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1958 and 1962
"Tigertown U.S.A."
"Baseball For Little Leaguers"

     Here are a couple of vintage Detroit Tiger baseball films all Tiger fans will want to add to their collections! These two rare films, "Tigertown U.S. A." and "Baseball For Little Leaguers", have just been restored by RARE SPORTSFILMS and are now both available on one beautiful full-color 51-minute video!

     "Tigertown U.S. A." is the 1958 promotional film of the Detroit Tigers and begins with interesting views of Briggs Stadium in downtown Detroit almost 45 years ago! Narrated by Van Patrick and sponsored by Coca Cola, this film shows the Tigertown minor league training facilities, old Henley Field in Lakeland, Florida and the Detroit Tiger players of 1958. Also shown are Tiger officers Jim Campbell, John Fetzer, Bill McCoy, Harvey Hansen and Harry Sison, as well as G.M. John McHale inside the office at Tigertown. Out on the field, coaches Johnny Pesky and Steve Gromek are shown teaching Tiger hopefuls. You'll see Hall Of Famer Rick Farrell working with the catchers and Jim Bunning and Willis Hudlin demonstrating good pitching form. Tommy Henrich, Al Kaline and Billy Hitchcock are shown around the batting cage, as both Kaline and Harvey Kuenn show the basics of hitting. Another interesting segment shows the Billy Martin and Frank Bolling keystone combo demonstrating their DP skills. Don Lund is shown instructing the outfielders. Emphasis is made on the good care and instruction given each minor leaguer. Look closely and you'll spot a young George Thomas, a future major leaguer, reading the Sporting News and relaxing with other Tiger youngsters in his dorm room. To wrap up spring training, a scene from a game vs. the Yankees is shown, along with a nice shot of Mickey Mantle. Then it's back to Detroit for some regular season action at Briggs Stadium. You'll get a peek into the Tiger clubhouse and see Paul Foytack getting a rubdown on the training table, Charlie Maxwell and Jim Bunning in the Whirlpool and Harvey Kuenn autographing baseballs. Action on the field shows Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams and others, as well as great shots of the ballpark.

     The second film on this tape, "Baseball For Little Leaguers", is narrated by long-time Tiger broadcaster George Kell, with guest Pete McGovern, president of Little League Baseball. An instructional film, it shows the 1962 Tiger players in spring training. The players are wired for sound, and they explain how they play their positions. Pitchers Frank Lary, Don Mossi and Jim Bunning explain the importance of good control and pitchers being able to field their position. Dick Brown gives catching tips. American League bating champ Norm Cash demonstrates fielding at first base, second baseman Jake Wood and shortstop Chico Fernandez demonstrate middle infield play and Steve Boros covers proper play at third base. Centerfielder Billy Bruton gives a nice talk on how he plays the outfield. Batting is covered by Norm Cash (proper stance and swing), Rocky Colavito (bat selection and grip) and Al Kaline. George Myatt gives a demonstration on proper bunting techniques and the art of sliding is covered by scout Bernie DeViveiros. In fact, DeViveiros teams up with scout Pat Mullin to even give a comical description of "groundskeeping"! At the end of the film '61 A.L. Manager Of The Year Bob Scheffing adds his advice to little leaguers.

To receive your copy of BOTH of these rare films now on one video, send $29.95 plus $5.00 for FIRST CLASS shipping. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 for sales tax.)

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