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Ohio State University Marching Band shows from four 1975 home games, plus the 1976 Rose Bowl performance COLOR film is included on this new DVD of the 1975 Ohio State Marching Band directed by Paul Droste, Rick Gammage, Drum Major. Here's what you'll see:

"Listen To The Music" - IOWA (49-0) - Traditional Ramp Entrance and National Anthem, followed by formation of a naval escort ship "Anchors Aweigh". Next, the outline of Iowa and then an OHIO formation for the playing of "Chimes" and "Carmen Ohio". At halftime, "Listen To The Music" fanfare and entrance open the show. The band dances to "The Hustle", does a pattern drill "The Rockford Files", plays "Chameleon", then performs a drill to "Love Will Keep Us Together". Next the band forms a pinball machine "Pinball Wizzard" then ends the show with a drill to "Got To Get You Into My Life".

"200 Years Of American Music" - WISCONSIN (Homecoming) (56-0) - Traditional Ramp Entrance, National Anthem, "W" formation ("On Wisconsin"), the playing of "Nothing Like A Dame" and the crowning of Homecoming Queen Jane Wertz are all part of the pregame show, which ends with the band in a slanting OHIO for the playing of "Chimes" and "Carmen Ohio". The band entrance onto the field "This Land Is Your Land" begins the homecoming half show. First, a precision drill to "Saints Train", then a concert formation for the playing of "Rhapsody In Blue". Next, a precision drill to "Day By Day" followed by the formation of the US capitol building which changes into an outline of the US. For the finale "This is my Country", the band is joined by the OSU Symphonic Choir and Chorale to end the halftime show.

"A Musical Masquerade" INDIANA (24-14) - Halftime Show - This show is a humorous spoof on "those other bands in the Big Ten" and begins with an MSU style entrance and a Univ. of Michigan type introduction and announcements ("UM Fanfare" and "Old Gray Mare") before the band proceeds downfield in a floating block "M" playing an OSU revision of "The Victors". Next, the band turns attention to Purdue's three ring circus ("Barnum and Bailey's Favorite") with a different show in each of three rings, the final with a "Golden Girl" bursting out of "the world's biggest drum". "Son Of A Preacher Man" spoofs Northwestern as the band performs a block band drill. Not wanting to leave anyone out, the band next plays a "Big Ten Medley" in a diamond drill before also spoofing USC and the Trojan Horse mascot ("Fight On" and "Conquest"). The show concludes with the most memorable tradition in college band history ("the incomparable Script Ohio") by the "Best Damn Band In The Land", the Ohio State University Marching Band!

"A Latin Holiday" - MINNESOTA (38-6) - Ramp entrance, National Anthem, then band marches back up field into a block "M" ("Minnesota Rouser") and segues into "USMC" (Marines Hymn") honoring the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Marine Corps. Script Ohio concludes the last home pregame show of the year, and includes "Chimes" and "Carmen Ohio". For halftime, the band enters the field from the east sideline ("El Cumbanchero"). The playing of "Malaguena" and "La Conga" precede the formation of a bullring "Bullfight Medley" The bull fighter, dressed in Michigan regalia, initially vanquishes the Ohio State bull, but as he is bowing to the crowd, the Buckeye bull unceremoniously flattens the startled bullfighter, then chases him off the field! To end the show, the band plays "Brazil", and a search for the Lost Treasure Of The Amazon finds band manager Dave Somerville lured into a big box by a voluptuous maiden. After the lid closes, smoke comes out of the box as the band finishes the show! After the show, Sally Hunnicut (the "maiden") dances with drum major Rick Gammage in the north end zone as cameras click away, much to the delight of the students in Block "O" and fans in that section of the stadium!

"America, Let's Celebrate" (Rose Parade & Rose Bowl Performance) - UCLA (10-23) - Shown in this COLOR film is the OSU Marching Band in the Tournament of Roses Parade, and performing the Rose Bowl pre-game and halftime shows. For pre-game, the band enters from the south end zone playing one chorus of Buckeye Battle Cry, then forms the letters "UCLA" facing east to the Bruin stands. A segue into "Across The Field" takes the band into the triple block "O" for the Rose Bowl performance of Script Ohio. The playing of "Chimes" and "Carmen Ohio" end pregame. In honor of the nation's Bicentennial Celebration starting January 1, the Rose Bowl halftime show is a stirring tribute in words, music and movement! The band enters the field for halftime from the north end zone in five company fronts playing "This Land Is Your Land". "Saints Train" is played as the band does a precision drill. "Rhapsody In Blue" is followed by "Day By Day" (precision drill), then the band forms the US capitol building, which then changes into an outline of the United States during the playing of "This Is My County", assisted by the OSU Symphonic Choir and Chorale.

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NOTE: The 1975 "Skull Session" LP's have also been re-mastered and are now on CD! The 2-disk set (both the '75 season and Mershon Concert) is available for $24.95. Play them in your car!

All profits from the sale of these OSU Marching Band DVDs and CD's go to the TBDBITL Alumni Club.



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1126 Tennyson Lane Naperville, Illinois 60540
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