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     The 1960 500 at Indianapolis will always be remembered as one of the most exciting in history. Defending champion Rodger Ward and Jim Rathmann staged a stirring duel that had the spectators limp at the finish! This 30-minute COLOR film has just been restored by Rare Sportsfilms and is now available for the first time ever on home video!

     The video tells the story of the month of May at the speedway, including not only practice, qualifications and the race, but also nice scenes of the downtown Festival Parade and Invitational Ball. The practice crash of rookie Jack Rounds is caught on film, and many of the cars are shown in nice closeups, such as those of drivers Troy Ruttman, Red Amick, A.J. Foyt, Johnny Boyd, Chuck Stevenson, Eddie Sachs, Bob Veith, Len Sutton, Shorty Templeman and Don Freeland. Drivers and racing personalities are also shown throughout the film, such as Paul Goldsmith, George Bignotti, Ward, Rathmann, Sachs, Johnny Thomson, Duane Carter, A.J. Watson, Foyt, and Dempsey Wilson. Shown qualifying are Jim Rathmann, who sets a new record in the #4 metallic blue Ken-Paul roadster. Later, Eddie Sachs in the Dean Van Lines Special posts a speed of 146.592 MPH to grab the pole position. But the biggest surprise of the month is saved for the final day of time trials when rookie Jim Hurtubise, in the pearl and purple #56 Travelon Trailer Special sets railbirds shaking their heads in disbelief! "Herk" sets a new track record just short of 150 MPH, almost two full MPH faster than Sachs' pole-position speed!

     The race begins with Rodger Ward beating Eddie Sachs into the first turn and leading the first lap, with Jim Rathmann second and Sachs third. With more than 100 miles run, Don Branson comes into his pit too hot and spins down the pit lane, just missing Bobby Grim! Race leader Rodger Ward comes in for his first stop, but upon leaving he stalls his engine, giving the lead to Eddie Sachs. On his 85th lap, Eddie Russo hits the northeast turn wall and is out of the race. During the rest of the afternoon, others are shown having their troubles: veteran Tony Bettenhausen blows his engine at the north end of the track. As he comes into the pits, he is nearly standing up in the cockpit, as there are flames under the hood! Troy Ruttman, who led early in the race, is out after 134 laps with rear-end gear failure. 1958 winner Jimmy Bryan exits his last 500 with fuel pump problems. Eddie Sachs calls it a day with a bad magneto and steering problems. Brilliant rookie Jim Hurtubise throws a rod after 185 laps. Meanwhile Johnny Thomson, in the pink #3 Adams Quarterhorse Special, is having a nice 3rd place run until his car starts smoking badly, forcing him to back off chasing the leaders Ward and Rathmann. The excitement builds as leader Ward and Jim Rathmann make their last pit stops together with 52 laps to go! Ward gets out first, with Rathmann right behind. The duel to the finish features Rathmann passing Ward and then Ward passing Rathmann back and forth. With the race now between Rathmann and Ward, both drivers know they can't stop to replace badly worn tires without giving the race to the other. With the crowd in a frenzy and six laps to go, Ward passes Rathmann for the final time to again take first place! But at the end of lap 197, Rathmann again takes the lead at the end of the main straightaway, as Ward is forced to back off because his tires are worn down to the cords!
     A happy Jim Rathmann and wife Kay are shown in victory lane at the conclusion of the race.

     Now you can get your own COLOR copy of this historic race, narrated by Ralph Camargo, for only $24.95 + $5.00 shipping (Illinois residents must add $2.00 sales tax).

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