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Anyone familiar with the fabulous history and tradition of Ohio State Football also knows at least something about the famous All-Brass Ohio State University Marching Band, the largest and certainly most popular all-brass band in the world! The marching band at Ohio State has its’ own glorious tradition, dating back to 1878, and through the years has been the most photographed college marching band in history! As it has led the way with many innovations that have now become standard for all college marching bands, Ohio State also has the largest collection of archival films of its’ band than any other university! In 1989, in cooperation with the Ohio State TBDBITL Alumni Club, Rare Sportsfilms, Inc. began the ongoing task of restoring the library of OSU marching band films of the past. By now, every film of the OSU band from 1929 through 1978 has been restored to digital video and is now available on DVD to selected alumni, close friends of the University family, bandsmen and former members. You will never see these offered in stores anywhere - all are available only through TBDBITL from Rare Sportsfilms, Inc! Fully 100% of all profits from this venture are being used by TBDBITL to fund the restoration of more films. All 26 titles now available are listed below and each has a general running time of between one and two hours. Most are $29.95 each (plus $5.00 S & H). The dual-disk sets are $49.95 each (plus $5.00 S & H).

Memories: The Way We Were” - 1955 Rose Bowl Trip, 1958 “One Twenty To Show”, which shows ’58 band tryouts and practices for the SMU and Indiana show Fads Of ’58, 1963 Homecoming Football Color” pre-game and half show features Script Ohio, 1971 pre-game and Women’s Lib show “She’s A Lady” including the “lost” cymbal player and script Woody! All sound and color except that 1971 is B & W.
1929-1947 The All-American Band” – All of the oldest footage, with some spectacular formations, including the first Script Ohio in 1936 and covers the Weigel, Whitcomb and McBride years. Includes the first color film (1941) and the OSU documentary production “Buckeye Ballads” (color and sound), featuring the Men’s Glee Club. Captured on vintage film is the spirit and tradition of Ohio State, 1948 scenes of High Street, Longs, the Armory, Oval, Mirror Lake, Orton Hall and U Hall as well as the color of the four seasons on campus. Black & White and color, mostly SILENT film.
1948-1950 California, Here We Come” – 1948 Tryouts, Missouri, USC, Iowa and Michigan. 1949 Tryouts, Missouri, Indiana, Minnesota, Northwestern and Illinois. Highlight of this is the 1950 Rose Bowl Trip in COLOR! Also, 1950 Pittsburgh, Iowa and Michigan (brief shot of famous “Blizzard Bowl”! All SILENT, mostly color.
1950-1953 From Whit To Jack” - 1950 Pittsburgh. 1951 Indiana. 1952 Indiana, Purdue, Wisconsin, Washington State, Pittsburgh (first ramp high step) and Michigan. 1953 (studio recorded - sound) Northwestern and Purdue. All SILENT film except for 1953 - B & W and color.
1946 and 1954 Chimes” – 1946 (Color, silent) Missouri, Purdue, Minnesota, Michigan. 1954 Indiana (B & W silent), California (color, sound – the first time sound was actually recorded in Ohio Stadium!), Iowa (B & W silent), Wisconsin (Homecoming, color, sound) and the debut of “Chimes”, Pittsburgh (B & W silent) and Michigan (B & W silent).
1955” – All six halftime shows and most of the pre-game shows. Entire 1 hour, 25 minute tape is B & W silent. Jack O. Evans, director and George E.W. Souder, Drum Major.
1956” – All five shows are shown in color and most of the tape is sound! Stanford “Story Of The American Flag”, Penn State pre-game, Wisconsin Homecoming “Jazz At The Stadium”. Indiana and Michigan.
Running Time: 55 Minutes, all color.
1957 season and 1958 Rose Bowl” – Practice for TCU, TCU pre-game and half shows, Illinois, Northwestern (Homecoming) and Rose Bowl – the complete story of the band’s memorable Rose Bowl trip. Included is the train trip west with stops at Dallas, Phoenix and San Francisco, plus practice at Occidental College. The DVD culminates with the Tournament of Roses Parade and the pre-game and halftime performances.
Running Time: 91 Minutes, all color, mostly sound.
1958-1959-1960” – 1958 Washington “A Trip to the Brussels World’s Fair” (B & W sound). 1959 Duke “A Salute to Eugene J. Weigel” (B & W) with Script Ohio. 1959 Illinois ”Story Of The American Flag” (color, sound) one of the great spectaculars in Ohio State Band history! Also Story of the American Flag “Outtakes” (color, silent). 1960 Southern Methodist “Milestones of 1960”.
Running time: 1 Hour, 20 minutes, Color/B & W, mostly sound.
1961-1962-1963” – 1961 TCU “The Eyes of Texas” (B & W sound). 1961 Oregon “Strike Up The Band” half show and film on the history of the OSUMB up to “Modern Day” 1961 (color, sound). “Strike Up the Band” half show outtakes – see how the Oregon half show really ended! Script Dad’s (color, silent). 1962 North Carolina “Salute to the Columbus Sesquicentennial” (B & W, sound). 1962 Northwestern “Bucks Eye Broadway” half show (color, silent). 1962 Wisconsin “Men of Music” Script Ohio (color, sound). 1963 Texas A & M “Sesquicentennial of Perry’s Victory” (B & W silent).
Running time: Two hours, 5 minutes, B & W/color, mostly sound.
1964” – Dr. Charles L. Spohn’s first year as director (Link Harper, Drum Major). All six home games of the season (SMU, Indiana, Southern Cal, Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan and the road trip to Iowa), and Charlie’s first four Script Ohio’s. Also included is the documentary color film “One Out Front” featuring Drum Major Link Harper, plus silent color outtakes from the production (Drum Major Tryouts, Charlie in the old band room and the thrilling ramp entrance) Best shots of the ramp of any DVD! Running time: three hours, 3 minutes, B & W/color, mostly sound. A huge two-volume set of disks running over 3 hours!
$49.95 plus $5.00 S & H for both DVD’s.
1965” – North Carolina “The Wonderful World of Ohio” (color). Illinois “Buckeye Festival of the Arts”, Minnesota “Walter Mitty In Buckeye Movieland”. Indiana “Great Moments” (this patriotic show was one of Charlie’s all-time favorites and was one of the most moving in OSUMB history). William A. Dougherty is honored during halftime of the Illinois game, however, this show will always be remembered as the first time “Hang On Sloopy” was ever played in Ohio Stadium!
1966” – “Yea, Ohio” (TV show on tryouts for ’66), TCU “Signs of the Times”. Washington “Trumpets & Music”. Wisconsin “Ye Olde Homecoming”. At Minnesota Sounds Of Music”. Indiana “An International Folksong Festival”. Michigan “Freedom Parade” (color). Michigan game silent outtakes (color). This entire 1966 presentation – all six shows and the WTVN TV special, plus outtakes – is a huge two-volume set of DVD’s running almost 3 hours!
$49.95 plus $5.00 S & H.
1967” – Arizona “Charlie Brown’s Happening”. Purdue “Rhythm and Movement”. Illinois (Homecoming) “Tale Of Tomorrow”. Wisconsin pre-game “American Heritage”. Iowa “Dad For All Seasons”, all in B & W sound. Also included are about 10 minutes of silent COLOR home movies from 1967!
Running time: Two hours, 3 minutes.
$29.95 plus $5.00 S & H.
1968 National Championship Year” – SMU “Feelin’ Groovy”, Oregon “Mission Impossible”, Purdue “Uniquely Ours” Northwestern (Homecoming) “Colonial Calamities”, Michigan State “My Favorite Things”, Michigan “American Heritage”, plus four COLOR films including the Rose Bowl performance and “The Best Damn Band In The Land”! Huge two-volume DVD set with a running time of nearly four hours – just on 1968!
$49.95 plus $5.00 S & H.
1969” – TCU “Pride Of The Buckeyes”, Michigan State “Light, Flight, Height, Write”, Homecoming, Illinois “Disneyland”, Parents Day Wisconsin “Paris”, Purdue “Doin’ Our Own Thing”, plus color Home Movies of Purdue Skull Session. At Michigan “Music and Movement”. Two disk DVD set runs over two hours!
$49.95 plus $5.00 S & H.
1973” – All 7 shows (mostly B & W), including the beautiful COLOR Rose Bowl Performance film, Dr. Paul Droste director with Barry Kopetz Drum Major. Games are Minnesota, TCU, Washington State, Northwestern, Michigan State, Iowa and USC (Rose Bowl). Includes four Script Ohio’s including a Triple Script! $49.95 + $5.00 S & H.
1974” – Six shows (mostly B & W), including the beautiful COLOR Rose Bowl Performance film, Director Dr. Paul Droste with Rick Gammage, Drum Major. Shows: Oregon St, SMU, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and USC (Rose Bowl). Includes five Script Ohio’s including a Triple Script!
$49.95 + $5.00 S & H.
Running Time: 2:12
1975” – Shows from four home games (B&W), plus the beautiful COLOR Rose Bowl performance film, Director Dr. Paul Droste with Rick Gammage, Drum Major. Shows are: Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana (spoof on the other Big Ten bands), Minnesota and UCLA (Rose Bowl). Includes three Script Ohio's, including the Rose Bowl Script!
$29.95 + $5.00 S & H.
Running Time: 1:58
1966-1975” - A variety of OSUMB shows and B & W film footage thought to be lost until recently discovered after the 1975 season DVD was completed in 2014. Included are six half-time shows and two pre-games, plus SILENT film from tryouts, practice and actual performances in the stadium from ground level. 1966 Michigan, 1970 Michigan, 1972 Indiana, 1974 Wisconsin, 1975 Penn State and 1975 North Carolina.
$29.95 + $4.00 S & H. All B & W, mostly sound, some silent.
Running Time: 1:38
1976”- Director Dr. Paul Droste and Drum Major Doug Secrist. Here is every Ohio State halftime show from the 1976 season and several pregame shows. Also includes shows of visiting bands Missouri, Purdue and Michigan. Games are Michigan State, Missouri, UCLA, Purdue, Illinois, Michigan and the Orange Bowl halftime show "The Buckeye Brass". Includes three Script Ohios!
Two-disk set is $49.95 + $4.00 S & H. (Mostly B & W)
Running Time: 2:34
1977” - Dr. Paul Droste, Director - Beginning of the "Dwight Hudson" years, the first "Quad Script Ohio, 9th TBDBITL Alumni Reunion, every show from the '77 season (Miami, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Purdue, Wisconsin and Indiana), and the '78 Sugar Bowl performance.
B & W and Color!
Running Time: 3:42
1978” - Dr. Paul Droste, Director - 10th TBDBITL Alumni Reunion, and shows from games vs Penn State, Baylor, Southern Methodist, and Iowa (Bob Hope dots the "i" at Homecoming), plus '78 Gator Bowl performance.
Big 2 1/2 - hour two-disc set is $49.95 + $4.00 S & H. ALL COLOR!
Running Time: 2:30
1979” - Dr. Paul Droste, Director - Dwight Hudson's last year, 11th TBDBITL Alumni Reunion and shows from games vs Washington St, Northwestern, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan St (homecoming), Iowa and the Rose Bowl performance.
Big 3-hour two-disc set is $49.95 + $4.00 S & H. (Add $10 for Blu-Ray) ALL COLOR!
Running Time: 3:19
1980” - Dr. Paul Droste, Director, Oliver McGee Drum Major - 12th TBDBITL Alumni Reunion, and shows from games vs Syracuse, Minnesota, UCLA, Michigan (both bands) and the Fiesta Bowl performance.
Big 2-hour two-disc set is $49.95 + $4.00 S & H. ALL COLOR! Also available on Blu-Ray for $10 extra!
Running Time: 2:00
1981” - Dr. Paul Droste, Director, Shelley Graf Drum Major - 13th TBDBITL Alumni Reunion, and shows from games vs Duke, Michigan State, Florida State, Illinois (both bands), Indiana and Northwestern.
Big two-disc set is $49.95 + $4.00 S & H. 2 hours, 31 minutes, ALL COLOR! Also available on Blu-Ray for $10 extra!
Running Time: 2:31
1982” - Dr. Paul Droste, Director, Bruce Hart, Drum Major - Shows from games vs Baylor (14th Annual Alumni Reunion), Stanford, Florida State, Purdue, Minnesota and Michigan, including all pre-game shows and the Holiday Bowl performance!
Big two-disc set is $49.95 + $4.00 S & H. 3 hours, 30 minutes, ALL COLOR! Also available on Blu-Ray for $10 more!
Running Time: 3:30


Before each Ohio State home football game in the years before St. John Arena was built in 1956, the band gathered at old Rehearsal Hall to play a last run-through of all music for that day’s game. Rehearsal Hall was only large enough for the band and the few wives, girl friends and parents who would stop by to enjoy the music and hear any last minute announcements made before the game. These final practices were dubbed “Skull Sessions” by the band and beginning in 1955, a 33 1/3 RPM sound recording was made each year of the OSUMB music from all the Skull Sessions. These recordings, unlike the popular CD’s now available in stores, were made in very limited quantities for band members and staff only, and were never sold to the public. These recordings were more informal than the commercial recordings, and of course were often times more spirited!

The Marching Band is so revered at Ohio State that today, more than 60 years later, over 13,000 fans jam into St. John Arena for each Skull Session before every Ohio State home football game! Now, the show music is recorded on audio tape, for band members only, and is still never offered to the public. Original Skull Session records from before the 1980’s, much like the souvenir glasses from the annual Ohio State Football Banquet, are considered very collectible by the few Ohio State fans who even know about them and their history!

Now however, to preserve the changes in the sound of the band through the years for the TBDBITL Alumni Club and OSU band fans, Rare Sportsfilms Inc. is restoring selected vintage Skull Session recordings made from brand new never-before-played original records saved still sealed for decades! Each has been carefully re-mastered onto a digital CD for even better sound than the original brand new recordings! Below is a listing of the years available. Each year is only $14.95 plus $5.00 S & H (except two-disc sets which are $24.95). These make great gifts for the Ohio State band fans who are interested in hearing the band of years gone by. Great to play in your car while driving!

1955 – Prof. Jack O. Evans, Director - The very first Skull Session recording made in old Rehearsal Hall! Highlights include the first recording of Chimes & Carmen Ohio (It was arranged only one year before), Pre-game music and music from the shows: Nebraska “Football Prelude”, Northwestern “Popular Tunes”, Indiana “Opera Parade”, Illinois “Latin-American Fiesta”, Duke “TV Highlights”, and Iowa “Movie Portaits”.
1957 – Prof. Jack O. Evans, Director - The first year for Skull Sessions in brand new St. John Arena! Pre-game music, TCU “Highlights Of The University Year”, Illinois “Around The World In 80 Days – Part 1”, Indiana “Around The World In 80 Days – Part 2”, Northwestern “Latin-American Fiesta”, March “Glory Of The Gridiron”, Purdue “Stars Of Ohio”, March “Grandioso”, Iowa “Life With Dad”, March “Brass Band On Parade”, Michigan and the Rose Bowl “Hear Those Bells”.
1963 – Professor Evan’s last year as Director – St. John’s entrance and Orange Bowl March, “Mr. Evans Is Our Hero”, Texas A & M, “Hostrauser’s March”, (Homecoming) Illinois “A Football Day At Ohio State”, Iowa, “March Grandioso”, Penn State, March “Gladiator’s Farewell” and Northwestern.
1965 – Dr. Charles L. Spohn, Director – Highlights include #15 in the Choral Book “Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring”, and the first ever playing of “Hang On Sloopy”! Indiana “Great Moments”, North Carolina “The Wonderful World of Ohio”, Minnesota “Walter Mitty In Buckeye Movieland”, (Dad’s Day) Iowa, and Illinois “Buckeye Festival Of The Arts”.
1969 – Dr. Spohn’s last year as Director – TCU “Pride Of The Buckeyes”, Michigan State “Flight, Light, Height, Write”, (Homecoming) Illinois “Disneyland”, Wisconsin “Paris”, and Purdue “Doin’ Our Own Thing”.
1970 – Dr. Paul Droste’s first year as Director – Highlights include St. John’s entrance, Wilson Cheer, “Droste’s Our Leader”. Texas A & M “Best Damn Band In The Land”, Duke “University Day”, Northwestern “Up With People”, Minnesota “Dawning Of The Age “, and Michigan “Government Day”. Also included in this big two-disk set is the 1970 Mershon Concert, which includes “Proud Century”, “Entry Of The Gladiators”, ”Beethoven’s 5th Symphony”, “Gallent Ones”, “Aquarius”, “People”, “Raindrops”, “Finale from the Firebird Symphony”, “Action Front”, “I Wanna Go Back”, “Round On The Ends”, “Fight The Team”, “OSU Antiphonal Fanfare”, “Beautiful Ohio”, “The First Noel”, “Ring Christmas Bells”, ”Adeste Fidelis”, “Bacharach Medley”, “Hang On Sloopy”, “Le Regiment” and ”Chimes & Carmen Ohio”. This two-disk set is $24.95 plus $5.00 S & H.
1971 through 1978! - The annual Skull Session as well as Mershon Concert vinyl recordings have recently been re-mastered onto CD from the years 1971 through 1978! Each year is a separate two-CD set for $24.95 per set. You may call 630-527-8890 to order any particular year. We accept Mastercard or Visa.

Each year in the fall, we will be adding a newly restored series of OSU Marching band films of a season from the past. We also have detailed, full-page descriptions about each one of the titles listed above - you may call us at any time for more information about any particular Ohio State band DVD you are interested in. Orders are usually sent out same day received. All profits are returned to the TBDBITL Alumni Club for the production of future Ohio State Marching Band DVDs!

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