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"Portrait of a Team"

One of the most remembered seasons in the history of the Baltimore Colts was 1965, an unbelievable year which began with great success, before a double whammy probably cost the team the NFL Western Championship. In the end however, the story of the season is a tale of courage and perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. On this DVD is the official Colts 1965 highlight film (color), along with a long-lost ABC Sports 1-hour television special that aired a week following the end of the season and which has now been released by Rare Sportsfilms on DVD and BLU-RAY! Titled "Portrait of a Team" (B & W), the documentary goes behind the scenes while following the team through the unforgettable final weeks of the 1965 season.

Narrated by Chuck Thompson, the 1965 Colts color highlight film begins by showing brief highlights of the historic 1965 NFL Western Conference playoff game at Green Bay, only the second "sudden death" game in NFL history! From there, the film highlights the Colts players from that unforgettable year: QB's Johnny Unitas, Gary Cuozzo, and substitute Tom Matte, Raymond Berry, Jimmy Orr, Lenny Moore, Jerry Hill, Tony Lorick, John Mackey, Jerry Logan, Dennis Gaubatz, Don Shinnick, Bob Vogel, Lenny Lyles, Bobby Boyd, Jim Parker, Lou Michaels, Alvin Haymond, Steve Stonebreaker, Billy Ray Smith, Alex Sandusky, Dick Szymanski, Ordell Braase, Roy Hilton, rookie Mike Curtis and many more. They're shown in games vs the Lions, Redskins, Eagles, 49'ers and others throughout the season. Important games shown in more detail are those against the Vikings, Bears, Rams and the Green Bay Packers. At the end is shown the 35-3 upset victory against Dallas in the annual Playoff Bowl, in which "quarterback" Tom Matte is named the game MVP!

"Portrait of a Team" (B & W), the ABC Colts special documentary, until now has not been seen in more than 50 years! Still containing all the original commercials and narrated by Chris Schenkel, it's an inside, detailed look at what happened to the Colts in their quest for a seemingly certain 1965 NFL Western title. Along the way, unusual and amazing circumstances determine the outcomes of four critical games of the season, three of which (Bears at Chicago, Packers in the fog at Baltimore and Colts at Los Angeles) never appeared on NFL Films "Game-of-the-Week" programming! As you watch the games, you'll hear from Johnny Unitas, Don Shinnick, "QB" Tom Matte and head coach Don Shula as they give their immediate thoughts on what it was like during those last four games. Touched on are an unusual incident during the Bear game at Wrigley Field, Unitas on the Bears' young rookie Dick Butkus, and how he feels about being on crutches for the last three games of the season. Unitas and Shinnick both talk about their playing responsibilities to make the Colts winners. Throughout, you'll witness injuries to Colt players and opponents alike (Jimmy Orr, Gary Cuozzo, Bart Starr, Ordell Braase, Paul Hornung and most significant of all, Johnny Unitas). The Unitas injury vs the Bears is shown as never before, with slow-motion film detailing the injury as John's upper body is twisted by Earl Leggett just as Stan Jones' helmet smashes full force into Unitas' right knee. Coach Shula tells how he felt after the critical 42-27 home loss to Green Bay, and later, while watching film of the Rams game, talks about how proud he is of the team's play on the final weekend of the regular season, as well as getting ready to face the Packers for the third time in the upcoming playoff. Matte shares his thoughts on quarterbacking the overtime game at Green Bay, the incidents that occurred to change the momentum from one team to another throughout the game, and discusses the "twists and turns" of this famous game for both sides.

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