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November 14, 1976




The Coliseum, Los Angeles

Another rare broadcast treasure has been released from our vault of vintage film never before seen by the general public! Thanks to the restoration expertise of Rare Sportsfilms Inc, the November 14, 1976 Cardinals-Rams NFL game broadcast live from the Coliseum, Los Angeles is available on high-quality DVD! The original network kinescope has been restored so that you can now see the game better than the day it was broadcast over 40 years ago! This rare presentation from Sunday November 14, 1976 (NFL week 10) shows the broadcast of the game (joined in progress during the Cardinals opening drive) with Vin Scully and Paul Hornung handling the play-by-play! Hornung interviews actor Charlton Heston, who recently completed filming for "Two Minute Warning", during the game. To watch a broadcast of NFL football from this era is really a treat, especially for Cardinal and Ram fans, as this is the oldest existing B & W kinescope of a Cardinal NFL game in existence! A young Brent Musburger and Phyllis George introduce a halftime tribute to the late Vince Lombardi. Included are a couple of Armed Forces commercials, as well as a Thanksgiving message from Donald Rumsfeld to Armed Forces personnel overseas.

The 7-2 Cardinals have not won a game at Los Angeles in 16 years (not since 1960), whereas the 6-2-1 Rams last defeated St. Louis in the '75 NFL playoffs in L.A. Rookie Pat Haden is at QB for the Rams and has an excellent game. The outstanding St. Louis offensive line gives Cardinal QB Jim Hart excellent protection all day and newcomer Pat Tilley makes some nice catches. Other Cardinal players you'll see in action are Steve Jones, Terry Metcalf, Wayne Morris, Jim Otis, J.V. Cain, Gary Hammond, Ike Harris, Terry Joyce, Jackie Smith, Jim Bakken, Mark Arneson, Al Beauchamp, Carl Gersbach, Tim Kearney, Mike McDonald, Larry Stallings, Dwayne Crump, Clarence Duren, Lee Nelson, Ken Reeves, Mike Sensibaugh, Jeff Severson, Norm Thompson, Roger Wehrli, Dan Dierdorf, Roger Finnie, Henry Allison, Conrad Dobler, Bob Young, Tom Banks, Bob Bell, John Zook, Charlie Davis, Mike Dawson and Steve Okoniewski. Other Ram players shown include John Cappelletti, Lawrence McCutcheon, Rob Scribner, Jim Burtelsen, Cullen Bryant, Tom Geredine, Harold Jackson, Ron Jessie, Dwight Scales, Bob Klein, Terry Nelson, Tom Dempsey, Rusty Jackson, Kevin McLain, Jack Reynolds, Isiah Robertson, Mel Rogers, Jim and Jack Youngblood, Dave Elmendorf, Monte Jackson, Rod Perry, Steve Preece, Bill Simpson, Pat Thomas, Doug France, John Williams, Dennis Harrah, Greg Horton, Tom Mack, Geoff Reece, Rich Saul, Fred Dryer, Mike Fanning, Larry Brooks, Cody Jones and Merlin Olsen, playing his final season.

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