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     Steelers owner Art Rooney brought back coach Joe Bach to take over the club in 1952. Bach led the team out of the dark ages, tossing out the old single wing offense and installing an all-out passing attack from the T-formation. Strong armed Finks came off the bench to take over at QB, although Pat Brady and Gary Kerkorian also saw action at the position. The Steelers still lost more than they won, but their new system generated more offense and more excitement for the fans. Meanwhile, two rookies joined the league who perfectly illustrated the new pro game. Both Ollie Matson of the Chicago Cardinals and Hugh McElhenny of the 49'ers had blazing speed and could bring a crowd to its feet with a breakaway run or pass reception. With exciting stars on most teams the NFL set a new attendance record in '52 with over two million paid for the 72 league games.

     This rare film (it's the only copy known to remain in existence) covers the highlights of all 12 games of the Steelers 1952 season. This 50-minute B & W film has now been restored to like-new condition and brings back great memories and the feel of Steeler football at old Forbes Field in Pittsburgh! Great shots throughout the film also show action from road games at other old ballparks that were the homes for several NFL teams during those early years: Shibe Park, Comiskey Park, Griffith Stadium, Kezar Stadium and the huge Memorial Coliseum.

     In addition to Finks, Brady and Kerkorian, you'll also see other Steelers of the past, such as fullbacks Fran Rogel, Jack Spinks and Ed Modzelewski, halfbacks Ray Mathews and Lynn Chandnois, offensive ends George Sulima, Elbie Nickel, and Dick Hensley. On defense, linemen George Hays, George Tarasovic and Lou Ferry, linebackers Frank Sinkovitz, Dale Dodrill, and Darrell Hogan, and defensive backs Ed Kissell, Jack Butler, Howard Hartley and Claude Hipps are all shown in action.

     NFL stars of 1952 on other teams shown battling the Steelers throughout the season are: Adrian Burk, Bobby Walston, Steve Van Buren and Pete Pihos of the Eagles, Otto Graham, Marion Motley, Lou Groza, Mac Speedie, Ray Renfro and Dante Lavelli of the Browns, Eddie LeBaron, Sammy Baugh, Harry Gilmer and "Choo Choo" Charlie Justice of the Redskins, Emil Sitko, Don Panciera, Don Paul, Charlie Trippi and rookie Ollie Matson of the Cardinals, Bobby Layne, Jug Girard and Doak Walker of the Lions, Kyle Rote and Tom Landry of the Giants, Frankie Albert, Gordon Soltau and rookie Hugh McElhenny of the 49'ers and Bob Waterfield, Norm Van Brocklin, Vitamin Smith, Tom Fears, Dan Towler, Night Train Lane, & Elroy Hirsch of the champion Rams.

     The Steelers season schedule and scores of all games are shown below:

Won 5, Lost 7

Sept 28 Steelers 25, Eagles 31 at Forbes Field, Pittsburgh
Oct. 4 Steelers 20, Browns 21 at Forbes Field (Saturday night game)
Oct. 12 Steelers 21, Eagles 26 at Shibe Park, Philadelphia
Oct. 19 Steelers 24, Redskins 28 at Forbes Field
Oct. 26 Steelers 34, Chicago Cardinals 28 at Comiskey Park
Nov. 2 Steelers 24, Redskins 23 at Griffith Stadium, Washington
Nov. 9 Steelers 6, Lions 31 at Forbes Field
Nov. 16 Steelers 28, Browns 29 at Municipal Stadium
Nov. 23 Steelers 17, Chicago Cardinals 14 at Forbes Field
Nov. 30 Steelers 63, Giants 7 at Forbes Field
Dec. 7 Steelers 24, 49'ers 7 at Kezar Stadium, S.F.
Dec. 14 Steelers 14, Rams 28 at The Coliseum, L.A.

     Now you can get your own copy of this rare and fascinating film for only $29.95 plus $5 shipping. (Illinois residents must add $2 sales tax).

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