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Here’s a variety of OSUMB shows and B & W film footage thought to be lost until recently discovered after the production of the 1975 season DVD in 2014. Included are most of six half-time shows and two pre-games, plus SILENT film from tryouts, practice and actual performances in the stadium from ground level. Below is a detailed description of the film on this DVD:

1966 “Freedom Parade” - MICHIGAN (3-17) - After flag raising, the band plays “Zip-A-De-Do-Dah” while marching up field into a drill position for the playing of Richard Heine’s new song “Bell of The Blues”. The letters “U of M” (“The Victors”) is next, then the triple block “O” for Script Ohio. “Carmen Ohio” ends pre-game. The combined ROTC and University Men’s Glee Club accompany the band on the field at half-time for this patriotic “Vietnam” show. The band enters from the south end zone marching up field in military 6 to 5 step playing the show theme music “Freedom Parade”. Two berets are formed and special guest of the University SGT. Barry Sadler sings his popular song “Ballad of The Green Berets” at mid-field. Next a cross on a hill is formed and “Taps For The Bravest” is played and sung. For the finale, the band marches into an eagle crest with a red, white and blue shield. Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Lt. Charles Q. Williams is recognized before the combined groups end the show with a performance of “This Is My Country”.

1970 "Government Day" - MICHIGAN (20-9) - Half-time show - Playing “Promises, Promises” the band executes a precision drill which ends up diagonally spelling out the word “OHIO”. During the playing of “Beautiful Ohio” the band recognizes the state’s official state flag, drink, tree and song by forming the Ohio flag, “squeezing” a tomato into juice, outlining a buckeye leaf and then the state, inside of which is a shield and red, white and blue banner. During this final formation, “God Bless America” is played.

1971 and 1972 SILENT film - During the 1971 and 1972 seasons, former bandsman Jerry McAfee shot a nice variety of SILENT film used by the band for evaluation and instructional purposes. This 25-minute segment shows, in order:

  • Pre-game and Script Woody during Wednesday practice for the Sept. 25th 1971 Colorado game. Then ramp and Script Woody from ground level on game day.
  • Ramp entrance, pre-game and shots from the west sidelines of the half-time show for the October 2, 1971 California game “It Takes a Lot of Brass”.
  • Early September 1972, scenes from tryouts.
  • Thursday afternoon practice for the October 14, 1972 Illinois half-time show “Walking Happy”. Then, the game-day performance in the stadium from ground level, west sidelines.
  • TBDBITL at the 1972 World Series, Game 2 at Riverfront Stadium. Entrance, “Shall We Dance” drill, “Sloopy” and National Anthem for the game.

1972 “50th Anniversary Of Ohio Stadium- INDIANA (44-7) - Half-time show - Band enters from the south end zone playing “Proud Century” and marches up field forming a huge “50”. The band then forms an old single-engine airplane and plays “Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines”, then segues into “Leaving on a Jet Plane” while forming a modern jetliner. An on-field skit is then performed (the theme music is “A Sheriff’s Work Is Never Done”) involving a shoot-'em up wild west routine. After that, the band performs a dance drill to the music “Candy Man”, which finishes in the formation of the stadium dedication date, “1922”. The following on-field ceremony and end of the show is missing.

1974 "Sights and Sounds of The ‘70’s" - WISCONSIN (52-7) - After the ramp and traditional flag raising, the band marches back up field forming a “W” to the east sidelines (“On Wisconsin”), then segues into “The Boogie” dance routine in a block formation. The end of pre-game (“OHIO” and playing of “Chimes and Carmen Ohio”) is missing. At half-time, the band enters from the north end zone “Pop Show Fanfare” and steps off marching 6 to 5 playing “Loves Theme”. Next a dance step and then a precision drill to “Rock The Boat” and “Roundabout”, which finishes in an “X” concert formation for the playing of “The Way We Were”. The band then executes a precision drill to the summer’s top tune “The Sound of Philadelphia”. The show concludes with a trumpet and percussion feature, “Rock Back To Mama”.

1975 “Make Me Smile” - The Music Of Chicago - Penn State (17-9) - Half-time show - The show opens with the band entering from the north end zone and floating a diamond formation up field “Chicago Fanfare” and “Make Me Smile”. The diamonds evolve into a line drill “Old Days” then into a circle drill for the playing of “Saturday in The Park” and “25 or 6 to 4”. which ends in a concert formation. “Wishing You Were Here” (concert formation) and a drill to “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day” conclude the show.

1975 “Across The Field” 1915-1975 - North Carolina (32-7) - Half-time show - On Alumni Band Reunion Day only the first three numbers of the varsity band half show are shown. The band takes the field from the east sideline with an entrance drill to “Gospel John” and line drill to “Julilation”. “Gospel John Reprise” is played to end the varsity band portion of the show.

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NOTE: The 1977 and 1978 “Skull Session” LP’s have also been re-mastered and are now on CD! Each 2-disk set (both the Skull Session and Mershon Concert) are available for $24.95 each. Play them in your car!

All profits from the sale of these OSU Marching Band DVDs and CD’s go to the TBDBITL Alumni Club.



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