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On this new 3 1/4 hour double-disc DVD set, Dwight Hudson is performing in his final year as Drum Major, Script Ohio is dotted by a bandswoman for the first time, John Tatgenhorst is honored and directs "Hang On Sloopy" and complete halftime shows for the Syracuse, Northwestern, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Iowa games are shown. This two-disc set also includes all eight pre-game shows, the band in the Rose Parade and the 1980 Rose Bowl performance. ALL shows were filmed in COLOR! Here are the films you'll see, in order:

"The Second Century of TBDBITL" - SYRACUSE (31-8) - 11th Annual TBDBITL Alumni Reunion - The first game for new head coach Earle Bruce. "Earle Bruce" is spelled out on the field during pre-game. "At halftime two drills and the playing of "Malaga" and a Glenn Miller Medley are performed by the OSUMB before the entrance of the Alumni Band. The alumni play old favorite "Serenade to A Sand Dune", then in a concert formation, "MacArthur Park". A "Quad Script Ohio" and the traditional playing of "Chimes" and "Carmen Ohio" ends the performances of both bands.

"West Side Story" - WASHINGTON STATE (45-29) - (Pre-game only) - Ramp entrance, "Star Spangled Banner", WSU fight song, then "Across the Field" for introduction of the cheerleaders and "Go Bucks Cheer", then the playing of "Sloopy" with the cheerleaders. The band then marches into a monogram Ohio formation for the playing of "Chimes" and "Carmen Ohio".

"The Class of '78-'79" - NORTHWESTERN (16-7) - After the National Anthem, the band marches back up field playing "Go U Northwestern" and forming "UN" to the east stands. "Columbus" is then spelled out during the playing of "Columbus, We're Making it Great" and "Cool", played in formation. The band then forms the Ohio Staters logo for the traditional playing of the Ohio State Alma Mater. At halftime, the band enters each end of the field playing "Watermelon Man" and performs a kaleidoscopic drill. Next, marching a step two drill, the band plays "September", finishing in a concert formation for the playing of "Send In The Clowns". The band then finishes the show by playing "Knock On Wood" while executing a diamond drill.

"Americana" - INDIANA (47-6) - Pre-game features the ramp entrance and National Anthem, directed by Prof. Frederick Ebbs, director of Bands at Indiana (the "Marching Hundred" made the trip to Columbus). The OSUMB then marches up field into an east facing "IU" playing "Indiana, Our Indiana", then forms "U way 79" facing the home stands for a United Way ceremony. "Across the Field" is then played as the band forms "OSU" for the playing of "Chimes" and "Carmen Ohio". Halftime begins with the Indiana band's complete show dedicated to the memory of band leader Stan Kenton. The OSUMB enters the field from the west sideline ("Fanfare For the Common Man") and "Shaker Song" is played while performing a block drill. Next a precision drill, executed while playing a George Gershwin medley "I've Got Rhythm" and "Fascinating Rhythm". The show climaxes with an eagle and shield formation while the band plays "Lincoln Portrait" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic" as a banner is unfurled, which changes from a portrait of Lincoln to a patriotic red, white and blue.

"A Salute To John Tatgenhorst" - WISCONSIN (59-0) - Following flag raising, the band plays "On Wisconsin" while marching into a block "W" (facing east) and then into four band blocks for the playing of "Knock On Wood". Pre-game ends with the band marching ("Across the Field") into a diamond OHIO for "Chimes" and "Carmen Ohio". At halftime the band enters from the east sideline playing "The Children of Sanchez" and performs a block drill. Next, "What Are You Doing for The Rest of Your Life" is played in a concert formation. Then "MacArthur Park" (new disco version) is played during a block-line drill that ends in a concert formation for "Hang On Sloopy", Tatgenhorst's most popular OSU arrangement, with John himself conducting.

"Heroes" - MICHIGAN STATE (42-0) - (HOMECOMING) - After flag raising, the band plays the MSU fight song while marching into "MSU" (facing east). The music segues into "Beautiful Ohio" march while forming "WOSU TV-34". After an announcement, the band plays "Across the Field" and forms a stage with "OSU" above it for the traditional pre-game Homecoming ceremonies which conclude with the playing of "Chimes" and "Carmen Ohio". At halftime the band enters from the north end zone and sidelines playing the "Superman Theme" on the way to forming a Superman Shield in the center of the field. This changes into a dollar bill ("Yankee Doodle") and then into the controversial coin recognizing Susan B. Anthony ("Big Spender"). Next an old gramophone and speakers are formed for the playing of "Hello Ma Baby". Playing "William Tell" to salute the Lone Ranger, the band forms a mask and then six-guns. Then in a block drill, the band plays "If My Friends Could See Me Now". The halftime show concludes with the performance of "Script Ohio".

"I Write The Songs" - IOWA (34-7) - After flag raising, the band marches upfield into "Iowa" ("Fight, Fight, Fight For Iowa", facing east), then segues into "Beautiful Ohio" march to form a football-type concert formation, with 3-year drum major Dwight Hudson (making his last appearance in Ohio Stadium as Drum Major) in the middle. The playing of Superman theme music with another heart-stopping performance by Hudson again brings the stadium crowd to its feet! To conclude pre-game, the band forms the letters OHIO for "Chimes" and "Carmen Ohio". At halftime the band enters from the east sideline with "I Write the Songs" fanfare. An entrance drill is performed ("Just the Way You Are") ending in a concert formation that soon turns into a circle drill for the playing of "Even Now" and "Jubilation". A flower is then formed ("Tomorrow"), then turns into a star during the playing of "What I Did for Love"). The final performance of Script Ohio concludes the home season.

1980 Rose Parade - Both the USC and OSU Marching Bands are shown in the Rose Parade, along with both conference floats and cheerleaders.

"Musical Milestones" - THE ROSE BOWL - SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (16-17) - Entering from the south end zone ("Buckeye Battle Cry"), the band salutes Southern Cal with the letters USC (facing east), then segues into "Beautiful Ohio" while forming a double concert formation for the playing of "Cool". "Across the Field" moves the band into the letters "OHIO" for the playing of the OSU Alma Mater, ending pre-game. At halftime the band enters from the east sideline ("Children of Sanchez"). Lines change into circles during the playing of "Gee, Officer Krupke". The halftime finale is "Script Ohio", performed for the 10th time at the Rose Bowl in 1980!

Bonus! - Here is vintage videotape of NBC's coverage of both the USC and OSU bands at halftime, along with original commentary.

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NOTE: The 1979 "Skull Session" LP's have also been re-mastered and are now on CD! The 2-disc set (both the ’79 season and Mershon Concert) is available for $24.95. Play 'em in your car!

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