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(Week 2 and Week 3)

     "See The Pros" is a vintage NFL football show, made for television, which first aired in time for Week #2 of the 1958 NFL season. Hosted by former football great Glenn Davis, the show gives a preview of the upcoming NFL games of the week, players to watch for, and a special interview with a player on the field and in uniform. The show is sponsored by Zerex antifreeze and even contains the original Zerex antifreeze TV commercials. In addition, "Miss Antifreeze" (Dodie Marshall) is part of each show, which also features a special "Mystery Guest"! Here are the first two weeks of the show, along with a description of the contents:


*  Rams at San Francisco - First a look at the 49'ers (Joe Arenas, Joe Perry, Y.A. Tittle, Billy Wilson), then Rams (Jon Arnett, Tom Wilson, Lamar Lundy, Billy Wade, Ron Waller).
*  Interview with week's Special Guest, defensive back Jack Butler of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
*  Browns at Pittsburgh - First a look at the Steelers vs Cardinals in 1957 (Butler, Earl Morrall, Jug Girard), then Browns vs Giants at Yankee Stadium in '57 (Milt Plum, Preston Carpenter, Jimmy Brown, Lew Carpenter).
*  Bears at Baltimore - A look at the Bears in 1957 (Ed Brown, Jim Dooley, George Blanda, Bobby Watkins), then Colts in '57 (Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry, Cotton Davidson, Lenny Moore).
*  Interview with this week's "Mystery Guest", Lions Halfback Hopalong Cassidy!
*  Lions at Green Bay - A look at the Lions vs Bears in action (Bobby Layne, Hop Cassidy, Tobin Rote, Jerry Riechow, Jack Christiansen), then Packers vs 49'ers in action (Bart Starr, Al Carmichael, Hank Gremminger, Johnny Symank).
*  Giants at Philadelphia - Giants vs Rams in '58 pre-season (Alex Webster, Don Heinrich, Charley Conerly, Frank Gifford), then Eagles vs Cardinals in '57 (Bobby Thomason and Billy Barnes).
*  Redskins at Chicago - First, Redskins in action vs Steelers in '57 (Eddie LeBaron, Leo Elter, Johnny Carson, Sam Baker), then Cardinals shown in action vs Eagles in '57 (Frank Bernardi, Lamar McHan, Woodley Lewis, Ollie Matson, Joe Childress).


*  Colts at Milwaukee - First a look at the Colts vs 49'ers at old Kezar Stadium (Unitas and Moore), then Packers in action at L.A. in '57 (Babe Parilli, Max McGee, Howie Ferguson, Don McIlhenny).
*  Interview with Special Guest: Offensive guard-tackle Stan Jones of the Chicago Bears.
*  49'ers at Chicago - First a look at the 49'ers in action vs Chicago Cardinals at Kezar Stadium (Perry, Tittle, Hugh McElhenny, John Brodie, Billy Wilson), then Bears vs Cards at Comiskey Park in '57 (Ed Brown, J.C. Caroline, Ron Drzewiecki, Rick Casares, Joe Fortunato, Johnny Morris).
*  Giants at Washington - First Giants vs Rams at Coliseum in pre-season night game (Cliff Livingston, Don Heinrich, Gifford, Conerly, Gene Filipski, Mel Triplett), then Redskins in action vs Eagles at old Griffith Stadium (LeBaron and Jim Padoley).
*  Eagles at Pittsburgh - First a look at the Steelers in action vs Bears in '57 (Earl Morrall and Sid Fournet), then Eagles at Griffith Stadium (Billy Barnes and Norm Van Brocklin).
*  Interview with this week's "Mystery Guest", Rams halfback Jon Arnett.
*  Rams at Detroit - First a look at the Rams in action vs Colts at L.A. (Arnett, Wade, Joe Marconi), then Lions shown vs Browns (Rote, John Henry Johnson, Cassidy, Jack Christiansen).
*  Cardinals at Cleveland - First a look at the Cardinals in action vs 49'ers at Kezar Stadium in '57 (Max Boydston, Mal Hammack, Matson, King Hill, John David Crow, Frank Bernardi), then Browns shown vs Lions (Plum, Darrell Brewster, Jim Ninowski, Lou Groza, Jim Brown).
    Total running time for both shows together: 55 minutes (Black & White)

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