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1962 NFL Season DVD!

Pro Football Kickoff was a 15-minute TV show that came on just before the old NFL “Game-Of-The-Week” in the early 1960’s. In 1962 the show was hosted by former Philadelphia Eagles defensive halfback Tom Brookshire and was sponsored by Vitalis hair tonic, Rise instant lather and Liquid Vista car wax by Simoniz. The show spotlighted the upcoming NFL “Game-Of-The-Week”, highlighted a particular team or subject in a special feature, then finished with a look at the updated standings going into that week’s game. Sportscaster Jim Leaming describes the action segments. The players listed are shown in nice, pre-game closeup shots they, along with many others, are also shown in action from prior weeks. Here’s what you’ll see on this 3 hour DVD, in order by chapter:

  • Sept. 16 Bears at San Francisco John Brodie, Jim Johnson, Bernie Casey, J.D. Smith, Mike Ditka, Billy Wade, Rick Casares, Willie Galimore, Johnny Morris, and Bill George. Bart Starr for Vitalis. Feature: A look back at last year’s 1961 NFL Championship Game at Green Bay.
  • Sept. 23 Cardinals vs Packers Coach Lombardi, Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor, Fuzzy Thurston, Bart Starr, Ron Kramer, Boyd Dowler, Max McGee, Sam Etcheverry, Sonny Randle, John David Crow, and Billy Stacy. Raymond Berry for Vitalis. Feature: A look at the off-season NFL trades for ’62: Coach Paul Brown, Jim Ninowski, Tom Wilson, Bobby Mitchell, Milt Plum, Bill Glass, Cliff Livingston, Billy Barnes and Ed Brown.
  • Oct. 7 Bears at Minnesota and Lions at Green Bay Hugh McElhenny, Fran Tarkenton, Tommy Mason, Bill Brown, Jerry Reichow, Dean Derby, Billy Wade, John Adams, Casares, Joe Marconi, Angie Coia, Joe Fortunato, Doug Atkins, Lombardi, Henry Jordan, Dan Currie, Starr, Jim Ringo, Ron Kramer, Hornung, Jim Taylor, Milt Plum, Terry Barr, Gail Cogdill, Nick Pietrosante, and Yale Lary. Doug Sanders for Vitalis. Feature is on the NFL’s best defensive backs: Johnny Sample, Billy Stacy, Night Train Lane, Willie Wood, Don Burroughs, Abe Woodson, Ed Meador, Andy Nelson and Jerry Norton.
  • Oct. 14 Packers at Minnesota Coach Van Brocklin, Tarkenton, Mason, Hornung, Taylor, Starr, Max McGee, Willie Davis, Herb Adderley, then Bart Starr for Vitalis. Feature is on the best NFL receivers: Jim Phillips, Raymond Berry, Lenny Moore, Ditka, Frank Clarke, Tommy McDonald, Terry Barr, Dowler, Bobby Mitchell, Sonny Randle, Pete Retzlaff and Del Shofner.
  • Oct. 21 Colts at Wrigley Field Coach George Halas, Galimore, Casares, Ditka, Atkins, John Unitas, R.C. Owens, Tom Matte, Lenny Moore, Bob Boyd, then Raymond Berry for Vitalis. Feature is on the NFL’s 10-year veterans: Bobby Layne, Ernie Stautner, Big Daddy Lipscomb, Leo Nomellini, Y.A. Tittle, Andy Robustelli, Joe Perry, Gino Marchetti, Hugh McElhenny, Eddie LeBaron, Billy Howton, Chuck Bednarik, Night Train Lane, Joe Schmidt and Lou Groza.
  • Oct. 28 Packers at Baltimore and Bears at Detroit Lenny Moore, R.C. Owens, Berry, Matte, Marchetti, Henry Jordan, Dan Currie, Ray Nitschke, Jesse Whittenton, Hank Gremminger, Tom Moore, Taylor, Milt Plum, Cogdill, Terry Barr, Pietrosante, Lary, Carl Brettschneider, Billy Wade, Casares, Marconi and rookie Ronnie Bull. Jack Kramer for Vitalis. Feature on undefeated Redskins: Coach Bill McPeak, Bobby Mitchell, Billy Barnes, Bob Pellegrini, Norm Snead, Don Bosseler, Fred Dugan and Dale Hackbart.
  • Nov. 4 Packers at Wrigley Field Wade, Ditka, Casares, Marconi, Bull, Doug Atkins, Bill George, Starr, Ron Kramer, Jerry Kramer, Hornung, Tom Moore and Dave Hanner. Woody Woodpecker for United Way and Doug Sanders for Vitalis. Feature on individual league leaders so far this season: Jim Taylor, Willie Galimore, Eddie LeBaron, Frank Clarke, Bobby Mitchell, Amos Marsh, Willie Wood and Mike Gaechter.
  • Nov. 11 Packers at Franklin Field Clarence Peaks, Sonny Jurgensen, Tommy McDonald, Tim Brown, Chuck Bednarik, Hornung, Dowler, Taylor and Herb Adderley. Carol Haney for Diabetes. Feature on the top rookies of the 1962 season: Paul Dudley, Johnny Counts and Bill Winter (Giants), Gaechter and George Andrie (Cowboys), Gary Collins and Mike Lucci (Browns), Ed Pine (49’ers), Ronnie Bull (Bears), Ron Miller, Roman Gabriel and Merlin Olsen (Rams), Joe Womack and John Burrell (Steelers) and Bob Reed (Vikings). Bart Starr for Vitalis.
  • Nov. 18 Colts at Green Bay and Bears at Dallas Taylor, Starr, Tom Moore, Hornung, Ron Kramer, Max McGee, Willie Davis, Hank Gremminger, Lenny Moore, Unitas, Mark Smolinski, Jim Welch and Ordell Braase. Andy Robustelli for Rise Instant Lather. Eddie LeBaron, Frank Clarke, Don Meredith, Don Perkins, Amos Marsh, Mike Gaechter, George Andre, Roger LeClerc, Wade, Ditka, Rosey Taylor, and Casares. Raymond Berry for Vitalis. Feature: Weird plays in the history of NFL football: 1950 Giants vs Steelers, Giants-Steelers night game at Forbes Field, Cardinals vs Eagles, Redskins vs Steelers night game, 1951 N.Y. Yanks vs Giants at Yankee Stadium, Lions vs Rams at Detroit, Redskins vs Steelers at Griffith Stadium, Packers vs fan on the field, Steelers and Bobby Layne vs fan in the huddle, Cardinals vs Steelers at Pittsburgh and Whizzer White vs Rams. United Way commercial.
  • Nov. 25 Giants at Washington and Bears at Baltimore Ed Sullivan for Diabetes, Coach Bill McPeak, Mitchell, Fred Dugan, Billy Barnes, Don Bosseler, Norm Snead, Don Chandler, Y.A. Tittle, Joe Walton, Del Shofner, Erich Barnes, Jim Patton, Alex Webster, then Dick Lynch for Vitalis. Johnny Unitas, Jimmy Orr, R.C. Owens, Matte, Billy Ray Smith, rookie Ed O’Bradovich, Ditka, John Adams and Angie Coia. Feature is on the NFL’s best defensive linemen: Jim Katcavage, Gino Marchetti, Ordell Braase, Roger Brown, Dan Colchico, Henry Jordan, Ernie Stautner, Big Daddy Lipscomb, Doug Atkins and Riley Gunnels. Tom Brookshire for Rise.
  • Dec. 2 Giants at Wrigley Field Wade, Marconi, Bull, Morris, Ditka, Tittle, Shofner and Erich Barnes. Public service announcement for the Air Pollution Control Agency. Feature on the 1962 Packers: Lombardi, Hornung, Taylor, Tom Moore, Starr, Jim Ringo, Jerry Kramer, Fuzzy Thurston, Jesse Whittenton and Hank Gremminger. Bart Starr for Vitalis.
  • Dec 9 Rams at Wrigley Field Dick Lynch for Vitalis. Wade, Rudy Bukich, Angie Coia, Joe Fortunato, Jim Phillips, Roman Gabriel, Jon Arnett, Dick Bass, Eddie Meador and Bill Jobko. Andy Robustelli for Rise Instant Lather. Feature on the NFL Draft for ’62: Heisman winner Terry Baker of Oregon State selected #1 by Rams, Jim Dunaway (Miss) by Vikings, Jerry Stovall (LSU) by Cardinals, Pat Richter (Wisconsin) by Redskins, Rufus Guthrie (Ga. Tech) by Rams, Lee Roy Jordan (Alabama) by Cowboys, Dave Robinson (Penn St) by Packers and Bobby Bell (Minnesota) by Vikings. Public service announcement from Air Pollution Control Agency.
  • Dec. 16 Lions at Wrigley Field Wade, Bull, Marconi, Bill George, Dick LeBeau, Milt Plum, Cogdill, Pietrosante and Night Train Lane. Raymond Berry for Vitalis. Feature on the 1962 NFL “Player Of The Year” Jim Taylor of the Packers. Tom Brookshire for Rise Instant Lather.
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