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Daytona Beach, Florida

      Grand National 1950's racing fans can now see all the highlights of the memorable 1952 NASCAR Daytona Beach race, now made available for the first time on video by "Rare Sportsfilms"! Outstanding views of some of the great drivers of those early years as well as scenes from qualifications, pre-race car and track preparations and probably most interesting of all, live interviews with several drivers before the race make this video a must for serious race fans and historians!

      Before the race, our trackside microphone man interviews Tommy Thompson, Joie Ray, and all three Flock brothers. During the Flock interview, even 'Mom' Flock has a few words to say, too!

      Pat Kirkwood starts on the pole in his #99 '51 Chrysler, with Lloyd Moore's #59 Chrysler second, Thompson's #40 Chrysler third and Herb Thomas in his #92 Hudson Hornet fourth. Because of the huge crowd, the start of the race is held up to allow fans to find parking places along the beach. This eventually causes the race to be cut short at 37 laps, rather than the customary 40 (because of the late start and rising tide) and adds to the suspense and end-of-the-race strategy of eventual winner Marshall Teague. Other drivers shown in action are Leon Sales, Gober Sosebee, A.D. Yates, Buck McCardell, Curtis Turner, Joie Ray, L.C. Rigsby, Smokey Purcer and the three Flock brothers: Bob, Fonty and young Tim. Spectacular air views from an airplane high above the course make for some fantastic panoramic shots of both the start of the race and race action, including both turns and the long paved backstretch

      Once the race gets underway, there's plenty of action. On the very first lap, Smokey Purcer, a racer from the 1930's trying a comeback, rolls his #19 Olds 88 in the north turn and is out with a broken arm. Leon Sales runs off the course in the south turn and gets stuck in the sand. L.C. Rigsby has his hood fly up, partially blocking his view as he roars down the backstretch. Joie Ray rolls his #105 Henry J in the north turn. Curtis Turner has rear wheel problems. Pit stop action also shows several drivers including Tim Flock, who goes out with a broken connecting rod. Herb Thomas is shown in the pits for gas. Marshall Teague, in the lead when it is announced to all drivers that the race will end after 37 laps, stays out, gambling on having enough gas to go the distance. Near the end Fonty Flock is third, but he spins out going into the north turn, which costs him third place. Teague wins, then runs out of gas on the cool-down lap. Seventh place finisher Tommy Thompson finishes across the finish line sideways, striking starter Johnny Bruner. (Bruner sustained only minor injuries). Marshall Teague and teammate Herb Thomas, both driving Teague-prepared 'Fabulous Hudson Hornets' finish 1-2 and are shown after the race in victory circle. Teague averaged 85.162 MPH!

      In the tradition of other racing videos from Rare Sportsfilms, Inc., nothing of this crisp picture sharpness and quality has ever been offered before on video. Rare Sportsfilms, Inc. tapes are proof that someone IS making the nostalgic racing videos that fans are constantly asking for, and making them with care and quality that is unsurpassed! To order, send $24.95 + $5.00 for shipping and handling (Illinois residents must add $2.00 tax) to:

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