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1966 NFL


(Week 13)

Colts vs Bears at Memorial Stadium & Browns vs Giants at Municipal Stadium

Both Games On One DVD!


This 52-minute DVD shows two original NFL "Game of the Week" TV shows: the Baltimore Colts (7-4) vs the Chicago Bears (4-5-2) in Baltimore, and the 7-4 Cleveland Browns at home in old Municipal Stadium against the 1-9-1 New York Giants. Both games were played Sunday December 4, 1966 and both are "lost games" of NFL Films! After being shown only one time as the "Game of the Week" in 1966, neither of these rare games was ever again offered to the public, not even in the NFL Films Special Order Catalog, which was closed forever last April!

It's a sunny but raw 29-degree day in Baltimore as the Colts and Bears play the re-match of a game won by the Bears 27-17 eight weeks ago at Wrigley Field, Chicago. On the Bears first possession, Colts DB Alvin Haymond picks off a Rudy Bukich pass and returns it all the way for a 52-yd TD, and the Colts take the lead, 7-0. In the second quarter, Bukich finds Mike Ditka down the middle on a nice 20-yard TD pass to tie the game. Baltimore fullback Tony Lorick's 2-yd TD run finishes the first half scoring and at intermission Baltimore leads, 14-7. Roger LeClerc's 14-yd FG is the only scoring in the third period, so entering the final quarter the Colts still lead 14-10. However LeClerc adds to more FG's in the final quarter, the second one from 20 yards away to give the Bears their first lead, 16-14. But with less than two minutes left in the game, Johnny Unitas thrills Colt fans by engineering one of his typical 'beat the clock' drills to beat the Bears. On the Colts final drive, Raymond Berry grabs a pass with 1:21 left. In 10 more seconds, Lenny Moore picks up a first down on a 10-yd run. Then Unitas heaves a 23-yd strike to Raymond Berry who falls into the end zone for the winning TD and the Colts get revenge for their earlier season loss, 21-16!

If there was ever a game in 1966 the Giants could've won (other than their only win, 13-10 vs the Redskins), it was this one! On a frozen field that makes running treacherous all day, the Giants jump out in front 14-0 over the defending Eastern Champion Browns, lead at halftime 31-14 and even recover an on-side kick to begin the second half! A Pete Gogolak FG makes the score 34-14. But these are the only points the Giants can muster in the third quarter. Meanwhile young Leroy Kelly gets going for the Browns, scoring his 2nd and 3rd TD's of the game, giving the Browns 14 more points to finish out the third quarter, and tightening the score to 37-28 New York. After another FG by Gogolak early in the final period (40-28), Kelly receives the kickoff on the Browns 11 and runs it all the way back to the Giants 40! Ryan tosses a 19-yd TD pass to Ralph Smith and the Browns have now outscored the faltering Giants 21-6 in the second half! Late in the game the Giants must punt deep in their own territory, but now a crucial mistake. Punter Ernie Koy kicks the ball off the side of his foot and the ball only goes 13 yards! There's less than two minutes to play with the Giants now only leading 40-35. From the Giants 31 Ryan tosses a swing pass to Ernie Green and as the hapless Giant tacklers slip and slide on the icy field, Green scores to finally give Cleveland the lead for the first time in the game, 42-40! The Giants can still pull out a win with a FG in the 1:05 left, but Groza's long kick stays in bounds and the Giants must start from their own two! On the second play Giants QB Gary Wood is injured and replaced by Tom Kennedy who slips and fumbles on his first play. The Browns' Bill Glass picks up the ball and easily scores for Cleveland, making the final tally 49-40 Browns. A great comeback win for the Browns, but a heartbreaking loss for New York after leading with a little over a minute to play!

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