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Packers vs. Bears
Wrigley Field
Saints vs. Steelers
Tulane Stadium

Both On One DVD!
(48 Minutes, Color)

Two back to back 1969 NFL “Games-Of-The-Week” are now together and in COLOR on one 48-minute DVD for nostalgic viewing! The Green Bay Packers invade Chicago in the NFL’s oldest rivalry, and New Orleans hosts Pittsburgh to close out the season. These games take place on Dec. 14 and December 21 (weeks 13 and 14 of the 1969 NFL season).

Second year head coach Phil Bengtson’s Packers enter their game with a 6-6 record, while the Bears are suffering through one of their worst seasons at 1-11. However their great defensive star Dick Butkus is spotlighted in this film and is all over the field in this game, bulldogging Packer runners, intercepting passes and generally leading an excellent defensive effort for the Bears the entire day! In fact, the defense on both teams is outstanding, especially in the first half – both teams together miss 4 field goals, only complete 5 passes for 61 yards, and at halftime the score is still 0-0! Coach Dooley benches starting QB Virgil Carter and opens the second half with young lefthander Bobby Douglass, but his luck is no better. However, on his first series in the second half, young Don Horn directs the Packers to their first touchdown. On a power sweep, Travis Williams gets through a hole at RT and speeds 39 yards for a TD three plays into the half. Next series, on second and goal at the packer 10, Horn caps a 55-yd, 3-play drive with a TD pass over the middle to Marv Fleming and the Pack has upped the lead to 14-0. Still in the third quarter, a 60-yd TD pass from Horn to Travis Williams makes for a 21-0 lead and the Packers have scored 21 points in 12 minutes! Finally in the fourth quarter the Bears are able to mount a drive deep into Packer territory. But rifle passes by Douglass on 2nd and 3rd down are dropped and Mac Percivel’s FG finally puts 3 points on the board for Chicago. The Bears hold the Green Bay scoreless in the 4th quarter, Butkus and Dick Daniels making interceptions, but the Packers win, 21-3. Here are more of the Bears you’ll see – Gale Sayers, George Youngblood, Rufus Mayes, Cecil Turner, Joe Taylor, Bobby Joe Green, Bennie McRae, Mike Hull, Dick Gordon, Ed O’Bradovich and Doug Buffone. Packers in action are Doug Hart, Willie Davis, Willie Wood, Herb Adderley, Donny Anderson, Bob Jeter, Lee Roy Caffey, Carroll Dale, Dave Robinson, Gale Gillingham, Booth Lusteg, Dave Hampton and Ray Nitschke.

The following week at old Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, the 4-9 Saints entertain the 1-12 Pittsburgh Steelers. Shown in nice close up shots before the game are Saints coach Tom Fears, kicker Tom Dempsey and Billy Kilmer along with the two Steeler quarterbacks Dick Shiner and rookie Terry Hanratty. Dan Abramowicz and Roy Jefferson are NFL co-leaders in receiving for ’69 going into this final game for both clubs. The Steelers start fast with Shiner at QB. Fullback Earl Gros runs for two TDs in the first quarter for a quick 14-0 Steeler lead. In the second quarter, Kilmer gets the Saints moving and ends a long drive with a handoff to Ray Poage who scores from 4 yards out. Before the half is over, Tom Dempsey kicks a 38-yd FG to bring the halftime score to 14-10. The Saints in the 3rd quarter start a long drive, kept alive with several Steeler penalties (many penalties in this game). In Steeler territory, on a blitz Jerry Hillebrand hits Kilmer who fumbles. LB Ray May picks up the loose ball and pounds to a TD! But wait – another penalty! The Steelers are caught holding on the play, nullifying the score and giving the Saints the ball 1st down on the Pittsburgh 13-yd line! This is probably the turning point of the game, as on the next play, Kilmer throws a TD pass to Poage, giving the Saints the lead for the first time, 17-14. The Steelers fight back, and at the end of their next possession, Shiner tosses a 7-yd TD pass to Gros and Pittsburgh regains the lead, 21-17. Near the beginning of the final quarter, Gene Mingo’s FG extends the Steeler lead to 24-17. At this point, Kilmer is benched in favor of rookie QB Edd Hargett who passes the Saints close enough for Dempsey to hit another FG, making the score 24-20. The determined Saints hold the Steelers and then receive Bobby Walden’s end zone punt on the Pittsburgh 39 to begin their late-game final drive. After a couple of running plays get the ball closer, Hargett passes to Al Dodd at the 13. Next, Hargett tosses complete to Abramowicz at the 3-yd line with seconds to go. Andy Livingston’s 3-yd plunge up the middle scores the winning TD for a 27-24 Saints victory! As the clock continues to run out the final seconds, a scuffle breaks out and both benches empty, however order is restored and the season for both teams is over. Oh, and yes – Dan Abramowicz wins the NFL receiving title for 1969! Throughout the game, many other Saints of the day are shown, including Tony Baker, Ernie Wheelwright, Elijah Nevett, Dick Absher, Dave Parks and veteran DE Doug Atkins, playing his last NFL game. Many other Steelers are shown also: Doug McCall, Dick Arndt, Jon Henderson, J.R. Wilburn, Lee Calland, Dick Hoak, Chuck Hinton, Jim Shorter, Ben McGee and rookie “Mean Joe” Greene.

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