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     Here's a racing doubleheader that's an absolute must for Ned Jarrett Ford fans! All the historic action highlights of the 1965 Southern 500 at Darlington (won by Jarrett), PLUS a 1966 feature on Ned, the famous #11 and what a typical day was like back in 1966 for the 2-time NASCAR Grand National Champion!

     Beginning with the 1965 Southern 500, this tape covers scenes of the garage area, practice and qualifications, as well as great closeup COLOR shots of racing legends such as Junior Johnson and Herb Nab, Fred Lorenzen, Buck and Buddy Baker, Dick Hutcherson, Jim Paschal, Marvin Panch, Cale Yarborough, Sam McQuagg, Banjo Matthews, Darel Dieringer, and Richard Petty. In all, 6 makes of cars are in the field, but over half are Fords!

     As the race gets underway the spectacular action begins! Pole-sitter Junior Johnson, driving the yellow #26 Holly Farms Ford, completes only one lap before dropping out with ignition problems. Rookie Buren Skeen spins out in the third turn on lap two and is broadsided in the driver side door by the red #03 Ray Underwood Ford driven by Reb Wickersham. The crash proves fatal to Skeen, who died 9 days later without regaining consciousness. Other action includes #17 Junior Spencer blowing an engine in turn one, Earl Balmer's #15 Mercury crashing, and Buddy Arrington losing a wheel on the main straightaway. But the most spectacular crash of the race occurs on lap 118 as Sam McQuagg, driving the yellow #24 Betty Lilly Ford and Cale Yarborough in the red #27 Banjo Matthews Ford sideswipe going into turn one. McQuagg gets pinched against the guardrail and Cale's Ford sails up and over the guardrail out of the track, flipping several times and coming to rest at the edge of the parking lot over the 40-foot first turn embankment! Throughout the race, pit work is shown being done on the cars of Darel Dieringer, Fred Lorenzen, Junior Johnson and Buck Baker. With less than 50 laps to go, race leader Fred Lorenzen's engine sours giving the lead to Dieringer who is far ahead of third place Ned Jarrett. But at almost the same time Lorenzen drops out, Dieringer has problems of his own. A rear axle grease seal lets go, and the grease catches fire on his hot axle. By the 326th lap Jarrett passes Dieringer who then drops out of the race, and gentleman Ned coasts the rest of the way, winning by 14 laps - the largest margin in Southern 500 history!

     Also on this tape is the 1966 film "The Quickest Quiet One", which shows a typical day in the life of 2-time NASCAR National Champion Ned Jarrett. A well-known and popular ESPN Race Announcer today, Jarrett is shown at home in Camden, SC with his family, including 9-year-old son Dale, himself destined to someday become a regular on the Winston Cup circuit. The cameras follow Ned around town, and to a speaking engagement with Ned answering questions about why he began racing, how a car feels during drafting, and the different driving styles required for dirt track racing versus superspeedway racing. During this segment you'll see plenty of racing action at tracks such as Daytona, Atlanta, Charlotte and Darlington. You'll see Ned in his office at Bowani, Inc. and you are there as Ned instructs the crew on how to set up the famous blue #11 Bondy Long Ford for the next race. By 1966 Ned Jarrett had become the winningest active driver in NASCAR. A devoted family man as well as a competitor dedicated to the sport and business of stock car racing, he's racing's goodwill ambassador.

     To get your own color copy of both of these historic racing films now available for the first time on video, send $29.95 + $5.00 for shipping and handling (Illinois residents must add $2.00 tax) to:

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