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On this new 2 1/2 hour double-disc DVD set, special guest Bob Hope dots the "i" in Script Ohio, complete halftime shows for the Penn State, Baylor, SMU, and Iowa games are shown and two different viewings of the 10th TBDBITL Alumni Reunion are included. Drum Major Dwight Hudson is back for his second season, and the Alumni game features the second ever "Quad Script Ohio" in Ohio Stadium at halftime! This two-disc set also includes two pre-game shows and the 1978 Gator Bowl performance film. For the first time ever, ALL shows were filmed in COLOR! Here are the films shown, in order.

"Saturday Afternoon Fever" - PENN STATE (0-19) - Halftime shows of both bands. Ohio State enters from both sidelines - 'Saturday Night Fever' fanfare and a line drill to 'Stayin' Alive' begin the show. In a concert block formation the band plays 'Channel One Suite' then performs a circle drill and arcs while playing 'Jive Talkin', 'Disco Inferno' and 'Stayin' Alive' to end the show.

"100 Years of Tradition" - BAYLOR (34-28) - 10th Annual TBDBITL Alumni Reunion - Former director William B. McBride (1943-1945) directs the band for flag raising. The Baylor Fight Song, 'Across the Field', 'Go Bucks Cheer' and 'Hang On Sloopy' are played for pre-game. At halftime the band enters from both sidelines playing 'Malaga', and marching in a kaleidoscopic pattern. The Alumni Band then enters from the east sideline ('I Wanna Go Back to Ohio State') and marches into a "100" formation for the playing of 'Jellalabad' and 'St. Louis Blues', Deve Kesling (1947-1948) twirling. The song 'Tradition' is next as the Alumni Band marches into the letters "OSUSA" for the playing of 'America The Beautiful', Rick Gammage (1973-1974) twirling. The second ever presentation of a "Quad Script Ohio" is performed to climax the show, followed by the traditional playing of 'Carmen Ohio'.

"100 Years of Tradition" - A different perspective on the Reunion pre-game and halftime shows, including ground level close ups and most of the locally televised coverage - from videotape!

"From The Baltic To The Balkans With The Buckeyes" - SOUTHERN METHODIST (35-35) - Halftime - The band enters from the north end zone playing the march from 'Sixth Symphony' and ending in a diamond formation for the playing of 'Romanian Rhapsody' for the Ohio State Haiducci Dancers. The band then forms circles and plays 'Hava Nagila' as the Hillel Dancers perform. An excerpt from 'New World' is then played during line staging for 'Folk Melody' and belly dancing by Miss Ohio, Sher Lynn Patrick. Even members of the band are involved in dancing, along with all the folk dancers and a Dwight Hudson/Miss Ohio duo at midfield when the 'Oxen Polka' is played! An outline of the USA is formed, complete with the American flag, for the final number of the show, 'God Bless America'.

"Thanks For The Memories" - IOWA (31-7) - HOMECOMING - Following flag raising, the band plays 'Fight, Fight, Fight For Iowa', 'I Wanna Go Back To Ohio State' and at the end of the pre-game homecoming ceremonies, 'Chimes and Carmen Ohio'. The Iowa Scottish Highlanders open halftime and members of the OSU band assist during the Scottish dance routine by world champion Scottish dancer Mary Beth Miller. Afterward, the OSU band enters the field at the north end of the stadium playing 'Beautiful Ohio' Fanfare and March. A precision drill evolves into the number "50" (anniversary of the Ohio Theater) at midfield as the band plays 'I Ain't Down Yet', then 'Buckeye Battle Cry' as the band then spells out "CLANCY" in honor of legendary returning alumni cheerleader Clancy Isaac. The band next plays 'Thanks for the Memory' and forms a concert stage for special guest Bob Hope, who is welcomed by OSU Athletic Director Hugh Hindman. The halftime finale is Script Ohio, with Ohioan Bob Hope having the honor of dotting the "i".

"The Buckeye Big Brass" (Gator Bowl Pre-game and Halftime Performances) - CLEMSON (15-17) - Pre-game: The OSU band enters from the north end of the Gator Bowl and into block band formation for marching down the field playing 'Buckeye Battle Cry'. To honor Clemson, the band then forms a "C" to the east side of the stadium, plays 'Tiger Rag', then segues into 'Across the Field' while forming a triple block for a Double Script Ohio. 'Carmen Ohio' concludes the pre-game show. Massed bands including Ohio State and Clemson are on the field later for a combined playing of the National Anthem. At halftime the band enters the field from the north end zone and marches upfield playing 'Malaga' and executing a kaleidoscopic drill. Then, while performing a parallelogram drill which ends with the formation of two stars, the band plays a Glenn Miller Medley that includes 'A String of Pearls', 'Elmer's Tune', 'I've Got A Gal in Kalamazoo', 'Tuxedo Junction', and 'Little Brown Jug'.

Gator Bowl Bonus Footage (SILENT FILM) - Unused pre-game footage that did not make the finished Performance Film (above).

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