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Yankee Stadium, Sunday October 16, 1960


“The Violent World of Sam Huff”

Two more rare broadcast treasures have been released from our vault of vintage film not seen in over 50 years by the general public! The oldest known kinescope of an NFL game, the Redskins-Giants game of October 16, 1960 is not a full-game broadcast, but rather one in a series of kinescopes made for the NFL’s “The Best of Pro Football” TV show, and was to be aired on CBS at a later date that season. Narrated by Jack Brickhouse, this game is the only show of the series which is known to exist! The game film runs 51 minutes and covers almost the entire game from the opening coin toss to the end. Coach Mike Nixon’s Redskins would win only one game all season (two ties), while the Giants of coach Jim Lee Howell are the defending Eastern Conference Champions! The Giants build a 24-10 lead by late in the final quarter, but Washington battles back to make this one of the most thrilling games of the season (of course this is why this game was selected to be re-shown)! Here are the players who start the game for each club – Washington offense: Ralph Guglielmi, Dick James, Jim Podoley, Don Bosseler, Bill Anderson, Joe Walton, Fran O’Brien, Ray Lemek, Red Stephens, Vince Promuto and Jim Schrader.

New York defense: Jim Katcavage, Rosey Grier, Dick Modzelewski, Harland Svare, Sam Huff, Andy Robustelli, Jim Patton, Dick Lynch, Lindon Crow, Cliff Livingston and Dick Nolan. Other Giants you’ll see during the game are Jim Leo, Pat Summerall, Lee Riley, QB’s Charley Conerly and George Shaw, Frank Gifford, Kyle Rote, Phil King, Joe Morrison, Bob Schnelker, Ray Wietecha, Roosevelt Brown, Darrell Dess, Jack Stroud, Don Boll, Proverb Jacobs, Mel Triplett and Ed Sutton. Other Redskins you’ll see in action include Bob Khayat, Sam Horner, Eagle Day, Ben Scotti, Jim Crotty, Dick Haley, John Paluck, Don Stallings, Ray Krouse, Andy Stynchula, Dick Lasse, Bill Roehnelt, Ralph Felton, Johnny Olszewski, and Tom Osborne.

Also included as part of this DVD is “The Violent World of Sam Huff”, a landmark 1960 TV show still remembered by those who saw it more than 50 years ago on Prudential’s “The Twentieth Century” with Walter Cronkite. This was one of the earliest behind-the-scenes TV sports documentaries which greatly popularized the NFL in the early 1960’s and helped make the name Sam Huff synonymous with tough pro football defense. For the first time an NFL player (Sam Huff) is miked for sound during an NFL game and the viewer can see AND hear what Huff himself hears and says on the field! Following an introduction of Huff, Sam and his wife Mary comment about his early football life in West Virginia. You’ll see and hear the sounds of Giants training camp, with the voices of Head Coach Jim Lee Howell, Huff, Dick Modzelewski, Andy Robustelli, Cliff Livingston, Harland Svare, Jimmy Patton and assistant coaches Allie Sherman and Ed Kolman. The show culminates with the first pre-season game of 1960 – the Giants vs the Chicago Bears at Toronto, in which Huff is wired for sound during the game.

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