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     The story of the 1952 race at Indianapolis is now available to racing fans and historians in another of a series of beautiful full-COLOR videos from "Rare Sportsfilms, Inc."! Highlights of the days of qualifications before the race are shown as well as the entire story of the í52 race on this new 25-minute color video.

     All shown during qualifications are Jack McGrath in the #44 Hinkle Special, Andy Linden & family, Sam Hanks, Troy Ruttman, George Connor, Bill Vukovich in the #26 Fuel Injection Special, Joe James and his #14 Bardahl Special, Manny Ayulo and wife, and Chet Miller in one of the two white Novi Pure Oil cars (the other is driven by Duke Nalon). Tony Bettenhausen is shown trying to qualify #99, but during his run he crashes it into the north chute wall! Later, he gets a ride in Lou Mooreís #27 Blue Crown car, qualifies it, and has a good race until the car stalls and wonít re-start during a pit stop. "Flying" Freddie Agabashian grabs he pole for the race in the sleek new red & yellow Cummins Diesel #28.

     The beautiful light blue Studebaker pace car gets the field off and roaring on race day and Jack McGrath immediately takes the lead. Andy Lindenís troubles with #9 and Bobby Ballís early exit from the race are covered. Hard-charging Bill Vukovich, in only his second 500, starts in 8th position, but after only ten laps, is already leading. After 40 laps, Alberto Ascari, in the only Ferrari car, spins out after a frozen wheel bearing locks up his rear wheels. Soon after, Duke Nalon is forced to call it a day when his Novi shears off a supercharger shaft. Also shown during the race is Bill Schindler in his #7 Chapman Special. Coming in for a stop, he spins his car in the pits! During the race, eventual winner Troy Ruttmanís car, the white #98 Agajanian Special, catches fire in the pits! The blaze is quickly brought under control and Troy goes back out racing. Ruttman and Vukovich duel during the latter stages of the race, with Vuky leading most of the way. However, with just 9 laps to go, a steering pin breaks and puts Bill out of the race! A dramatic camera shot catches Bill skidding to a stop along the north chute wall, and Ruttman in #98 charging by to take the lead!

     Itís all here Ė the complete record of the historic 1952 race, from time trials to car owner J.C. Agajanian and winner Ruttman, mother and wife in victory lane with movie actress Arlene Dahl.

     Now you can get your own copy of the 1952 Indianapolis 500 on COLOR video for only $24.95 + $5.00 for shipping and handling. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 per video for sales tax.)

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