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     Head coach George Halas’ Bears had a Cinderella season in 1963, but their brutally effective defense earned them the right to host the NFL Championship Game at Wrigley Field, on December 29. The offense was programmed to stick with safe running plays and short passes with low probability of interception. Coach Allie Sherman’s New York Giants lost two of their first five games to start the season, but then won nine of their last ten, with Frank Gifford’s one-handed reception vs. the Steelers helping to wrap up their final regular season win. Nice closeup shots before the game, played in raw 11-degree weather, show both coaches, Billy Wade, Bennie McRae, Dave Whitsell, Richie Petitbon, Larry Morris and Ed O’Bradovich of the Bears, and quarterback Y.A. Tittle, Del Shofner and star halfback Frank Gifford of the Giants. This beautiful COLOR film is narrated by Chris Schenkel.

     Don Chandler kicks off to the Bears, who move the ball to the New York 17-yard line. Wade’s fumble turns the ball over to the Giants and New York’s great passer Y.A. Tittle immediately gets the Giants rolling back down the field. To culminate an 83-yard drive, his touchdown pass to Frank Gifford gives the favored Giants an early 7-0 lead within the first 7 minutes of play! The turning point comes quickly in this game, as Willie Galimore fumbles on the Bears 31! Again Tittle immediately attacks the Bears thru the air, but a usually reliable and wide open Del Shofner can’t hold a sure TD pass, which would have given the Giants at least a 13-0 lead! On the next play, Larry Morris picks off a Tittle screen pass and runs the ball back all the way to the New York 5-yd line! Two plays later, Wade’s sneak into the end zone gives the Bears new life, and instead of trailing 14-0, the Bears have tied the game, 7-7 in a matter of five quick plays! This sets the tone for the rest of the game, with the Bears defense asserting itself as it had all season. In the second quarter with the Giants again knocking on the door deep in Bear territory, two New York power plays gain almost nothing. The Giants must settle for a Don Chandler FG, and even though the Giants again have the lead 10-7, these are the last points they will score all day. Tittle twists his knee in this period and must leave the game as young Glynn Griffing takes over the signal calling. Even though Y.A. plays the entire second half, the injury hurts his effectiveness, as he is unable to plant his feet to throw. Late in the third period Ed O’Bradovich intercepts another Tittle screen pass, bringing it back to the New York 14. Wade again sneaks across the goal line to give the Bears the lead for the first time in the game. Two more Bear interceptions in the 4th quarter (the Bears have five for the game) keep the Giants at bay, and bring Chicago its’ first NFL title since 1946!

      In this beautiful COLOR 27-minute film, Bears fans can once again see their heroes of that memorable 1963 season. In addition to those players mentioned above you’ll see Johnny Morris, Mike Ditka, Billy Martin, Mike Pyle, Joe Fortunato, Rosey Taylor, Doug Atkins, Ronnie Bull, Bob Jencks, Charlie Bivins, Joe Marconi, Angie Coia, Bill George, Stan Jones, John Johnson, Roger LeClerc and Bobby Joe Green. Giants shown in action include Andy Robustelli, Sam Huff, Jim Patton, Erich Barnes, Joe Morrison, Dick Lynch, Eddie Dove, John Lovetere, Charlie Killett, Aaron Thomas, Phil King, Hugh McElhenny, Al Gursky, Jim Katcavage, Jerry Hillebrand and Alex Webster.

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