beautiful COLOR and shows highlights from both qualifications and the record-setting race on Memorial Day.

     The film opens with Duke Nalon in the white #18 Purelube Novi breaking Walt Faulkner’s 1950 record and grabbing the pole with a 136.498 qualifying speed! However, the following week, Faulkner in the #2 Grant Piston Ring Special resets the record with a 136.872 qualifying run which gives him 14th starting position! Most of this film however, shows action from raceday itself! Race morning you’ll see color shots of the cars of many drivers such as Jack McGrath, Chuck Stevenson, George Connor, rookie Rodger Ward, Tony Bettenhausen, Duane Carter, Faulkner, Johnny McDowell, Carl Forberg, Mack Hellings, Mauri Rose, Bill Vukovich, Bill Mackey, Sam Hanks and Carl Scarborough. Freddie Agabashian and last year’s winner Johnnie Parsons are shown in nice close-ups just before the start. After that, it’s “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines” and the white Chrysler Pace Car leads ‘em out for the pace lap before starter Seth Klein waves the green flag to start the race!

     Outside front row starter Jack McGrath, in the #9 Hinkle Special, grabs the lead into the first turn followed by Lee Wallard, with several more of the field getting the jump on a slow starting Nalon in the Novi! At the end of the first lap, Wallard is ahead of McGrath by half a car length, and the field begins to string out! McGrath leads laps 3 and 4, with 10th starter Cecil Green third, but Wallard has the lead back by lap 5. Wallard and McGrath put on a stirring duel in the early stages of the race. The first car out of the race is the #26 of Joe James with a broken drive shaft after only eight laps. McGrath leads after ten laps, Wallard again after 16 laps! By lap 50, Cecil Green is now up to second ahead of McGrath. Jimmy Davies is the leader at lap 75, when he comes into the pits to refuel. At 80 laps, it’s Cecil Green leading with Walt Faulkner and Wallard second and third. But soon, hard-charging Green is out with a broken piston. Chuck Stevenson’s #8 catches fire on the track and he’s out of the race. Walt Faulkner leaves with a broken crankshaft. During the race, good camera shots catch many drivers in the pits for service, including Johnny McDowell, Mack Hellings, both Novi drivers Nalon and Chet Miller, Tony Bettenhausen, Wallard, Cecil Green, Mauri Rose, Bill Schindler, Agabashian, Jimmy Davies, and rookie Mike Mazaruk. Bobby Ball’s navy blue #52 Blakely Spl. catches fire in the pits because of spilled fuel, however the fire is soon extinguished and Ball continues in the race. In 1951, the attrition rate is very high. Nalon’s Novi stalls after 152 laps, but the “Iron Duke” still finishes 10th! Tony Bettenhausen is running 5th after 178 laps, and spins out, but still finishes 9th! The violent crash of Mauri Rose is shown, as broken spokes on a wire wheel cause his car to lose control and flip! By this time Wallard has more than a lap lead and increases it to more than two laps before the race ends. Great shots of Wallard, his wife Esther and screen star Loretta Young in Victory Lane!

     You can get your own copy of this rare film now on DVD for only $29.95 + $4.00 for shipping and handling. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 sales tax)

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