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     Two more vintage racing documentaries, each filmed during the 1982-1983 Winston Cup season are now available on high-quality video from Rare Sportsfilms! "NASCAR - A Traveling Road Show" and "Tools Of The Trade" are now both on a new 28-minute full-color video for nostalgic viewing!

      Beginning with "NASCAR - A Traveling Road Show", the tape shows "Speed Weeks" festivities at Daytona, home of the now-famous 500! This video will let you experience the drama, excitement and action of the first NASCAR points event of the 1983 season! You'll see the crowds flocking to Daytona's mecca of speed, catch a glimpse of celebrities and see the pre-race pageantry plus check out mechanics readying their cars for competition and making last-minute adjustments to gain just one more horsepower. Also shown are the precision maneuvers of pit crews as they refuel cars, change tires, clean windshields and make repairs with split-second timing -all under the added pressure of not only race competition, but also in the National Pit Crew Championship, sponsored by Ingersoll-Rand. You'll chuckle at the crew members' antics captured in slow motion, who sometimes must resort to some rather "unusual" repair work! In-car cameras put you inside the cars with the drivers as they battle for position on the track!

      The second film included on this tape is "Tools Of The Trade", sponsored by Ingersoll-Rand hand tools and narrated by John Facenda of NFL Films. This film is just as entertaining as the first, and also includes live interviews with several drivers and crew chiefs, including Waddell Wilson, Neil Bonnett, Cale Yarborough, A.J. Foyt, Darrell Waltrip and Buddy Baker. Throughout both films you'll see closeups of several cars of the day, including those of Dale Earnhardt, Buddy Baker, A.J. Foyt, Dick Brooks and Ralph Jones. Shown at speed out on the track during the 125's and Daytona 500 are Earnhardt, Yarborough, Terry Labonte and many others. Pit action, shot mostly at Daytona but also from other tracks including Talladega, Darlington and Charlotte, catches many cars in for service, including those of Yarborough, Earnhardt, Buddy Baker, Waltrip, Kyle Petty, Dick Brooks, Foyt, Bosco Lowe, Geoff Bodine, Terry Labonte and Ricky Rudd. More than a half-dozen crashes, several of them spectacular, are shown on this tape, including one of Bobby Allison and one of Delma Cowart. The winners of each of the Twin 125's (Neil Bonnett and Dale Earnhardt) are shown in victory lane in addition to a happy Cale Yarborough, winner of the 1983 Daytona 500!

     To get your own copy of "NASCAR - A Traveling Road Show", now on video for the first time ever, send $24.95 + $5.00 shipping (Illinois residents must add $2.00 tax) to:

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