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1965 and 1957
"Agganis The Man"

"The Jackie Jensen Story"

      Here are a couple of vintage Boston sports films all Red Sox fans will want to add to their collections! These two rare films, “Agganis The Man” and “The Jackie Jensen Story”, have just been restored by RARE SPORTSFILMS and are now both available on one nostalgic B & W 51-minute DVD!

      “Agganis The Man” is the 1965 Group W documentary shown on WBZ TV some 40 years ago about the life of Boston sports hero Harry Agganis. Narrated by Jack Borden, this TV kinescope is a tribute to one of the greatest Boston athletes of all time. Partly because of his shocking death as a result of a blood clot in his lung during a routine hospital stay for Pneumonia at the age of only 25, Agganis' life story has become legendary. Harry's remarkable high school athletic career at Lynn Classical and his All-American accomplishments at Boston University are covered with football highlights of his career at both schools, and interviews with coaches Bill Joyce and Buff Donelli give an insight into this remarkable youngster whose parents immigrated to the U.S. from Sparta, Greece. Harry's longtime friend Harold Zimman introduces other people who were close to Harry, each of whom talks about what a wonderful person he was besides being such an outstanding athlete: Lynn H.S. drama teacher Marion Benvie, his sister Mary Raimo Agganis, Reverend Mihos, and Ted Williams, his teammate on the Red Sox. Ted talks about the kind of player he was and how the team learned of his untimely passing. Shown also are clips of Harry playing for the Sox at Fenway Park. Because of Harry Agganis, the early 1950s became known as "the golden era of athletics" in Boston.

      The second film on this DVD, “The Jackie Jensen Story” is the Four Star Films Hollywood screenplay by Lou Rusoff on the life of star Red Sox outfielder Jackie Jensen. Directed by Alvin Ganzer, the Warren Lewis production was released in 1957, just before Jensen's fabulous 1958 A.L. MVP season with the Boston Red Sox! At the end of the film Jackie plays himself as an adult, even though younger actors portray Jensen during the depiction of his earlier days as a wayward kid growing up in Oakland, California. Ross Elliott does an outstanding job of portraying Ralph Kerchum, a teacher/coach at Oakland High School, who is largely responsible for turning Jensen’s life around and encouraging him to make something of himself through athletics. The film has a nice 1950's flavor, and is also the true historical biography of one of the Red Sox stars of the decade!.

      To receive your copy of BOTH of these rare films now on one DVD, send $29.95 plus $4.00 for FIRST CLASS shipping. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 for sales tax.)

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