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      The original 25-minute highlight film of the 1970-1971 New York Knicks is now available on high-quality color video, thanks to the restoration expertise of Rare Sportsfilms! Narrated by Chick Hearn and Charlie Jones, this video tells the story of the '71 Atlantic Division Champions' season, with a look at the individual players in action during the regular season and in the NBA playoffs. Knicks fans will see their favorites from those great Knick teams of the early 1970's: Walt Frazier, Dick Barnett, Bill Bradley, Dave DeBusschere, Mike Riordan, Phil Jackson, Cazzie Russell, Mike Price, Dave Stallworth and of course their courageous team captain and MVP Willis Reed!

      The tape begins with a flashback to the NBA finals from the year before, with the Knicks defeating the Los Angeles Lakers 113-99 in game #7 at Madison Square Garden to win their first World Championship! Highlights of the March-April part of the regular '70-'71 season are shown, first with the Celtics visiting Madison Square Garden for the game of March 6. Besides the Knicks, you'll see Celtics Jo Jo White, John Havlicek, Don Nelson, Don Chaney, Dave Cowens, Henry Finkel and coach Tommy Heinsohn, as the Knicks win over the ex-champions. Then, in late March, the Central Division Champion Milwaukee Bucks are shown at Madison Square Garden in their final appearance of the regular season against the Knicks. The Knicks have already beaten the Bucks three out of four during the season, and on this night the Knicks win again, 108-103, to clinch the Atlantic Division Championship over the team with the best record in the NBA (66-16 at season's end)! At this time, the sports world is eagerly awaiting the anticipated NBA finals with the Knicks and Bucks favored to meet down the road.

      The post season begins and, with the Knicks in top form and rested for the playoffs, New York quickly disposes of the Atlanta Hawks in five games. Action is shown, both in New York and at Atlanta, against Hawks Lou Hudson, Walt Bellamy, Bill Bridges, Walt Hazzard and exciting rookie Pete Maravich. However on the last play of the final game of the series, an unfortunate incident, which will affect the playoffs greatly, occurs. In a freak collision with Hawks center Walt Bellamy, Willis Reed injures his shoulder.

      The next series against the Baltimore Bullets for the Eastern title would prove to be much tougher for the Knicks. Young Wes Unseld, Kevin Loughery, Jack Marin, John Tresvant, Ray Scott, Fred Carter and Earl "The Pearl" Monroe make up an outstanding team that wears down the Knicks thru a full seven games. With Reed hurt throughout the series (sore shoulder, then his right knee buckles in the 7th game), each team wins at home until the finale on April 19th, when the surprising Bullets beat the Knicks in an exciting game, 93-91. The Knicks' last shot (Bill Bradley's long jumper from the left corner) is partially tipped by Wes Unseld, and the Knicks' great season is over.

      During this action-packed tape, you'll also see the stars on other NBA teams playing against the Knicks, such as Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Keith Erickson, Jim McMillan and Fred Hetzel of the Lakers, and the eventual NBA World Champions, Oscar Robertson, Lew Alcindor, Bobby Dandridge, Greg Smith, Lucius Allen, Jon McGlocklin and McCoy McLemore of the Milwaukee Bucks.

      Even though a great season has ended in disappointment for Knicks fans, their club would remain intact for the coming season with one notable exception: during the off-season, Cazzie Russell is traded to the San Francisco Warriors for forward Jerry Lucas, a move which will portend another Knicks World Championship two years down the road.

      To get your copy of this 25-minute original NBA film now on video for the first time ever, send $29.95 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling (Illinois residents must add $2.00 sales tax) to:

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