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  1946 and 1947

1946 “Take Me Out To The Wigwam” (B & W)
1947 “The Braves Family” (Color)

   “The Braves Family”, the first sound COLOR film ever made about major league baseball is now available on high-quality DVD from Rare Sportsfilms! As a bonus on this DVD, we are also including the first Braves film ever made, the black & white film “Take Me Out To The Wigwam”, released in 1946! An absolute must for Boston Braves fans, this new DVD is a historic look at the beginnings of the final glory days of the Braves in Boston! Narrated by long time radio voice of the Boston Braves Jim Britt, both films are partly promotional and emphasize the historic changes occurring with the team and at Braves Field. Other parts of both films are more instructional in nature, with close-ups of individual members of the team giving tips on how to play their positions.

   “Take Me Out To The Wigwam” opens with mention of the acquisition of 20-game winner Mort Cooper and the signing of Billy Southworth to manage the Braves (signing ceremony shown with the “Three Little Steam Shovels”). Then, interesting shots of Braves Field emphasize the recent improvements made, both inside and outside the ballpark. Covered is the promotion of night baseball in Boston (the Sox were still playing only day games) and the new lighting system at Braves Field. You’ll see the players in their unusual satin uniforms used exclusively for night ball. Brief shots show the first night game played in Boston and Frank Fallon in the radio booth broadcasting night games over WMEX. One of the most spectacular shots in the film shows an air view of the park from a low-flying plane buzzing over a packed Braves Field!

   The Braves Family” is the best film ever made for great shots of old Braves Field, with many scenes showing the inside and outside of the park – all in beautiful COLOR! It was also the first film ever restored and presented to the public by Rare Sportsfilms, Inc. (November, 1985)! Now, we are re-releasing the film on DVD for better color and picture sharpness than ever before! All shown in this DVD are owners Guido Rugo, Joe Maney and Lou Perini) and front office personnel Frank Leary, Joe Cairnes, G.M. John Quinn, traveling secretary “Duffy” Lewis, ticket director B.J. Romeo, P.R. Director Billy Sullivan, Charlie Sands, John Mullen, Harry Jenkins, Al Oliver, Press Steward Tommy McCarthy, Shorty Young, scout Jeff Jones, the Braves Field Troubadours, longtime Braves fan Lolly Hopkins and of course, manager Billy Southworth and coaches Jake Flowers, Johnny Cooney, Ernie White and Bob Keely. Also included are scenes from Opening Day and other promotional days, such as Fan Appreciation Day when the club honored the season’s 1,000,000th fan by giving away new Packard and Ford automobiles!

   Of course, the main emphasis of the film is on the players! In these films you’ll see many nice close-up shots of the Braves players of 1946 and 1947: Don Padget, Billy Herman, Johnny Hopp, Si Johnson, Ed Wright, Phil Masi, Earl Torgeson, Connie Ryan, Sibby Sisti, Nanny Fernandez, Bill Voiselle, Red Barrett, Dick Culler, Bama Rowell, Danny Litwhiler, Mike and Frank McCormick, Johnny Beazley, Clyde Shoun, rookie Ray Martin, Walter Lanfranconi and N.L. MVP Bob Elliott! Especially nice are the scenes of Spahn, Sain and fan favorite Tommy Holmes, who demonstrates good batting form and right field play – great shots of the outfield fence signs and the Jury Box!

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