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All DVDs are in COLOR unless noted (B&W)
1946 “Baseball In The Pacific Coast League” plus 1948 Chicago White Sox “Down On The Farm”, both on one DVD! Baseball’s oldest sound and COLOR film shows the managers, players and ballparks of the PCL! Narrated by Bob Elson, “Down On The Farm” shows managers, parks and future White Sox stars at every level from Class D to AAA in 1948! All in beautiful COLOR! :52
1900-1918 Baseball - “The Glory of Their Times” – Film, pictures and the actual voices of the players of the era (Hans Lobert, Fred Snodgrass, Harry Hooper, Rube Marquard, Ed Roush, Sam Crawford) as they tell stories about Cobb, Wagner, Mathewson, Walter Johnson, McGraw, etc. (B & W) :50
1913-1938 “The Sports Album” – Ruth, Cobb, Gehrig, Foxx, Johnson, Grove, Gomez, Dean, Speaker, Black Sox World Series, Ed Roush, Collins, Hornsby, Klein, Alexander, Cronin, Medwick, DiMaggio including action at Baker Bowl and League Park! (B & W) 1:04
1916-1958 Baseball Highlights with Buddy Blattner. Wagner, Dean, Klem, Ruth, Vander Meer and more!  (B&W) :27
1935, 1936 and 1937 American League films "Take Me Out to The Ballgame", "Heads Up Baseball" and "Batter Up!" - Best A.L. players, what they say and World Series highlights of each year, all three years on one DVD!  (B&W) 1:29
1938 American League Film "The First Century of Baseball" plus 1938 National League Film "The National Game" (The 'modern day' players of 1938!)   (B&W) 1:21
1939 American League Film "Touching All Bases" (First HOF inductions, first night game at Cleveland, '39 W.S. at Crosley Field, rookie Ted Williams, more!)  (B&W) :42
1940 American League Film "Batting Around the American League" - Features on Feller, Newsom, Lyons and Mack, highlights of the '40 W.S. and 1940’s best players. (Add $10 for Blu-Ray).  (B&W) :42
1941 & 1945 "Flag Chasers" (N.L. Players of the early 1940's, plus 1945 Yankees, Giants and Dodgers in Spring Training.)   (B&W) :42
1949 New York Giants "Baseball Fundamentals & Techniques" - Instructional film by the '49 Giants in Spring Training at Phoenix. Jansen, Westrum, Mize, Rigney, Sid Gordon, Thomson, Lockman, Cooper, Mueller and more! B & W :44
1930's - 1953 "Magic Moments in Baseball" TV Show with Leo Durocher - New shots of famous players, All-Star games, Bobby Thomson's HR and the World Series from the era as Leo comments! B & W :44
1945-1953 “Stars of Baseball” – (Instructional) Williams, DiMaggio, Musial, Feller, Boudreau, Campy, Mize, Cavarretta and many more! 2:05
1968-1970 “Stars of Baseball” – (Instructional) Gibson, Yaz, Maz, Brooks, Petrocelli, Cepeda, Aaron, Roseboro, Killebrew, Kaline, Lolich and more! :56
1915-1948 Babe Ruth – Eight different films, all on Babe Ruth, and all on one DVD! B & W 1:12
1925-1939 Lou Gehrig – Five vintage films on Lou Gehrig and all on one DVD! B & W 1:14
1946 & 1970 "An Hour Of A Legend" ("Swing King" & "My Name is Ted Williams") both Ted Williams films on one DVD!  (B&W / Color) 1:00
1966 & 1972 "Batting With Ted Williams" plus "The Science of Hitting" w/Ted Williams (instructional films, both on one DVD!) :53
1963 Willie Mays "A Man Named Mays" (Documentary on Mays' career through '63 made for TV.)  (B&W) :51
1967 Willie Mays "A Portrait of Willie Mays" – TV special on Mays during the 1966 N.L. pennant race. Includes all commercials, COLOR! 1:00
1972-1973 Ferguson Jenkins: "King Of The Hill" (Canadian Documentary on Jenkins with the '72-'73 Chicago Cubs). :57
1933-1957 "The All-Star Game - From Ruth To Mays" Highlights of the early All-Star games (B & W through ’55, with ’56 and ’57 in COLOR)! One of our all-time favorite productions! Special menu, so you can select from all eight different films! 1:50
1958-1967 All-Star Games - Highlights of games from every year except 1963 & 1964. Mostly Color. 1:45
1964 All-Star Game at new Shea Stadium (first three innings, Chance vs Drysdale). Buddy Blattner on original B & W kinescope :25
1971 & 1972 All-Star Games at Detroit and Atlanta - Reggie's Blast off the Tiger Stadium light tower and Hank Aaron's go-ahead HR in front of his home fans at Atlanta!   Mostly Color.   :54
1910-1939 Philadelphia Athletics - "Two Generations of Legends", "Mackmen of Tomorrow" and "1948 Philadelphia Athletics Preview", all on one DVD!   Oldest Color baseball film with original narration!   Mostly Color! :42
1946-1947 Boston Braves, “Take Me Out To The Wigwam” (B&W) and “The Braves Family” both on one DVD! Great shots of Braves Field and the players! Narrated by Jim Britt. (B&W) 1:12
1951 Milwaukee Brewers (AAA American Association Champions) - Great COLOR scenes of old Borchert Field, Opening Day, season highlights, Mgr. Grimm and Brewer players of 1951. Narrated by Earl Gillespie. Color, B & W :25
1953-1955 Milwaukee Braves Highlights, 1953 Boston/Milwaukee Braves “Meet Your Braves” (B&W), and “The Milwaukee Story” (B&W), 1954 “Home Of The Braves” (color) and 1955 “Baseball’s Main Street” (Color), all four films on one DVD and all narrated by Earl Gillespie. (B&W) 1:55
1956-1959 Milwaukee Braves Highlights, 1956 “Bravesland, U.S.A.”, 1957 “Hail To The Braves”, 1958 ‘Warren Spahn, Pride Of The Braves”, 1959 “Fighting Braves Of ‘59”, all on one DVD, all narrated by Earl Gillespie. Beautiful COLOR! 1:56
1960-1961-1962 Milwaukee Braves1960 “The Best Of Baseball”, 1961 “Big Moments With The Braves” and 1962 “Around The League With The Braves” – narrated by Earl Gillespie and all on one DVD! (COLOR) 1:25
1965 and 1981 “Atlanta” Braves, plus Last Braves Game in Milwaukee and Hank Aaron’s 715th Home Run! (B&W / Color) 1:00
1957-1959 Boston Red Sox Highlights, 1957 “Play Ball With The Red Sox”, 1958 “Red Sox Stars” and 1959 “Red Sox Time At Fenway”, all on one DVD and all in COLOR, narrated by Curt Gowdy. Includes 1959 All-Star Game at Forbes Field! 1:07
1952 Cleveland Indians plus June 25, 1950 Indians vs Senators game highlights with Jimmy Dudley  (B&W/Color) :33
1954 St. Louis Cardinals plus “The Cardinal Tradition” (B & W) and “The Game Nobody Saw” (B & W) - 3 Cardinal films, all on one DVD! Story of the '54 Cards in Spring Training (COLOR), plus story of the Card's first five W.S. wins (1926-1946), and 1959 Cards at St. Pete. 1:21
1955 and 1965 Washington Senators “Story Of The Washington Nationals” (color) and “The Last Out” (a eulogy of Griffith Stadium, B & W), both on one DVD! 1:17
1956 Kansas City Athletics "The Kansas City A's In Action" (Color) :24
1954 and 1956 Brooklyn Dodgers "Happy Felton's Knothole Gang" – TV shows w/Cox, Reese, Robinson (the only two shows in existence)! B&W Kinescope. :50
1965 "Agganis The Man" (Kinescope) - The story of Harry Agganis, plus 1957 "The Jackie Jensen Story" both on one DVD! A must for Red Sox fans! :51
1955 Detroit Tigers in Spring Training. Twenty live interviews by Van Patrick (no game action) with members of the Tigers!  (B&W) 1:22
1958 and 1962 Detroit Tigers "Tigertown U.S.A." plus 1962 Tigers in Spring Training. (all Color) :51
1950 Baseball News Highlights Summer of 1950 - Highlights of the season from Spring Training thru the World Series! (B&W) :51
1951 Baseball News Highlights (Same format as above, except 1951) – Mickey Mantle's first major league at-bat! (B&W) 1:07
1953 Baseball News Highlights "Summer Of 1953" - Story of the '53 season, B&W! 2:22
1957 Baseball News Highlights "Summer of 1957" - Story of the '57 season, B&W! 3:24
1958 Baseball News Highlights  "Summer of 1958" - Story of the '58 Season,  (B&W) 1:41
1964 Baseball News Highlights. First game at Shea! Callison All-Star Hero! Phils almost win pennant! Cards champs! More! (B&W) 1:23
1970 "Baseball's Booming Year" - Highlights of the year in both major leagues, including both playoffs and the World Series! All Color! 1:15
1956-1960 White Sox at Old Comiskey Park. Highlights of 13 games during the height of the "Go-Go" era! (B&W) :25
1960 Pittsburgh Pirates "We Had Em All The Way" Regular Season Highlights with Bob Prince.  (Color) :30
1966 "The Colorful Pirates" (The 66 Pirates in Spring Training) plus a 1973 interview by Bob Prince with Willie Stargell.   (Color) :35
1961 “Biography Of A Rookie” – (The Willie Davis Story) Los Angeles Dodgers television special with Mike Wallace. (B&W) :53
1961 Minnesota Twins "Pride Of The Upper Midwest" (Highlights of their first season in Minnesota!)   (Color) :27
1961 Baltimore Orioles "Paul Richards, Big League Manager" TV Show w/commercials. Spring Training, first Spring game vs Pirates.  (B&W) :58
1962 Baltimore Orioles "The Baltimore Orioles In Action"   (Color) :27
1964 New York Yankees - The last of the Mantle era ballclubs to win a pennant is shown in spring training and in Yankee Stadium. 100% of the narration is by the players themselves!   (Color) :46
1963-1964 New York Mets "Casey At The Mets" plus Bob Prince Interview with Stengel and Phil Pepe.  (B&W) :40
1965 New York Mets "Expressway To The Big Leagues"  (Color) :27
1967 New York Mets "Year Of Change" (With Rookie Of The Year Tom Seaver.) :27
1968 New York Mets "Year Of The METS Pitchers"   (Color) :26
1969 New York Mets "Look Who's #1!" All the highlights of the Mets unbelieveable year including post season.   (Color) :28
1969 San Francisco Giants "Your Giants" Narrated by Russ Hodges  (Color) :22
1973 San Francisco Giants "Go Giants!" Highlights of Bobby Bonds and the boys! :28
1966 Chicago White Sox "A Look at the Sox" plus "Fifty Years of Baseball Memories" with Jack Brickhouse, both on one DVD! Color and B & W. :52
1966 and 1971 Chicago Cubs, “Hello Leo” and “A Look At The Cubs”, both WGN TV shows on one DVD narrated by Jack Brickhouse, both in COLOR! :39
1965 "Jim Maloney's No-Hitter" (Last 2 1/2 innings) - Oldest TV broadcast of a MLBB game that exists in COLOR! Includes commercials and both TV and radio audio! Color Video 1:03
1965 Dodgers vs Astros - Rare ABC Partial TV Broadcast from the Astrodome Jim Brewer vs Bob Bruce. Reels 2 & 4 show all the scoring. ABC Sports play-by-play, Keith Jackson with Jackie Robinson! Oldest existing Astros TV game!   B & W Kinescope :58
1969 Cubs vs Phillies live TV broadcast at Wrigley. (Oldest existing complete regular season game!), B&W Kinescope. 2:20
1972** Cubs vs Giants live TV broadcast at Candlestick. (Second oldest existing complete regular season game!) 2-volume set, B&W Kinescope. 2:14
1972 Reds vs Cubs live TV Broadcast at Riverfront. (Third oldest complete regular season game), Nolan vs Reuschel, B & W Kinescope. 2:05
1972 Angels vs Brewers live TV Broadcast at Milwaukee. (4th oldest complete regular season game), Rudy May vs Jim Colborn, B & W Kinescope. 1:29
1972 Opening Day, Mets vs World Champion Pirates at Shea Stadium – Clemente’s last Opener, Seaver vs Doc Ellis. First 2 ½ innings original TV broadcast, Jim Simpson & Koufax, B&W Kinescope. :44
1972 Cubs vs Cardinals at Wrigley Field – Bill Hands vs Rick Wise, original TV broadcast, last three innings, Curt Gowdy & Tony Kubek, B&W Kinescope :42
1972 Cardinals vs Mets at Shea, Reggie Cleveland vs Seaver, original TV broadcast, 2nd thru 4½ innings, Curt Gowdy & Tony Kubek, B&W Kinescope. :49
1972 Dodgers vs Giants at Candlestick Park, May 31, 1972 – Al Downing vs Ron Bryant. First two full innings of the original KTTV broadcast with Vin Scully play-by-play. B&W Kinescope. :45
1982** Atlanta Braves “It’s A Long Way To October” – Behind-the scenes look at the ’82 Division champs (Murphy, Horner, Chambliss, Niekro) from spring training thru pennant celebration! Listen in on manager Joe Torre, Bob Gibson, Ted Turner, umpires, etc! Two disk set! 3:20
1983 Atlanta Braves “A Tale of Two Seasons” – Behind-the-scenes look at the ’83 team that lost the division title to the Dodgers after leading most of the season. Same format as “Long Way To October” (above) – Dale Murphy is MVP again! 1:39
1984 Atlanta Braves “Baseball Behind The Seams” - WTBS TV special on the 1984 Braves season (Benedict, Komminsk, Forster, Watson). Color. 1:39

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