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Arguably the most famous game in all baseball history is known by fans everywhere as "Larsen's Perfect Game". Still the only no-hitter ever pitched in post-season play, and a perfect game at that, Don Larsen's incredible feat on Monday October 8, 1956 continues to gain legendary status. Only a very few baseball game TV broadcasts before 1965 are known to exist in their entirety! All are World Series games.

Now, the original TV broadcast of Larsen's Perfect Game (beginning in the top of the second inning) is available on a new 2 hour DVD from Rare Sportsfilms, Inc.! Since its first showing at the Yogi Berra Museum in 2007, this famous film event has been the subject of many news articles and conversations. The broadcast includes all the original commercials and complete post-game! This fabulous DVD presentation also includes a new Rare Sportsfilms feature — both TV and radio game play-by-play broadcasts, as well as a fascinating bonus — an interview with the discoverer of this rare original kinescope, Rare Sportsfilms owner Doak Ewing.

Listed as one of the top 10 most desirable "lost" sports TV broadcasts of all time by Sports Illustrated some years ago, the story of the Larsen broadcast is fascinating in itself. Interviewed by famed radio and TV sports broadcast collector John Miley, owner of the renowned Miley Collection, Ewing gives Miley candid answers to questions many sports fans have asked for years about the existence of old baseball TV kinescopes. Ewing explains why and how the Larsen broadcast was made, then how it was saved from destruction. He reveals how it was discovered and obtained after almost 35 years, and shares the story behind this masterpiece of not just important sports memorabilia, but priceless Americana!

You can use a menu at the beginning of the DVD to watch the game while listening to either the TV play-by-play with Mel Allen and Vin Scully, or the radio call by Bob Neal and Bob Wolff! Many fans will want to watch the game twice — viewing the TV picture while listening to first the TV audio, and then later watching with the radio audio! You can also bounce back and forth between radio and TV half inning by half inning if you wish, to further compare both historic play-by-play accounts! Ewing also explains how this new feature became a first for Rare Sportsfilms, Inc.!

At game time, the 1956 World Series is tied at two games each as veteran pitcher Sal Maglie of the Dodgers (fresh from pitching a no-hitter himself only weeks before) and Larsen both make their second appearances of the series, this time at Yankee Stadium. Now you can "be there" in front of your old B & W TV set more than 50 years later to watch this historic game! Famed Yankee broadcaster Mel Allen does the TV call into the 5th inning, at which point a very young Vin Scully takes over. The game is replete with drama. Mickey Mantle becomes the first player to reach base in the game with a 4th inning homer, and his running backhand catch of Gil Hodges' long drive in the 5th is now legendary. Not so well remembered is Andy Carey's stab of Hodges' wicked shoe-top liner in the 7th. After that, Maglie gets stronger, even striking out the side in the Yankee 8th! But at the center of the stage is Larsen, retiring a virtual all-star Brooklyn lineup for the third time in the game to finish off what some say was the greatest game ever pitched! This broadcast brings back all the memories of those early televised World Series games and New York baseball as it was played over half a century ago!

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