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All seven shows from Paul Droste’s fourth year as director of the OSU Marching Band, including the Rose Bowl performance color film, are on this new double-disk set of DVDs of the 1973 Ohio State Marching Band, directed by Paul Droste with Barry Kopetz, Drum Major!

An Afternoon Of Memories MINNESOTA (56-7) The occasion of the fifth annual TBDBITL Alumni Band Reunion is also the last game for the OSUMB as an all-male organization. For this season opener, the band forms a gopher (“Minnesota Rouser”), then “OHIO” for pre-game. At halftime, the band salutes its Rose Bowl show from 8 months earlier (“California, Here We Come” and “Mickey Mouse March”), then the combined Alumni and OSUMB form blocks, a shield and “OSU” before presenting a Triple Script Ohio! The “Sound of the Campus Chimes” and the playing of “Carmen Ohio” close the show.

Tradition TEXAS CHRISTIAN (37-3) In Tryouts, five women earned membership in the band for ’73, and two march in this first game for the new 1973 OSUMB! Appropriately, the band recognizes several OSU traditions during the halftime show: the Doughboy near 15th and High (“Yankee Doodle Dandy”), High Street TGIF (Commercials Medley), the Victory Bell (“Buckeye Battle Cry”), a ballerina (“Hang On Sloopy”), and the greatest band tradition of all, Script Ohio! The show ends with the playing of “Chimes” and “Carmen Ohio”.

All In The Hayes Family WASHINGTON STATE (27-3) A “W”, YEAH!” and “OHIO” are formed during pre-game (Washington State fight song, “Hang On Sloopy” and “Across The Field”). The Halftime show honors eight famous people with the surname of “Hayes”. Rutherford B. Hayes (“Those Were The Days”) Gabby Hayes, Bob Hayes, Elvin Hayes and Helen Hayes (Theme from “The Men”, TV Medley), then Mrs. Ann Hayes, and finally a salute to the “incomparable Woody Hayes”, as the band plays “Mr. Wonderful”, and performs “Script Woody”! To conclude the show, the band spells out “Pete” as the athletic department presents a plague to Mrs. Pete Stinchcomb, widow of former OSU All-American halfback Pete Stinchcomb, recently inducted into the National Football Foundation and Hall Of Fame. Following the mid-field ceremony, the band concludes halftime with the playing of “Chimes” and “Carmen Ohio”.

Color My World NORTHWESTERN (Homecoming 60-0) A block “N” (“Go U Northwestern” and “Across The Field”), then a star “When You Wish Upon a Star” (for the mid-field ceremonies) are formed during pre-game. For halftime, the band performs several drills while playing “Cabaret” and “Applause” and Richard Heinie’s new song “OSUHIO”. Included is the playing of “Mancini Generation” while in a concert formation.

Big Bands Are Back! - MICHIGAN STATE (35-0) “MSU” (MSU fight song), and “OSU” (“Across The Field”) are formed during pre-game, which also includes a salute to 4-H (“Beautiful Ohio”). Pre-game ends with the playing of “Chimes” and “Carmen Ohio”. The halftime show is a salute to the big band sounds of the swing era and was filmed in COLOR! The band enters the field in a precision drill playing “St. Louis Blues” march. Next, a trumpet, saxophone, microphone and old radio are formed (“We’ll Get it”, “Let’s Dance” and “Moonlight Serenade”). Next, the band forms two telephones (“Pennsylvania 65000”), lines (“Begin the Beguine”) and a concert formation (“Artistry In Rhythm”). For a grand finale the band performs a precision drill to “In The Mood”.

Make A Joyful Noise IOWA (55-13) Pre-game: “IOWA” is spelled out (“Iowa fight song), then the band swings into the triple block “O” for Script Ohio”. “Chimes” and “Carmen Ohio” conclude the pre-game show. The band enters the field at halftime playing “Prepare Ye”. “All For The Best” is played as the band does a dance drill. The Offertory music from Bernstein’s Mass is next played from a concert formation. Then the band plays “Day By Day” while performing a precision drill. The grand finale of the last home show of the season is a medley of “I don’t know how to Love Him”, “Everything’s All Right” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

Happiness Is” (Rose parade & Rose Bowl Performance) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (42-21) Shown in this beautiful COLOR film is the OSU Marching Band at Disneyland, in the famous Tournament Of Roses Parade, and performing the Rose Bowl halftime show. A special split-screen feature lets the viewer enjoy the performance alongside practice for the Rose Bowl show! The band enters the field at halftime from the east side, soon forming a clock face. In a “minute waltz” mode, the band plays a medley of tunes while the clock hand moves around the dial until the P.A. announcer yells “stop the clock”! Next the band plays “MacArthur Park”, first from a concert formation, then beginning a drill for most of the rest of the music. Finally the band marches into the triple block “O” for the execution of “Script Ohio” (seventh time in the Rose Bowl), which culminates the show.

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NOTE: The 1973 “Skull Session” LP’s have also been re-mastered and are now on CD! The 2-disk set (both the ’73 season and Mershon Concert) is available for $24.95. Play them in your car!

All profits from the sale of these OSU Marching Band DVDs and CD’s go to the TBDBITL Alumni Club.


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