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     Indianapolis 500 racing fans and historians can now enjoy another in a beautiful series of FULL COLOR videotapes on past races at the Brickyard. Highlights of the 1954 race won by Bill Vukovich include the history-making events, human-interest stories and scenes from the entire month of May at and around the speedway. All four days of time trials are covered, in which Jack McGrath and his white #2 Hinkle Special become the first to chalk up a 140 MPH lap and set a new qualifying record in the process. Jimmy Daywalt in the #19 Sumar Special, Duane Carter in his bright orange Auto Shippers Special and Sam Hanks in the #1 Bardahl Special are all shown. There's excitement too, as Frank Armi, in the red Martin Bros. Special, and Manny Ayulo, in the Schmidt Special both spin during time trials. Other interesting scenes show 16th Street the day before the race-1950's style, the mechanic's dinner, a spectacular air view of the speedway on raceday and of course, the old pagoda. Other figures of days gone by: Jimmy Bryan and chief mechanic Chuck Stevenson, Fred Agabashian, '52 winner Troy Ruttman, race starter Bill Vandewater, Art Cross in the #45 Bardahl Special and mechanic Harry Stevens, Tony Bettenhausen and Duke Nalon, who failed to qualify the Novi Special and, of course, Bill Vukovich and crew of the #14 Fuel Injection Special.

     By 1954, the new roadster was proving to be the car of the 1950's at Indy. The new torsion bar suspension for all four wheels, and the car's low profile and center of gravity made for faster cornering in the turns.

     The 1954 Dodge pace car gets the field off and running on raceday and Jack McGrath, holder of the new qualifying record, immediately takes the lead. Highlights of the race include Troy Ruttman's spin after blowing a rear tire in turn four, Pat O'Connor's skid in turn two, and perhaps most spectacular of all, Jim Rathmann, in relief of Sam Hanks in the #1 Bardahl Special, spinning down the main straightaway and stopping broadside in the front of the pits in the middle of the track with only nine laps to go!

     It's all here - the complete highlights and story of the 1954 race, from qualifications to Vuky in victory lane with wife Esther and movie actress Marie Wilson. Hard-charging Bill started 19th, but by lap 7, was already in 8th position, and won for the second year in a row! It's a memorable battle, with second place finisher Jimmy Bryan in the Dean Van Lines dirt type car literally hanging on and doggedly trying to keep up with Vukovich after a broken rear spring and shock absorber give him a terrific physical pounding toward the end of the race.

     In the tradition of other vintage racing videos from Rare Sportsfilms, nothing of this beautiful color quality and picture sharpness has ever been offered before on 1950's auto racing.

     Now you can get your own copy of "The Fabulous 500" for only $24.95 + $5.00 for shipping and handling. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 sales tax)

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