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      A new tape about star pitcher Ferguson Jenkins and the 1972-73 Chicago Cubs is now available on high-quality home video! Through exclusive rights granted to Rare Sportsfilms by the National Film Board of Canada, all Cub fans can not only get an inside look at this popular Hall Of Fame Cubs pitcher, but also a behind-the-scenes peek at what it was like being a ball player with Leo Durocher's Chicago Cubs in the early 1970's. Filmed over a period of two years (the 1972-1973 seasons) this 57-minute full-color video begins at the Cubs spring training base in Scottsdale, Arizona and continues to follow the ball club at home and on the road during this two-year period. Throughout this revealing video (contains profanity) you'll get a glimpse of life with the Cubs in the dugout, clubhouse and training room, on the field, team bus, at the airport, and in their hotel rooms. Throughout the tape you'll also get an intimate look at other Cub players and personnel such as manager Leo Durocher, coaches Pete Reiser and Ernie Banks, 3rd baseman Ron Santo, batterymate Randy Hundley, Don Kessinger, and one of Jenkins' best friends and roommates, outfielder Billy Williams.

     Some fascinating parts of this video include the color of opening day at Wrigley Field, Carmen Fanzone playing the National Anthem before a Cubs home game, Joe Pepitone bantering with the first base umpire and a mound conference with manager Durocher during a game. You'll hear the actual voices of many of the Cubs personnel throughout: Jack Brickhouse broadcasting in the press box, Ernie Banks philosophizing about baseball being a "thinking man's game", Santo and Expos first baseman Ron Fairly talking about batting slumps and injuries during batting practice before a game in Montreal, Kessinger, Hundley, Santo and Jenkins all conversing on the mound, and even an interview with Jenkins and his wife while at home in his summertime Chicago apartment. You'll hear stories from Jenkins' father and listen in as Jenkins' agent prepares for contract talks with Cubs management. Throughout the tape game action against other National League clubs is shown including parts of games against the Phillies, Astros, Padres, Pirates, Mets and Dodgers. Many more players not named in the film will be recognized by knowledgeable Cub fans. You'll hear the players talking in their hotel rooms and in restaurants during a road trip and also watch baseball action from ballparks such as the Astrodome and old Jarry Park.

     During the making of this film manager Leo Durocher was fired and new manager Whitey Lockman was named. You'll even follow Billy Williams, Jenkins and friends on an off-season hunting trip to New Foundland. The film ends following the 1973 season with Ferguson Jenkins being traded to the Texas Rangers.

      Now you can get your own home video copy of this fascinating inside look at a great Cubs pitcher for only $29.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 sales tax.)

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