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  • 1957 World Series Game 2 at Yankee Stadium - (Burdette vs Shantz) Every pitch and including all pitching changes, plus three commercials, etc.! Lew holds Yanks scoreless over final six innings. Logan hits first homer of the series! Covington with another 2 for 4 day, plus run-saving backhand catch in left field! Art Ditmar and Bob Grim work in relief for Yanks. A menu gives a choice of either watching the game while listening to TV audio (Al Helfer and Mel Allen) or radio audio (Bob Neal and Braves broadcaster Earl Gillespie)! A fabulous keepsake of early televised baseball!
    $29.95 + $4.00 S & H.     2 hours, 17 Minutes, B & W kinescope.
  • 1964 All-Star Game - at new Shea Stadium, New York (reel #2, first three innings, Chance vs Drysdale). Buddy Blattner handles the play-by-play for NBC TV. You’ll see: Clemente, Groat, B. Williams, Mays, Cepeda, K. Boyer, Torre, Ron Hunt, Stargell, Fregosi, Oliva, B. Bobinson, Richardson and Elston Howard all come to bat at least once. This is all of the original TV broadcast that has ever been found!
    $29.95 + $4.00 S & H.     25 minutes, B & W Kinescope.
  • 1957 & 1958 Los Angeles Rams Highlights - Both original Rams highlight films narrated by Bob Kelly are now on DVD! Coach Sid Gillman, Van Brocklin, Billy Wade, Jon Arnett, Del Shofner, Will Sherman, Lou Michaels, Bob Boyd, Lamar Lundy, Red Phillips and many more are shown either in action and/or in nice close-up shots on the field in uniform! Includes original Falstaff beer commercials featuring “The Old Pro” (the original “Mr. Mayhem”) and his huge sidekick “Ellwood!
    $29.95 + $4.00 S & H.     1 Hour, 6 Minutes, B & W.
  • 1962 & 1963 Baltimore Colts Highlights - Both years are here on one DVD! The ’62 film has a slightly different format than other years. Titled “The Golden Decade”, it takes a nostalgic look at the players of the first ten years in the NFL history of the Colts starting in 1953 and continuing through 1962, from Art Donovan to Johnny Unitas. The 1963 film highlights eight games from that year and also showcases Colt rookies and first year players Bob Vogel, Jerry Logan, Willie Richardson and John Mackey. Veterans shown include Jimmy Orr, Jerry Hill, Tom Matte, Lenny Moore, Lenny Lyles, Ordell Braase, Alex Hawkins and John Unitas.
    $29.95 + $4.00 S & H.     57 Minutes, B & W.
  • 1975 Ohio State vs Michigan game - at Ann Arbor on CD (NOT DVD)! – The original radio broadcast of this historic game is now available on Compact Disk (listen to it in your car)! This new 3-disk set has been re-mastered from the original OSU radio broadcast tapes. Legendary voice of the Buckeyes Marv Homan, and Tom Hamlin call the play-by-play. The complete broadcast includes the pre-game Woody Hayes Radio Show, many original commercials, sounds of the bands, etc. This was one of coach Hayes’ finest teams, with Cornelius Greene, Brian Baschnagel, Tom Skladany, Tim Fox and two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin all playing their last regular season game! After a 7-7 standoff at halftime the game swings back and forth in the final quarter, as three TDs are scored in the final 6 minutes!
    $24.95 + $4.00 S & H.     Over 3 hours playing time!
  • 1935 · Indianapolis 500 - Recently discovered rare film of the 1935 500-mile race is now available on DVD! Released in theaters following that year's race, the film was put together by the National Racing Association, and shows brief highlights from qualifying, as well as the morning pageantry and race itself on May 31, 1935. Shown qualifying are eventual winner Kelly Petillo and the legendary Ted Horn. Racing personalities you'll see include Eddie Rickenbacker, Harry Miller, Pop Meyers, Harry Mack and Peter DePaolo. Cars of drivers George Bailey, Johnny Seymour, Louis Meyer, Al Gordon, Fred Frame, Russ Snowberger, Chet Gardner, Cliff Bergere, Bob Sall, Bill Cummings and Wilbur Shaw are all shown in the starting lineup or racing on the track!
    $29.95 + $4.00 S & H.       19 minutes, B & W with sound.
  • 1966-1975 Ohio State University Marching Band - Here’s a variety of OSUMB shows and film footage thought to be lost until recently discovered.   Included are most of six half-time shows and two pre-games, all with sound, plus some SILENT film from tryouts, practice and performances from ground level.   Here are the shows included: - 1966 Michigan “Freedom Parade”, 1970 Michigan “Government Day”, 1972 Indiana “50th Anniversary of Ohio Stadium”, 1974 Wisconsin “Sights and Sounds of The ‘70’s”, 1975 Penn State “Make Me Smile” (the music of Chicago) and 1975 North Carolina “Across The Field”.     
    $29.95 + $4.00 S & H.      all B & W , 1 Hour, 38 Minutes

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