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Brief Highlights of Many Games,


Starting in 1937 Eugene W. Castle, through his film company "CASTLE FILMS", began producing a yearly film showcasing brief highlights of the top college football games of the year. These films became more and more popular as World War II began and especially afterward, as the era of "Home Movies" grew to its height by the late 1940's before the days of widespread television. For over a quarter of a century (through 1962) Castle released his annual "Football Parade" film each year. During this time other film companies such as "Official Films" and Movietone News" also released similar films, however the Castle Films were always the most popular. The films were also available in 8mm in some years, but the most desirable are the 16mm sound versions.

Rare Sportsfilms, Inc. is now making the first seven Castle Film Football Parades available, along with selected similar reels from Movietone, Official Films, etc (all with sound) on this new DVD! Now for the first time, these original B & W films have been restored and Hi-Def tape masters made for the production of this historic 1 hour, 49 minute DVD! In total there are over 80 games spotlighted showing more than 35 different schools, including Nebraska, Minnesota, Army, Pitt, Fordham, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Washington, Southern Cal, Cornell, Penn, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Navy, Clemson, Dartmouth, Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Columbia, Oklahoma, Missouri, NYU, Tulane, Boston College, Georgetown, Tennessee, Alabama, SMU, Duquesne, Duke, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Villanova, Purdue, Brown, Colgate and more! Watch Tom Harmon, Sid Luckman, Glenn Davis, Otto Graham, Frank Sinkwich, Esco Sarkkinen, Les Horvath, Lou Zontini, Jack Borhman, Marshall Goldberg and many, many others in action! Shown is the memorable 1940 Cornell-Dartmouth game and film that shows the referee allowing Cornell the famous "5th Down" with mere seconds left, which enabled Cornell to claim a temporary 24-hour 7-3 "victory"!

Now you can get your own copy of this rare footage now on DVD for only $29.95 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling. (Illinois residents must add $2.00 tax.)

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