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"That Other Unser"
"Victory In May"

     The first winner to get the lion's share of a million dollar purse at the Speedway, the second Unser to achieve victory at Indy and the last winner to drive into the old winners circle at the south end of the pits, Al Unser Sr. quietly dominated the month of May, 1970 at Indianapolis. Now, Rare Sportsfilms Inc. is pleased to offer for the first time on DVD, the vintage racefilm "That Other Unser"! As a bonus, included also is another beautifully restored version of the 1970 race, "Victory In May". Both of these different films on the 1970 500 are included on this new DVD - a total of 55 minutes of full-color racing action!

     Throughout both films you'll see closeup shots of the drivers of the day: Joe Leonard, A.J. Foyt, Mark Donohue, Mario Andretti, Art Pollard, Bobby Unser, Lloyd Ruby, Johnny Rutherford, Roger McCluskey, Dan Gurney, Denis Hulme, Jim McElreath, Bill Vukovich Jr, George Follmer, Bruce Walkup and Rookie Of The Year Donnie Allison. Of Course, throughout both films you'll see closeups of many cars, including those of drivers Foyt, Jack Brabham, Carl Williams, Leonard, Andretti, Wally Dallenbach, Ruby, Rutherford, Pollard, Gurney, Bobby Unser, Gordon Johncock, Donohue, Follmer, Jerry Grant and Gary Bettenhausen, plus those of rookies Greg Weld and Dick Simon. You'll even see cars which did not make the race, such as the #56 Mallard roadster of Jim Hurtubise, Larry Cannon's yellow #47, Charlie Glotzbach's #45 Weinberger Homes Special, the #12 Daniels Cablevision Special driven by Lloyd Rudy and the white #54 City Of Memphis Turbine of Jigger Sirois.

     Also covered on both films are the spins and crashes during practice and qualifications. Incidents shown include those of John Cannon, Wally Dallenbach, Vukovich, Hurtubise, Arnie Knepper, Sam Posey, Tony Adamowicz, Denny Zimmerman, Bob Veith, Sonny Ates and Denis Hulme. Shown making qualification attempts are Foyt, Bruce Walkup, Rutherford, Donohue, Vukovich, Bobby Unser, Andretti, Rick Muther, Gurney, Brabham, McCluskey, and pole winner Al Unser (170.221).

     Rain delays the start of the race by half an hour, then a radius rod on Jim Malloy's #31 Sterns Special breaks during the pace lap, causing him to spin in the middle of the field just as the green comes out. When the race is restarted, Rutherford dives into the first turn ahead of pole-sitter Unser, however on the backstretch, Al motors the Johnny Lightning Special past J.R. to lead lap one. With Unser leading most of the way, others have their problems. A broken piston sidelines Greg Weld after only 12 laps. After 28 laps Art Pollard's #10 Car Wash Special blows. Lloyd Ruby, who started 25th after qualifying on the final Saturday charges into 10th position by lap 20! Johncock's engine gives up after 45 laps, and by then Ruby is up to third!. During the first round of pit stops at lap 49, Ruby briefly takes the lead, but when he does pit, he comes in smoking. Shortly after his stop, Ruby's engine erupts in spectacular fashion, ending a brilliant charge for the "hard luck" veteran. Throughout the race, pit stop closeups show other drivers in for service: Jim McElreath, Andretti, Gurney, Donohue, Brabham, Bruce Walkup plus Bobby and Al Unser.

     The most spectacular accident occurs late in the race when Roger McCluskey, driving the #23 Sprite Special in relief of Mel Kenyon, breaks a wheel and smashes into the third turn wall. Neither Ronnie Bucknum nor Sam Sessions can avoid the crash and both are involved. Also spinning out to miss the wreck are Jack Brabham, Bobby Unser and Jerry Grant.

     Happy Al Unser is shown with his mother and wife Wanda in victory Circle. He led all but 10 laps, and his total pit time of only 63 seconds was the best of anyone finishing this last 500 ever scheduled on Memorial Day.

     Now you can get these two historic, action-packed 1970 racing films, both on one DVD (55 minutes long) for only $29.95 plus $4.00 for shipping. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 tax).

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