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At Rockingham
"Not Just Good Enough"

     Vintage NASCAR short track racing comes to life on video with the release of this newly restored full COLOR vintage film from Rare Sportsfilms, Inc! "Not Just Good Enough" is the Junie Donlavey story and a special look behind-the-scenes at Richard Brooks and the #90 Truxmore Ford both at the shop and at the February 29, 1976 Winston Cup race at North Carolina Motor Speedway. In the video, you'll get to meet and hear comments from each member of the Donlavey team from tire changer to windshield washer, plus car owner Donlavey and of course, driver Dick Brooks. You'll see the group working at the shop, at the speedway and throughout the race. Most of the video shows the '76 Carolina 500 through the eyes of the Donlavey team, and even though a bearded Richard Petty eventually wins the race, the emphasis is on the Donlavey team and what happened to their car and driver during the race that day.

     NASCAR fans from a quarter century ago will see all their old favorites: Petty, David Pearson, Cale Yarborough, Junior Johnson and David Marcus, to name a few. Not only the Donlavey crew, but other teams as well are shown at the track preparing for the race. Actual live sound of the track P.A. announcer brings back memories of an era gone by and throughout the tape you'll see the cars of many other drivers of the day, including Henley Gray, Bobby Isaac, Benny Parsons, Frank Warren, Dick May, Darrell Waltrip, Buddy Baker, Walter Ballard, J.D. McDuffie, Travis Tiller, Terry Bivins, Richard Childress, Bruce Hill, Lennie Pond, Ed Negre, James Hylton, and the light blue #9 of a youngster named Bill Elliott, making his first Winston Cup start!

     The cars roll off pit road for the pace lap with Dave Marcis in the #71 K & K Insurance Dodge on the pole and Buddy Baker in Bud Moore's #15 Ford beside him. Richard Petty and David Pearson in the #21 Wood brothers Mercury make up the second row. Dick Brooks starts 6th and his in-car camera gives viewers a race driver's perspective during the afternoon. Cars of all the drivers mentioned above, plus others are shown throughout the race. Several pit stops are seen also, with work shown being done for Petty, Yarborough, Bobby Allison, James Hylton, and especially Dick Brooks. During the race you'll also hear Donlavey talk about racing in general.

     With just over 100 laps to go, Brooks brings the Truxmore Ford into the pits with an ailing engine. It's discovered that he's lost a valve, and the dejected team is shown pushing the car behind the wall, with a disappointed Brooks still inside.

     Just after a restart on lap 373, the most spectacular wreck of the race occurs. After brushing fenders with Cale Yarborough on the backstretch, Bobby Allison's #2 Roger Penske Mercury tags the outside wall, then is shown flipping end over end some 20 feet in the air! Allison's car comes to rest at the end of the backstretch, and other drivers involved (including Coo Coo Marlin and Richard Childress) are shown bringing their smashed up cars into the pits. The end of the race is not shown, and although Richard Petty is the winner, the focus of the film is on the Donlavey crew and it's never-ending battle against the highly-financed factory teams of the sport. The success of the Donlavey team in 1976 (10th in points, with 18 top ten finishes) is shown to be due to each member of the crew doing his job better than "Just Good Enough".

     Now you can get your own color copy of this fascinating and action-packed color film never before available on home video, for only $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping (Illinois residents must add $2.00 sales tax!) - send to:

"RARE SPORTSFILMS N", 1126 Tennyson Lane, Naperville, IL 60540 (630) 527-8890

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