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Here are eight selected films on the most famous baseball player of them all - Babe Ruth! Rare Sportsfilms has gathered together these vintage black & white films, all produced before 1963, to present a varied collection of Ruth footage on one DVD, much of which was shot by Pathe Movietone News during the 1920's and 1930's. Because we are presenting ALL the footage from each of the eight films, you will see some, or parts of some, scenes repeated (with different narration), but there is also a lot of variety here, and everything is about Ruth. The entire DVD (all 8 films) runs 1 hour and 12 minutes. Below is a more detailed description of each film:

"The Great Bambino" - From Pathe Milestones of the Century, 1960 - Babe's Hall of Fame plaque, then as Red Sox pitcher, eyes, batting grip, with kids, with President Warren G. Harding, Yanks club owner Col. Jake Ruppert & manager Miller Huggins, Huggins crowns Babe 'Sultan of Swat", coaching with the Dodgers, Babe Ruth Day at Yankee Stadium.

"Fungo Foster & His Balsa Wood Bat" - a 1962 comedy using scenes from Babe's 1920 Hollywood film, "Headin' Home". The goofy plot is entirely different than "Headin' Home", however!

"The Sports Album" with Bill Slater - Mostly unique scenes of Babe's private life - Babe and his first wife Helen with newly adopted 16-month-old baby Dorothy. Babe and baby Dorothy with pet rabbits and puppies. Then Ruth at his farm in Sudbury, Massachusetts with chickens and cows, chopping wood, using vintage wheelbarrow. Ruth in Hollywood getting made up for his movie. Working out at Artie McGovern's gym. Playing golf with Walter Hagan, then 1930 scenes with kids at Knickerbocker Hospital.

"Perfect Control" by Castle Films - This film will make you laugh, as Ruth stars in a short 10-minute movie which takes place on a one-room schoolyard with boys. Babe interrupts class and brings the boys outside to show them how to pitch and hit - mostly pitching. Shows how to hold the ball for different pitches, then demonstrates. The film culminates back in the classroom after Ruth hits a long fly ball! Entertaining! After watching, do you think a major league ballplayer would or could do a film like this TODAY?

"Slide, Babe, Slide" by Castle Films - Another short 10-minute film (similar in style to the above) with the Babe at his best with kids. Ruth is shown on a train relaxing with adults and saying he's glad to have the season finally over with when a boy asks for an autograph. The Babe signs. Soon after, the train makes short, water stop. Ruth notices kids out in a field nearby playing ball and he just can't stay away! He jumps off the train, running over to give the kids some good tips on improving their game. They think he's kidding when he gives them his name and won't let him play - at first. Soon, one of the boys is called home by his mother, so Babe is allowed to get into the game! While playing, Babe gives tips on playing ball at each stop on the bases, even tearing his pants as he slides into second! Finally Babe hits a home run! But as he heads to first, the train begins to pull out! What is Babe to do - finish his home run around the bases, or race to the train, which is already moving?

"Fence Buster" (Babe Ruth) by Blackhawk Films - These last three films are more serious in nature and begin to tell the story of Ruth's career, with more game-action scenes. Col. Ruppert and Ruth at signing, Babe at the old Polo Grounds, Spring training with Earle Combs, Bob Meusel, Herb Pennock. Manager Huggins dies, and Ruth passed over for manager. Re-signs for $80,000! By '34, Ruth is fading. With Boston Braves in '35, but not for long. Shown with Bill Terry. Then coaching at 1B for the Dodgers. Babe then retires, plays golf. Comes back to Yankee Stadium for Lou Gehrig Day, 1939. After stricken with throat cancer, Babe Ruth Day at Yankee Stadium. The beginning of his speech (which you may have never heard). Lies in state at the stadium.

Greatest Headlines of the Century "The Babe is Dead" - August 15, 1948 Babe Ruth dies. Motorcade up 5th Avenue, High Mass with Cardinal Spellman. Unveiling the monument at the Stadium.

"Biography - Babe Ruth" with Mike Wallace - A half-hour TV show Biography in 1961 is on Babe Ruth. This is the longest and most detailed life story on Ruth, starting with his boyhood in Baltimore. For the early years, still photos are used, however by 1914 when he joins the Red Sox, vintage motion pictures begin showing John McGraw, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Christy Mathewson, Walter Johnson, Ruth with Cobb, and teammate Lou Gehrig. Babe barnstorms with Lou, and catches a baseball dropped from an airplane. Ruth shown working out at Artie McGovern's gym and more HR's are shown. Movie film dramatizes the day Babe hits 60 HR in 1927, as well as his called shot vs Cubs in the 1932 World Series. Here is the actual film of Ruth, just after pointing and blasting the ball out of the park. Look what he does as he nears the Cubs dugout heading for third base! More on Babe's funeral at St. Patrick's with Joe DiMaggio shown entering the church.

Now you can get your own DVD containing all eight Babe Ruth films for only $29.95 plus $4.00 shipping.   (Illinois residents must add $2.30 sales tax.)

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