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     The 1946 NFL Championship at the old Polo Grounds, New York should have been remembered as a game in which two old NFL rivals, the Giants and the Bears played brutal, thrilling football. Instead, it will forever be known as the background for pro football's first betting scandal. The original 30-minute B & W silent highlight film of this famous game has been restored by Rare Sportsfilms, narrated by John Miley, and is now available on video to football fans everywhere! During a special introduction to the film, Miley gives details of the scandal leading up to the game played on December 15. Giants quarterback Frank Filchock, suspected by authorities of talking with gambler Alvin Paris, plays the game of his life for the Giants, trying to redeem himself, and the game itself is played honestly.

     The Bears, with a host of stars back from military service, score two touchdowns in the first quarter, the first after recovering a Giants fumble, and the second on an interception return. In the second quarter, the Giants cut the Bears' 14-0 lead in half with their first touchdown and at the half, it's Bears 14, Giants 7. At the start of the second half, the Giants recover a fumble deep in Bear territory and tie the game at 14-14 (neither Giant touchdown is shown on this film). The tie score holds until the final period, when, aided by a poor 16-yard punt by Howie Livingston of the Giants, the Bears drive to a first down on the Giants 19, and the scene is set for the most famous play of the game. Bear QB Sid Luckman, who never ran with the ball, surprised the entire crowd by faking the ball to George McAfee, then tucking the ball on his hip and running to his right. With a good block from a teammate, Luckman scores his first touchdown of the season to put the Bears back into the lead. Later in the game, a Frank Maznicki FG brings the final score to 24-14, and the Bears are again World Champions!

     In this rare B & W 28-minute film, fans can once again see the Bear and Giant stars of the mid-1940's! For the Bears it's quarterback Sid Luckman in action, along with teammates George McAfee, Bill and Joe Osmanski, Hugh Gallarneau, Ed Sprinkle, Stu Clarkson, Ken Kavanaugh, Frank Maznicki, Fred Davis, George Wilson, Dante Magnani, Jim Keane, Rudy Mucha, Bulldog Turner, Pat Preston, Mike Jarmoluk, Ray McLean, Walt Stickel, Chuck Drulis, Ray Bray, Don Perkins and Walter Lamb. In action for the New York Giants are quarterback Frank Filchock, Ken Strong, Jim White, George Franck, Jim Lee Howell, Frank Reagan, Jim Poole, Len Younce, Frank Liebel, Steve Filipowicz, Tex Coulter, Howie Livingston, Dave Brown, Hank Soar, Bob Dobelstein, Chet Gladchuk, Pete Gorgone, Lou DeFilippo, Jack Mead, Jack Doolan and Don McCafferty.

     To get your copy of this rare film, now on video for the first time ever, send $29.95 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling (Illinois residents must add $2.00 tax) to:

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