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The Ben Hogan Story

      The life story of one of golf's greatest players and perhaps its most intriguing figure is told by Hogan in his own words on a rare 1970 vintage film, recently restored and made available for the first time ever on video by "Rare Sportsfilms"! Hosted by Tom Harmon, himself a legendary sports figure, "Bantam Ben" traces the life of Hogan from boyhood through most of his outstanding career. The beautiful full color 55-minute video contains many vintage photos, film clips of Hogan in action, and comments by other notables, such as Jimmy Demaret, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer and Ben's wife Valerie.

      Ben tells his story mostly in chronological order, interview style. The story of how he discovered the game of golf illustrates how difficult it was from the very beginning for Ben to even enter the game which would eventually become his livelihood. He relates how in 1931, at the age of 19, he decided to enter his first pro tournament - the Texas Open in San Antonio. Ben relates how a frustrating beginning to one of his early tournaments did not deter him from experiencing the turning point of his career. Other greats of golf reveal their thoughts on Hogan throughout the film. Jimmy Demaret talks about Hogan's first professional win, the North-South Open at Pinehurst, and tells a story about Ben at Rochester which illustrates Ben's desire to improve his game. Sam Snead comments on Ben's early weakness. Byron Nelson tells how Ben, through hard work, practice and determination made himself a great golfer.

      By the post war era, 1946 thru 1948, Ben Hogan was at the top of his game. He had been golf's leading money winner five times already, had won his first U.S. Open, his two PGA Championships, had been Ryder Cup team captain, a five-time Vardon Trophy winner and player of the year in 1948. But on February 2, 1949 during his trip from Phoenix thru Van Horn, Texas, Ben and Valerie barely escaped with their lives from a near-fatal traffic accident. Ben and Valerie individually describe the accident and Ben's amazing 11-month recovery. They explain how the accident changed their outlook on life and their perception of golf fans thereafter. Jimmy Demaret describes how he heard the news of Ben's accident and what he jokingly said to Ben after his recovery.

      Hogan's comeback tournament was the L.A. Open of 1950. Ben describes how he felt after losing the playoff. Throughout the video, rare film shows scenes of this and other tournaments with Hogan in action. Even the great Grantland Rice is shown speaking about Ben's comeback. Rare scenes are included of other great tournaments during Hogan's career, such as the famous 1942 Masters, with both Nelson and Hogan commenting on the historic finish. Hogan talks about losing the 1955 U.S. Open at Olympic Club to playoff winner Jack Fleck. Rare film is included on this tournament, also.

      Hogan gives the reasons for his reluctance to play in the British Open, and tells how, at the urging of Walter Hagan and others, he finally agreed to go. He reveals his thoughts on playing in the tournament and describes his play. Hogan's win completed his grand slam of golf's four major tournaments and immortalized him in the eyes of the American public. Scenes of his Hero's welcome back in the U.S. and the New York ticker tape parade in his honor are included.

      Arnold Palmer comments on Hogan's recent game (late 1960's) and the struggle aging players must go thru to keep their game competitive.

      This fascinating story and film of one of the true legends of golf is a must for any golf fan and historian! To get your own copy of this new video, send $29.95 + $5.00 for Shipping & Handling to: (Illinois residents must add $2.00 sales tax)

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