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     Minneapolis Laker, Syracuse National and professional basketball fans and historians can now enjoy the first video ever made entirely of an early 1950's NBA pro basketball game - and it's an NBA Championship Game to boot! Now on high-quality digital video or DVD (specify which) is Game 1 of the 1954 NBA Finals, played at Minneapolis Auditorium, with the fabulous Lakers, NBA Champions 4 four of the last five years, vs. the Syracuse Nationals! Narrated by sportscaster Dick Enroth, the original 27-minute B & W film is now available for the first time ever, exclusively from Rare Sportsfilms, and includes two tennis shoe commercials by Boston Red Sox baseball star Ted Williams for P.F. Canvas Shoes! This video/DVD shows one of the great NBA basketball teams of all time, the Minneapolis Lakers, which won five world championships in six years. The presentation is pretty much a play-by-play style of narration, however Enroth does give nice historical briefs during the game on several topics, such as the history of the Lakers, where they ranked in the league defensively in 1954, past playoff history, how coach Al Cervi's injury-riddled Nationals got to the finals, league rules, etc. Throughout the film you'll see the pro game as it was played 50 years ago (with underhand free throw shooting and two-hand set shots) - even then played by the greatest players in the world!

      The fabulous Laker starting lineup features the first great "big man" in NBA history, 6'10" center George Mikan (playing in his last NBA series), Vern Mikkelsen and Jim Pollard at the forwards, with Slater Martin and Whitey Skoog at guard. Starters for Syracuse are rookie Jim Neal at center, Wally Osterkorn and Bill Kenville at the forwards, with George King and captain Paul Seymour at guard. Nats HOF'er Dolph Schayes is injured and does not start, however he does appear in the game. You'll see 6'9" rookie center Clyde Lovellette (Kansas) who would replace the retired Mikan in the Laker lineup at the pivot position the following season. Clyde has an excellent game, finishing as leading scorer with 16 points! Also in action for the Lakers are Dick Schnittker, Jim Holstein and Pep Saul. Playing for Syracuse are Bob Lavoy (high scorer for the Nats with 15), Bill Gabor, Al Masino and the only black player on the floor, Earl Lloyd, who plays with a broken hand suffered during the Eastern Finals against the Boston Celtics!

      Whitey Skoog's great first half has the Lakers leading at intermission 34-31, and this is one of the greatest games of his career! Midway through the third quarter, Clyde Lovellette's hook shot puts the Lakers ahead to stay, and after three quarters the score is 56-50.

      Of course, no NBA games were ever televised until late in the decade, with the oldest known NBA TV broadcast still in existence being 1960. So, this video or DVD is the closest thing to an actual TV play-by-play broadcast of an NBA game that you will ever see from this vintage!

      You can get your own copy of this rare piece of NBA nostalgia, now on video or DVD (specify which) for the first time ever!! Price: $29.95 plus $5.00 for shipping! (ADD $5.00 if ordering DVD format) (Illinois resident must add $2.00 state sales tax).

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