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      Through the magic of modern video, baseball fans can now go back more than 30 years and see an entire baseball game from 1969, every pitch, every play just as it unfolded on TV's Baseball "Game-Of-The-Week", Saturday afternoon July 12, 1969!

     For Cub fans especially, this tape brings back wonderful memories of that great summer of '69, when the most exciting Cub team since 1945 played first-place baseball until September, when the Mets overtook them on their way to their own date with destiny. You'll see Wrigley Field as it looked more than a generation ago, the signs asking "Mr. Cub" to "hit one uptown" and Cubs reliever and unofficial bullpen cheerleader Dick Selma waving his white towel, urging on the rabid Bleacher Bums as the Cubs rally for a big inning! Watch and listen as Tony Kubek interviews salty Cubs manager Leo Durocher before the game and once again hear P.A. announcer Pit Pieper introduce the organ playing of the National Anthem. This video, a two-volume set, is a full two hours and 20 minutes of game-action, featuring the well-remembered Cubs of the era: Ernie Banks, Glenn Beckert, Don Kessinger, Ron Santo, Randy Hundley, Billy Williams, Willie Smith and the Cubs ace righthander, Ferguson Jenkins.

     The Cub's opposition is Phillie manager Bob Skinner's Philadelphia club, on a ten-game winning streak, and including such stars as Cookie Rojas, Tony Taylor, Mike Ryan, Larry Hisle, Johnny Briggs, Deron Johnson and pitcher Rick Wise.

     Since we began offering rare baseball films on video 15 years ago, we have occasionally been asked for videos of entire games prior to 1975. Until we released this 1969 Cubs game 12 years ago, films OR videos of complete games have NEVER been made available for public purchase, so taping off TV by home VCR has been the only way to keep live game broadcasts. However, since the home video recorder did not appear until the summer of 1975, games from before that date are virtually non-existent! Fans have asked, "What about the TV stations? Haven't they saved any of this stuff on film or video?" Sadly, the answer is "no". Once a TV picture goes out into the air, it is gone, unless it is received by a home set and recorded on tape, or kept on film by the producers (before the days of video). Since nothing is as stale as yesterday's news (sports is considered news), and since it takes at least 20 years before anything becomes old enough to be nostalgic, the networks and TV stations of course did not want to store bulky reels of film of baseball games which everybody already knows who won! Of course, the "beauty" of the first videotape (old-fashioned 2-inch video was terribly expensive) was that unlike film, it could be erased after the nightly news and used over and over again! Phone conversations by us and others to local and national TV stations and networks have sadly confirmed this.

     To everyone's knowledge, this is the ONLY COMPLETE REGULAR-SEASON BASEBALL TV GAME BROADCAST that exists prior to 1970! This game was originally shot on Kinescope, the only way to save a complete game with live sound before the invention of videotape, and now with modern computerized equipment and care in workmanship, we have restored the original kinescope back to original condition and mastered it onto modern video.

     The video reproduction expertise of "Rare Sportsfilms" now makes it possible for anyone to own a copy of this rare film on video!

     To order this two-volume set of tapes of the July 12, 1969 Cubs game vs Philadelphia, send $49.95 + $5.00 for shipping & handling. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 state sales tax.)

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