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Pauma Valley Country Club
with Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, and Mike Souchak

     Here's another nostalgic episode of the TV show "Challenge Golf", starring two of golf's greatest players of the day, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player. This week's challenging team however, is another pretty fair twosome, Mike Souchak and young Jack Nicklaus, who after just three seasons on the PGA tour, has already won the Masters, the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship! For 1964, "Challenge Golf" takes on a slightly different look, with Dick Whittinghelm hosting the show and all four golfers actually giving commentary during the contest on both the course and the action as the match progresses, hole by hole. The match is played under "best ball partners", which means the lowest score of each player wins that hole for his team. On this 50-minute video/DVD, you'll get a nostalgic feel for both the golf course and the players as they looked in January, 1964 - 40 years ago! At the time, Pauma Valley was only four years old and had 157 bunkers and large greens averaging 8,000 square feet each!

      The first hole at Pauma Valley is a 529-yd par 5. Palmer's third shot is a chip shot approach which finishes only 6 feet away! Nicklaus, Souchak and Player all have long putts for birdie and all miss, but Arnie cans his and he and Gary are one-up after one hole. The second hole is a 390-yard par 4. After a 270-yard drive, Nicklaus hits a 120-yd nine-iron shot to within 18 inches of the cup and holes out! Palmer is shown in slow motion as he hits out of a bunker to the back edge of the green. Player's nine-iron shot finishes 12 feet away. Arnold misses his 40-foot birdie try, but Gary drains his 13-foot putt to match Jack' birdie and both teams halve the hole with Arnie and Gary still one-up. Since the third, fourth and fifth holes are all halved in par, action resumes on the 415-yard par 4 6th hole. Palmer's 2-iron second shot rolls only two feet past the hole. Gary's second stops 15 feet away. Nicklaus and Souchak both have difficult third shots, Mike's from a front bunker. Jack's third shot from below the hole runs about 4 feet past the hole, but Gary Player makes his 12-foot birdie try, and he and Arnold are now 2-up in the match.

     Action is shown on the ninth hole, a 392-yd par 4, and both teams halve the hole in par. The tee shots of all four golfers are shown in slow motion as they drive on the 387-yd par 4 tenth hole. After a free drop, Mike Souchak hits a 2-iron second shot to within 20' of the hole at #10. All three other players hit 5-iron shots to the green, but after Souchak's birdie, Palmer must sink a 13-foot putt to tie the hole. He misses and his and Gary's lead has been cut in half!

      The 11th is a 545-yd par 5 with a dogleg left and numerous bunkers. Souchak's 3-wood shot lands on the front of the green and he has a chance for an eagle! But, he three-putts while Nicklaus makes birdie on a 12-foot downhiller. Palmers third shot finishes six feet away and Arnold's birdie matches Jack as both teams halve the hole in one under.

      At the 378-yd par 4 13th hole, Nicklaus' birdie try stops only 2 inches short! Again Palmer is within nine feet of the hole after his second shot, and his birdie puts him and Gary two-up again. Close ups are shown of Palmer's putting grip and stance.

      At the 465-yd par 4 14th hole, both Jack and Mike find fairway bunkers with their tee shots and must scramble! Gary's second shot is a 2-iron to the green, about 30 feet from the cup and his next shot goes in for a birdie! Souchak's 5-foot try for birdie misses, and so Arnie and Gary are three up with only three holes to play!

      The 16th at Pauma Valley is a 207-yd par three. Once again, the tee shots of all four players are shown in slow motion. Player comes closest to the hole on his drive, about 5 feet away! Jack's tee shot lands on the fringe of the green, and his long birdie try hits the back of the cup, bounces up and rolls away. With Arnold in the bunker, Player's try for a birdie goes a foot past, but Gary ends the match with his one foot par putt coming back!

      To get your own copy on VHS of this nostalgic 50-minute B & W golf TV show never before available on video, send only $29.95 plus $5.00 for FIRST CLASS SHIPPING! (Illinois residents add $2.00 sales tax.) If a DVD is desired, add $5.00 and specify DVD.

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