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     "The Colorful Pirates", a pre-season film about the 1966 team at Terry Park in Fort Myers Florida, plus a 1973 Willie Stargell feature and Bob Prince interview make up this nostalgic video which is a must for Pirate fans everywhere! Hosted by Nick Perry, the film has many live interviews throughout and captures the color and enthusiasm of the 1966 ballclub with Harry Walker as Manager.

     You'll listen in as club surgeon Albert Ferguson and Doctor Joe Finegold discuss Stargell's spring training weight. There is vintage Bob Prince in this tape and you'll hear "the Ole Gunner" explaining to Nick Perry why broadcasters need spring training, too. Then, Prince interviews player wives VaNita Law and Deanna Clendenon by the pool. Pirate coaches Clyde King, Hal Smith and Alex Grammas tell General Manager Joe L. Brown how spring training is progressing. Manager Walker is heard giving bunting tips to Vernon Law, Don Cardwell, Steve Blass and Tommy Sisk. During warmups, pitching coach Clyde King talks with Bob Prince about young prospect Billy Knoch, who's throwing to catcher Carl Taylor. Later in the film, Prince interviews pitcher Tom Butters, who was forced to give up baseball because of a neck injury suffered in an auto accident on the way to spring training.

     Scouting director Rex Bowen is shown giving instructions to Clendenon and Manny Mota in the sliding pit. No Pirate film of this period would be complete without the fabulous Roberto Clemente included, and you'll hear manager Harry Walker, a former batting champ himself, talk with Bob Prince about Clemente's batting style as Roberto hits pitches in practice. Some action from spring training games is also shown, with Bob Prince (who is miked!) even coaching first base! Harry Walker is also miked as he directs the club from the bench and talks to players such as Butters and Matty Alou.

     Also included in this video is a nice 11-minute feature on Willie Stargell filmed in 1973 at Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia. Shirtless Stargell is shown in the batting cage taking extra hitting the morning of a game. He talks to Bob Prince about his propeller style windup, his stride, what type of pitches he can drive best and the importance of his back muscles to his swing, as he belts out line drives and deep fly balls. When Prince says, "Don't overtire yourself," near the end of the workout, Stargell says, "I never get tired of hitting." Later, in an interview with Prince on the dugout steps, Stargell reveals facts about his childhood in the projects, his love of baseball, his weight problem in the early-mid '60s and his fear of flying and how it can affect his performance. He relates what Gene Clines once said when Willie got picked off first base during a game. He also discusses what brought about his involvement with sickle-cell anemia.

     Now you can get your own copy of this 36-minute full-color video for only $29.95 plus $5.00 shipping. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 tax.)

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