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      NFL historians and especially Packer fans will want to add this new DVD to their collections! “Run To Daylight” is a vintage, made-for-television documentary based on the book by legendary Packer coach Vince Lombardi. Narrated by Horace McMahon and told by Vince Lombardi, the 55-minute B & W film is a behind-the-scenes look at the Green Bay Packers from the beginning thru the end of training camp for the 1964 NFL season. This film is another nostalgic title from the vast Rare Sportsfilms library of old pro football films and is now available for the first time on video through rights granted by the Lombardi foundation!

     The film opens with Lombardi at St. Norbert College, home of Packers training camp. With top scout Pat Peppler, Vince is introduced to the new crop of rookies and free agents for 1964 as John Baker, Dwain Bean, Ken Bowman, Larry Hunter, Jack Petersen, Merv Holland, John Telesky, Steve Wright, Turnley Todd, Gene Breen, Tom Brown and others arrive. During annual player physicals, Vince tells of his feelings upon seeing the veterans again after the summer layoff. Many Packer regulars are shown here such as Bart Starr, Forrest Gregg, Tom Moore and Paul Hornung, who is coming back after sitting out 1963 with a one-year suspension for gambling. You’ll hear Lombardi’s famous welcome speech to the rookies and his oft-repeated saying “fatigue makes cowards of us all”. After this first day, you’ll get to eavesdrop on Lombardi’s comments to his assistant coaches about some of the new players during an evening meeting.

     Throughout the film, you’ll hear comments from Lombardi on almost every Packer player, first an interesting tidbit about him, then a comment from that player himself - either about Lombardi, or about how the Packers go about training camp. For example, Vince talks about what other teams thought about Bart Starr when he first came to the Packers. Then Starr talks about Lombardi and how fundamentals are stressed at the start of every season. Vince talks about the amazing way Willie Wood came to the Packers and how the littlest player on the team became an All-Pro. Wood then talks about his worst game as a Packer. Lombardi talks about why he almost gave up on Ron Kramer, then Kramer talks about the psychological part of football. This unique insight into each player continues throughout the film with segments on Jerry Kramer, Boyd Dowler, Fuzzy Thurston, Ray Nitschke, Jim Taylor, Henry Jordan, Dave Hanner and so on. Paul Hornung is shown running up the steps at Lambeau Field in an effort to strengthen his legs prior to the season. Lombardi reveals his hopes and fears about whether Hornung can come back after a year’s layoff. Hornung himself then talks about this and his suspension as well as his need to get in top shape. He also talks about the rookies being accepted and how he felt his first year in the league. Jerry Kramer talks about how and why veterans handle the rookies the way they do and why he hates intersquad games so much.

     The click of football cleats on pavement ushers in a behind-the-scenes segment of the Packers in practice. You’ll hear Lombardi coaching and see many of the players working out, including Bart Starr, Zeke Bratkowski, Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor, Ray Nitschke, Henry Jordan, Jerry Kramer, Fuzzy Thurston, Willie Wood, Boyd Dowler, Dave “Hawg” Hanner and some of the rookies. Included are “tip drills” for the defensive backs and even a practice-ending game the players use to build camaraderie. Throughout the film, you’ll get unique insights into the behind-the-scenes working of the Packers. You’ll see the dining hall and witness a Packer initiation tradition – the rookies singing to the veterans. You’ll enter the clubhouse and see the lockers of Max McGee, Dowler, Willie Davis and others. You’ll sit in class with Bart Starr and hear the coaches instructing. Then you’ll hear and see Lombardi diagram and talk about the top plays of Packer opponents, such as the Browns, Bears and Giants. Finally he details and discusses the Packers favorite play, “49-28”, the “power sweep”. He explains the significance of the play and why it is the one play that everyone must work together to make go. It’s the play that must open for every Packer ballcarrier, a “Run To Daylight”.

     The film ends with training camp over and Lombardi in a reflective mood. He tells how difficult it is to cut the players who will not make the team and how coaches sometimes second guess themselves as to whether they made the right choices with regard to trades and draft picks. He explains that he is looking forward to the 1964 season with great anticipation and his hopes and fears for 1964.

      Now you can get your own copy of this rare and fascinating Packer film for only $29.95 plus $5 shipping. If ordering DVD, send $34.95 + $5. (Specify VHS or DVD). (Illinois residents must add $2 sales tax).

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