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     Indianapolis 500 racing fans and historians alike will enjoy a look back to yesteryear at the highlights of the 1949 race won by Bill Holland, now available on COLOR DVD!

     Holland, after finishing second the two previous years to teammate Mauri Rose, this time leads Rose most of the race, but has smooth sailing after Rose breaks a magneto strap with only eight laps to go. By winning in only his third year at the brickyard, Holland had thus a remarkable record of finishing second twice and winning in his first three Indy races. (He would finish second again in 1950, but this win was the highlight of his career).

     Even more remarkable was the feat of his car owner and master builder Lou Moore, who after this ’49 race had built the winning car in four of the last five races at the speedway! In this video you’ll again see the beautiful Blue Crown Spark Plug Specials, which Rose and Holland drove to victory three straight years, 1947-1949. This video takes you to Lou Moore’s spotless North Hollywood California shop where the cars were carefully built. You’ll see closeups of the car inside and out, and why the cars were so superior in their day. As always, the emphasis is on safety and durability, and clips are shown both of past speedway accidents and Duke Nalon’s fiery crash in this 1949 race.

     Perhaps the most nostalgic part of the DVD is a trip around the old speedway with president Wilbur Shaw at about 70 MPH. What a fascinating look at what the speedway looked like in the old days, with grass growing up thru cracks in the pavement, no double decked stands at all except in turn one, the footbridge over the backstretch, the big tree inside the track north of the pits, the smokestacks rising south of the speedway, and of course, the old Pagoda! Shown also are qualifications and some of the different cars entered, including the six-wheeled Pat Clancy Special driven by Jackie Holmes. The entire spectacle of the race is covered, 1949 style, including 16th street before the race, fans lining up in vintage cars waiting to get in, the drivers meeting, pre-race pageantry and the pace lap. The race culminates with Holland driving toward Victory Lane and receiving a kiss from actress Linda Darnell. DVD length is 28 minutes, COLOR.

     In the tradition of other DVD's from "RARE SPORTSFILMS" – nothing of this color quality and sharpness on ‘40’s auto racing has ever been offered before!

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